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Lynn G.'s Thread #17
4 years ago

California Schools End Cat Dissection

Victory! PCRM Ends Cat Dissection in California Schools
Newport-Mesa Unified School District told PCRM that it will stop using cats and other animals for dissection. In June, PCRM requested the district end dissection after students photographed themselves with dead cats and posted the pictures on Facebook. Alternatives >



PCRM Protests Hartford Hospital's Lethal Use of Pigs

   PCRM Protests Hartford Hospital's Lethal Use of Pigs
Doctors with PCRM joined concerned Connecticut residents on Oct. 24 for a physician-led demonstration to end the unnecessary use of live pigs in Hartford Hospital’s trauma training course. Take Action >

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Think you Know Cats?
4 years ago

1. Cats have which special feature on their tongue? a. suction cups b. hooks c. stripes d. microscopic leprechauns   2. A mother cat is also called a...

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4 years ago
take action, now!
Tell Iowa Rep. Steve King to Stop Opposing Animal Protection
signatures: 18328
created by:
sign now


Scientists from the University of Vienna have found that Koshik, an Asian elephant, can not only imitate human speech but speak a few words of Korean.
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An undercover investigation conducted by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has uncovered the senseless slaughter of hundreds of...
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4 years ago

Mama Dog Nurses Kittens Back to Health

By Caroline Golon


Photo credit: WBTV


Linda Smith of Battle Ground, Wash. was planning to bottle feed a litter of abandoned kittens someone had brought to her. That is, until her dog Pooka stepped in and began caring for them.

Smith was amazed that her 9-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix was so insistent on mothering the newborn kittens. “She wanted them. I mean she just went crazy,” Smith told news station, KPTV. “I was trying to feed one of them with the milk and she had a hold of its back end, trying to pull it out of my hand. So that's when I knew I had to give them to her because she wasn't going to leave them alone."

While Pooka hasn’t had a litter of her own babies in four years, her mama’s instinct took over and she knew just what to do with the little orphaned kittens. Amazingly, once she had the kittens close to her and trying to nurse, her milk came in and the kittens were able to eat.

Now, the kittens are thriving with their new mother.

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4 years ago

signed for pigs!

At Long Last! Puppy Mills No Longer Populating L.A. Store Windows.
4 years ago

At Long Last! Puppy Mills No Longer Populating L.A. Store Windows
Two dogs lie on newspapers in a metal box at a pet store. (Photo: The Daily Truffle)

Bad news for puppy mills! Those wretched backyard pooch factories just lost a major customer. So did a whole lot of pet stores that sell these cruelly manufactured pups.  

Last week the Los Angeles City Council banned the retail sale of dogs (and cats and bunnies). You know the song “How Much is that Doggy in the Window”? It won’t have a whole lot of relevance around Los Angeles anymore.

Los Angeles is the 28th city in North America (the tenth in my home state of California alone!) to ban retail sale of dogs. It’s also the largest city to do so. Toronto recently enacted similar legislation.

MORE: Arkansas Puppy Mill Raided: Over 100 Dogs Freed

4 years ago
Free Mali: Inside the Sad, Caged Life of the World's Loneliest Elephant
Being a star attraction doesn’t necessarily mean star treatment.
Mali, the only elephant thought to be living in the Philippines, in her enclosure at the Manila Zoo. (AFP/Getty)
4 years ago
Pet Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Should They Be Microchipped?
Panda Sanctuary Announces the Birth of Seven Baby Pandas
4 years ago
This many new cubs is welcome news for a species that lives under the constant threat of extinction.
Wonderful Rescue!
4 years ago

Two Dogs Get Abandoned at a Construction Site - This is Their Rescue

Melody and Macy, two frightened and lonely dogs, were abandoned at a construction site. Without love or attention, they were very shy of humans. But, luckily this rescuer gave them a gift - another chance at a happy life.

4 years ago

Cute pandas - thanks for all you do!! 

4 years ago

Signed, thanks for all the good news Lynn.

4 years ago

white-tailed deerIDA Files Federal Lawsuit To Stop Deer Slaughter

After learning that the National Park Service (NP announced plans to kill hundreds of deer this December at Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C., IDA joined forces with local D.C. residents to file suit in federal court to stop the NPS from taking this horrific action. Click here to read the Reuters report on our lawsuit, and click here to read the Washington City Paper story.

The NPS plan calls for luring hungry deer at night with food and then shooting them with high-powered rifles. In areas where deer might be close to residential homes, they would be killed with crossbows and arrows, to prevent gunfire from potentially injuring people. IDA's suit seeks to immediately and permanently block this killing.

Rock Creek Park is a refuge of natural beauty nestled in the nation's capital. Our lawsuit alleges that by choosing to kill native wildlife for the first time since the park was established in 1890, NPS is violating the law that created the park, which requires NPS to preserve wildlife in their "natural condition, as nearly as possible."

This unprecedented and extreme approach to reducing the population of native wildlife is wholly unwarranted. The Park Service could have implemented less drastic ways to control the deer population, including fencing and contraception – which have successfully controlled wildlife populations elsewhere in the United States.

Our suit further alleges that the NPS failed to consider the impact of turning a tranquil oasis of wilderness in the middle of our nation's capital into a killing field, and how this will destroy the character of this special place and the ability of local residents and visitors, including IDA's members and supporters, to continue to enjoy it. Click here to read more in Washington DC's The Northwest Current newspaper, and stay tuned for updates!

4 years ago

Hurricane Sandy

It is the second full weekend after Sandy, and many people are trying to move on with their lives and resume a sense of normalcy. But for the tens of thousands left homeless by the storm, normalcy is distant on the horizon.

Streets are still flooded, while huge piles of debris line the roadside. We will not lose sight of the urgent needs in these communities.

The good news is there is sign of relief. For some who have lost everything, we are caring for their animals in one of our temporary shelters -- giving families a chance to rebuild, knowing their pets are in good hands. And they can come and get their pets, even just visit, whenever they are ready.

See our powerful rescue video. It is clear animals mean so much to all of us. The recent rain, snow, and flood waters mean we have to work even harder for them -- and we are.
Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

4 years ago

Interesting, amusing and informative video about cheetahs. Enjoy!

4 years ago

  When you’re looking for a new animal companion, chances are that you’re thinking of a dog, cat, or maybe a fish. But not everyone is...

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Cats embody an air of magic and mystery that sets them apart from other domesticated animals. Cats are always just a whisker away from being wild —...
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4 years ago

A Look Into the New Life of Michael Vick’s Dogs

  • Lisa Spector
  • November 9, 2012
  • 5:04 pm

    I’ve written about Michael Vick before, but this is no longer about him and his fighting dogs.  It’s a beautiful story about rehabilitated, thriving, well-adjusted dogs that BADRAP believed in, when so many others thought they never could be restored. Well, seven of them met up recently for a blessed reunion and a group picture.

    I read the following update in this morning and it brought a huge smile to my face: ‘Each of these seven dogs has made a remarkable comeback. All seven dogs have Canine Good Citizen certificates. Three of them serve as therapy dogs in hospitals and children’s literacy programs. One of the dogs Audie was very shy and had to have two faulty knees repaired when he arrived five years ago. He is now excelling as an agility dog. “They’re all heroes and they have so much to teach us about comebacks, resiliency and embracing the joy of the present moment,” said BADRAP director Donna Reynolds.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the picture taken in this video really says it all. It’s certainly a tail-waggin’, happy group of pups with their people! And four paws up to the people who welcomed these dogs so lovingly, never gave up on them, and now even have bragging rightsto all of their accomplishments
4 years ago

TY.  All petitions signed, news read and cute flippin pandas.  Our hearts go out to those

on the East Coast.

4 years ago

Thanks for everything Lynn!

4 years ago
today's action Polar Bear Iceberg Sanctuary Discovered

A BBC film crew documenting the lifecycles of icebergs has stumbled upon a unique summer habitat for polar bears. While it was previously believed that all polar bears go on to land during the summer, the film crew found tubular icebergs where the polar bears take refuge.

Due to global warming, the amount of sea ice has been declining in recent years. Indeed, scientists are now predicting that, in just a decade there could be no sea ice at all in the summer, with dire implications for polar bears. But where will polar bears go as the amount of ice lessens?

For today’s Daily Action, read more about this amazing polar bear iceberg sanctuary.

4 years ago
PETA Says Duluth Zoo Negligent In Deaths of 13 Animals
PETA Says Duluth Zoo Negligent In Deaths of 13 Animals

Read more:
4 years ago

Escapee Penguin Back in Aquarium After 82 Days in Tokyo Bay

4 years ago
Help End the Slaughter of Wyoming’s Wolves! The Interior Department has stripped Wyoming's wolves of their endangered species protection, leaving them at the mercy of a state management plan that allows them to be shot on sight across most of the state. Tell Secretary Salazar to call off the guns by returning these wolves to the endangered species list until Wyoming presents a credible plan for protecting them!

4 years ago
Activists Target Second Coyote-Killing Contest in New Mexico

coyote standing small Ray Rafiti

Having already stopped one coyote-killing contest in New Mexico, activists have set their sights on a second, statewide event scheduled this weekend. The first contest, sponsored by a gun shop, attracted so much public opposition that it withdrew from the event. But then a second gun store stepped into the fray. It will award an assault weapon to the team that kills the most coyotes in New Mexico. WildEarth Guardians and wildlife activists have called upon promoters and the Governor to cancel the contest. Contest killing has no relation to ethical hunting and amounts to bloodsport for no purpose. That is because killing coyotes has little effect on livestock predation, even when thousands are removed from the environment. In fact, coyotes actually benefit farmers and ranchers because they prey primarily on rodents and rabbits, which compete with livestock for forage and damage crops. Under our Carnivore Protection Campaign, Guardians will continue to challenge New Mexico’s archaic management of coyotes, wolves and other carnivores.


4 years ago
What They Don't Want You to See

Mexican wolf and pup pc Cincinnati Zoo

In August, WildEarth Guardians requested that Wildlife Services, the federal wildlife-killing agency, provide public records to validate that the Fox Mountain Mexican wolf pack had killed cattle in New Mexico. Recall that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service justified the capture and removal of the Fox Mountain mother wolf from the wild based on Wildlife Services’ field investigations. Guardians finally received their response last month that included sketchy livestock mortality reports and hundreds of pages of obscured documents. Nearly 700 hundred pages out of 900 were completely blacked out. What is the agency hiding? This is public information and the federal government must account for the capture and incarceration of the Fox Mountain pack’s mother of five. WildEarth Guardians appealed Wildlife Services’ redacted response and has called for a Congressional investigation into the agency’s behavior.


4 years ago
Exposing Wildlife Service's Rogue Agent(s)

Coyote Ray Rafiti

Last week, WildEarth Guardians and partners found and publicized a series of awful photographs of animal abuse posted on the Internet by a Wildlife Services’ agent, which was then reported in the Sacramento Bee. The images—terrifying and disgusting—showed the agent’s dogs torturing and killing live coyotes that were ensnared by steel-jawed traps. WildEarth Guardians and allies immediately requested that Congress and Secretary Tom Vilsack investigate all rogue agents employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and requested that the Department establish a new anti-cruelty code for federal agents who handle wildlife.


4 years ago
Piping Plover | Credit: Common Loon with chick | Brian Lasenby/Fotolia

Common Loons and many other birds rely on menhaden as a food source. Speak up to protect this critical part of the Atlantic Ocean ecosystem.

Photo by Brian Lasenby/Fotolia

Many waterbirds, including the Common Loon, Least Tern, Roseate Tern, Royal Tern, and Black-crowned Night Heron, rely upon a commercial fish called menhaden as a food source. But menhaden populations have plummeted 90 percent over the last 25 years. In a landmark move last year, East Coast fishery managers—responding to a plea for action by more than 90,000 people like you—committed to advancing new protections for Atlantic menhaden. Now we need your help to make sure these plans become real improvements on the water.

Take Action Send in your public comments TODAY and urge the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to protect Atlantic menhaden from overfishing and restore the health of this important food source for seabirds. The deadline to comment is this Friday, November 16.

Abundant menhaden are important for maintaining a vibrant ocean and estuarine ecosystem. Without sustainable levels of menhaden, the health of many shore birds and nesting sea birds that eat menhaden along the Atlantic coast is threatened. The entire marine food web along with local economies suffers when menhaden availability for birds and ocean wildlife is diminished. We need to leave more menhaden in the ocean to promote their recovery. But right now, an unlimited number of these fish can be caught, and each year hundreds of millions of menhaden are ground up to make fertilizer; fish meal for farm animals, pet food, and aquaculture; and oil for dietary supplements.

Take Action Submit your public comments today.


Francis Grant-Suttie
Vice President, Atlantic Flyway
National Audubon Society

4 years ago
The six female chimpanzees transferred to Tchindzoulou Island in September have been there for more than a month now.  They are adjusting nicely to their exciting new environment, and
just like us, they are learning new things every day.

Chimps enjoying their new island home
Please click the link above to see “the girls” as they explore and play on Tchindzoulou island! The chimpanzees’ new lease on life would not be possible without JGI’s members.  The support we receive from people like you has given these chimps a second chance at a fulfilling (and fun!) new life.
4 years ago

Signed, thanks for the news Lynn.

4 years ago

Signed and noted, thank you Lynn.

4 years ago

Noted All Your Newsie News Lynn, signed and sent Messages and or Letters Also viewed Videos, Wonderful PCRM News, just Love those Baby Panda's (They are adorable and look like Cute Little Balls) Loved Jane Goodall Institute Chimps Everything is Wonderful !!! Barb E Hugggs and some xx's 2

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Thanks so much, Barb. Thank you too, Brenda and Cheryl. :-)
4 years ago

Progress for Ohio's Puppy Mills

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 03:20 PM PST

Today, the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation, 89 to 5, to crack down on puppy mills. The bill is short of what we want it to be, but it marks progress, with the Senate expected to concur later this month and send it to Gov. John Kasich (who earlier this year signed a landmark bill to restrict ownership of dangerous exotic animals). If it is enacted, as I expect, it will be the seventh of eight animal welfare reforms called for in a 2010 agreement reached between HSUS and Ohio’s leading agricultural groups (the remaining issue that has yet to get close to enactment is the upgrade of the state’s anti-cockfighting law).

Paul Vernon for The HSUS
One of 250 neglected dogs we rescued from a
puppy mill in Shelby, Ohio
, in August 2012.

Over the past several years, we’ve worked to pass laws in many top 10 puppy mill states, including Pennsylvania, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas. Ohio has become a center of the puppy mill industry in the East, rivaling Missouri. In 2010, we launched a ballot initiative, Prop B, in Missouri, because that state had the greatest number of licensed dog breeders. With the passage of that law, and the shuttering of about 800 mills in the two years since, Ohio became one of the biggest unregulated states for puppy mills.

As a consequence, the Buckeye state has become a destination for scofflaws who operated some of the worst puppy mills in nearby states — including Lanzie “Junior” Horton, busted in Virginia by HSUS and local law enforcement for keeping more than 900 animals in substandard conditions. Horton was convicted of 25 counts of animal neglect and 14 counts of animal cruelty due to conditions at his puppy mill in Virginia in 2008. He moved to Ohio after Virginia passed a law to crack down on puppy mills. So, too, did a mill operator from Georgia, Tom Coleman, whose kennel license was revoked in that state. This past summer, near Shelby, Ohio, our rescue team rushed to save 250 sickly and neglected dogs belonging to yet a third kennel operator who moved to Ohio after being convicted of animal cruelty twice in New Jersey. Clearly, these dealers moved to Ohio to take advantage of its lack of oversight. Sources tell us that both Horton and Coleman now operate new kennels housing hundreds of dogs.

Senate Bill 130 is far from perfect, but in a state that has become a gathering place for mill operators, with some even migrating there, it’s critical to begin to turn around the problem. With the looming enactment of this law, kennels will now be held to minimum standards. Dogs who were once kept hidden from all eyes but those of mill owners will now be seen by inspectors, including licensed veterinarians. We’ll work hard with a diverse group of organizations to close it out, and get a law on the books.  

Warning: Graphic Video!
4 years ago

Before anyone considers carving into a Butterball turkey on Thanksgiving, they should watch this video

A new Mercy For Animals hidden-camera investigation gives a shocking look behind the closed doors of Butterball factory farms—revealing the heartbreaking cruelty and neglect animals face at the hands of the world’s largest turkey producer

The startling investigation comes less than a year after MFA exposed horrific cruelty at another Butterball factory farm—a groundbreaking case that led to the first-ever felony cruelty to animals conviction related to birds used for food production in US history.

In never-before-seen footage that is being released today, MFA’s latest investigation exposes an ongoing culture of cruelty at Butterball, including:

  • workers kicking and stomping on birds, dragging them by their fragile wings and necks, and maliciously throwing turkeys onto the ground or on top of other birds;
  • birds suffering from serious untreated illnesses and injuries, including open sores, infections, and broken bones; and
  • workers grabbing birds by their wings or necks and violently slamming them into tiny transport crates with no regard for their welfare.

As this investigation reveals, before they end up on Thanksgiving dinner plates, turkeys killed for Butterball are routinely crowded into filthy warehouses, left to die from festering, bloody wounds, and thrown, kicked, and beaten by factory farm workers.

Thankfully, concerned consumers can help prevent the needless suffering of turkeys at the hands of Butterball by making informed choices. This year, please consider giving the turkeys a reason to be thankful by carving out a new Thanksgiving tradition and digging in to any number of delicious vegetarian, turkey-free alternatives.


4 years ago

Good and bad news. Thanks Lynn.

4 years ago

TY up to date

4 years ago

Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty

Started by: Camilla, Larkspur, California

On November 2nd the Sacramento Bee and the Missoula Independent published graphic images of Wyoming-based Wildlife Services employee Jamie P. Olson's dogs tormenting and mauling trapped wildlife including coyotes, bobcats and raccoons. The articles detailed animal abuse and torture instigated by Olson, who posted these photographs (several of which are described as “work” indicating he took these while working for the government) on various websites including his personal Facebook Page and several hunting sites.

Gary Strader, a former Wildlife Services trapper in Nevada, reports in the Sacramento Bee (11.2.12) that such abuse is “very common” and was not surprised to learn about the photos. "It always was and always will be controversial. It has never been addressed by the higher-ups. They know it happens on a regular basis."

Such brutality and callous disregard for the welfare of animals is particularly egregious when done by a government employee in the course of his employment and must not be tolerated.

Please join Project Coyote, the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and many other organizations and individuals in calling for Olson’s immediate termination and for an investigation into this and other reports of animal cruelty.

Click here to sign Camilla's petition, "Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty".

4 years ago

Tigers are in trouble
Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS
Tigers are in Trouble

Fortunately, we know how to help. By cracking down on illegal poaching, creating and protecting parks, and supporting recovering tiger populations, we can ensure that tigers survive for generations to come.

But Congress may abandon the wildlife stamp that provides crucial funding for projects like these that protect tigers. In just one year, the Save Vanishing Species stamp has raised $1.58 million for wildlife conservation – all at zero cost to tax payers. And now Congress could let it expire.

With the stamp up for renewal, we can convince Congress to do the right thing and protect tigers. But only if we speak up.

Help us send 100,000 letters to Congress to make sure they stand up for tigers and renew the Save Vanishing Species stamp.

Take Action

4 years ago

Puppy Mill Victim
Federal Puppy Mill Rule Almost Done, Needs Final Push
The USDA is poised to enact new, nationwide regulations of puppy mills—but we need your help. Send an email to the agriculture secretary, urging him to finalize the rules and start protecting dogs stat! Read more...

4 years ago

The Rescued Dog
ASPCA Happy Tail: A New Life for a City Dog
When the ASPCA busted a dog fighting ring in the Bronx, we were stunned to find dozens of dogs who had never seen the light of day. Meet one of the victims, Ninja, who is now enjoying tons of love and affection in midtown Manhattan.

4 years ago

A panda cub from Chengdu Panda Base takes a ride on a toy pony.
read more


Female superb fairy wrens (Malurus cyaneus) in Australia sing to their eggs for a quite specific reason, to teach the embryos a single unique note that is...
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Things are looking up for a pit bull puppy who was found mutilated in Albany, New York: he is getting a new paw.
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A new study suggests that crocodiles and alligators, for all of their heavily armored, thick skin, have a sense of touch that is " one of the most acute...
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4 years ago

Hi Lynn Noted, signed,and watched some more Videos... Thnx ..

4 years ago

Seven wolves collared in Yellowstone are dead, shot simply for wandering out of the park. And now even more of the most viewed and photographed wolves in the world are at risk.

We need your voice today to minimize these losses in the future.

On Dec. 15, Montana will add trapping as a means for reducing wolf numbers. This includes wild landscapes immediately adjacent to Yellowstone National Park.

Tell the State of Montana you don’t want its wolf-population objectives met on the backs of Yellowstone wolves!

Already this fall 24 have been killed in Montana hunt areas surrounding Yellowstone.

Enough is enough — not even Wyoming or Idaho allows wolf trapping in most of Greater Yellowstone.

yellowstone wolfSend a message to
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commissioners today!
Photo courtesy of Cindy Goeddel.

click here to send your comments

Montana will make its decision about trapping before Dec. 15. Of the 1,650 wolves that roam the Northern Rockies, only 88 live in Yellowstone. The one-two punch of hunting and trapping will dramatically lower the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wolf population. Please take a few moments to tell the state that allowing these wolves to be trapped is bad policy for Montana — and for Yellowstone wolves.

Thanks for your activism and support.


mike clark_web
Mike Clark
Executive Director

P.S. Take action before the Commission meets on Dec. 15. Then, forward this action to five friends.

4 years ago

Let's not sugarcoat it — these are tough times for wildlife lovers. But even the darkest times have inspiring moments.

Thanks to you and other steadfast wildlife lovers, we have some important victories to celebrate from this past year. Here are three things we are thankful for here at Defenders:

Make Way for Bison!We took a giant step in 2012 toward returning wild bison to the heart of their historic range in America's Great Plains. Sixty one pure American bison from Yellowstone National Park made a 500-mile journey to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Eastern Montana. The move marks the beginning of efforts to restore wild bison herds of 1,000 or more to areas where they once thundered in the millions.

Roadless Rule Upheld. The Supreme Court handed conservationists a huge victory when they rejected an appeal to the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, allowing this rule to stay intact. The provision, signed by President Clinton in 2001, bans road construction or timber harvesting in nearly 60 million acres of National Forest lands. The rule protects more than 1,600 vulnerable wild plant and animal species whose habitat would be at risk if road building was permitted.

A Lone Wolf Arrives in California. There has not been a wild wolf in California since the 1920s. That is until OR-7, a young male born in Eastern Oregon, made his way into Northern California's Cascades region early this year. It was a landmark moment for wolf conservation, and for a while OR-7 was undoubtedly the world's most famous wolf.

We here at Defenders cannot thank you enough for your passionate support in 2012. Let's draw encouragement and renewed energy from these wins to meet the conservation challenges ahead!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Jamie Rappaport Clark


Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

4 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful thread Lynn!

You're welcome, Thubten. :-)
4 years ago

A new study suggests that apes like orangutans and chimps may all experience a mid-life crisis in much the same way as humans, potentially giving an...
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Dogs with spinal cord injuries that prevented them from using their back legs are able to walk again, thanks to receiving a transplant of cells grown from...
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4 years ago

Add your voice

Sign The Petition

"The Grind," or whale slaughters, dates back to the 1500s and is a cultural tradition for the Faroese. Many people come from all over to watch whale hunters rush into the bay to slash and stab the whales until the surrounding waters turn red with their blood.

Hundred's of pilot whales were slaughtered in this way during the barbaric event held earlier this month.

Join countless environmental and animal rights activists in demanding that the Faroe Islands stop the whale massacre!
4 years ago

Unless We Act Now, Iconic African Lion Will Disappear

Posted: 27 Nov 2012 11:02 AM PST

 Ask a classroom full of kids, anywhere in the United States, what their favorite animal is and odds are someone will mention the African lion -- the so-called "King of the Beasts." Unfortunately for these children, by the time they are adults, this iconic predator may be gone from all but a handful of wild places -- that is, unless something bold and lasting is done to protect them.

Nicolas Raymond
Take action todayto help African lions.

We’ve called on the appropriate authorities to take specific actions to mitigate the most serious threats to lions. And there’s movement. On Monday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service took the first step to protecting African lions by announcing its finding that the African lion may warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act, based on a legal petition submitted by The Humane Society of the United States,Humane Society International, The Fund for Animals and other animal protection organizations. This is just the start of the process in getting the species protected, but it's a necessary step.

 The ESA requires that the agency rely upon sound science, and there's no question, based on the evidence, that African lions are endangered. There are five factors to be considered by the agency, including loss of habitat and range, as well as prey; over-utilization for commercial and recreational purposes; disease; inadequate existing regulatory mechanisms; and other factors including retaliatory killing by livestock herders.

 The number of African lions has declined by more than 50 percent in the past three decades, with fewer than 40,000—and possibly as few as 23,000—believed remaining today. Despite the significant and continued declines in population and range, the number of lion trophies imported to the United States is increasing. The U.S. is the world’s largest importer of African lion parts, as hunting trophies and for commercial purposes. Between 1999 and 2008, 7,090 lion parts, reported as being from a wild source, were traded internationally for recreational trophy hunting purposes, representing a minimum of 5,663 lions. Most of these parts were imported into the U.S.: 4,139 parts (58 percent of the total), representing a minimum of 3,600 lions (64 percent of the total). Safari Club International, the world's most notorious trophy hunting organization, is driving the killing, and it will fight the efforts we are making to protect the species.

Listing the African lion as “endangered” would generally prohibit the import of lion trophies into the U.S., an essential step to reversing the current decline of the population. But our efforts don’t stop at the legal and policy end. Humane Society International has been actively involved in field efforts to protect lions on the ground in both Kenya and Tanzania, through preventing human-lion conflict and subsequent retaliatory killings of lions. This marriage of policy and ‘boots on the ground’ action is essential for the African lion’s long-term survival. Find more information on our field efforts, and please sign a letter of support for our petition.

It wasn't long ago that trophy hunters pursued Siberian and Bengal tigers. Now, it's forbidden, and for the vast majority of us, it's unthinkable to allow people to shoot these rare animals for trophies. We should exhibit the same thinking -- and adopt the same policies – when it comes to African lions.

4 years ago

If you want to stop cruelty to animals, I think you’ll want to check out my new blog post, "Is Animal Cruelty Doomed?".
It contains some good news, and a great video!  

In one of history’s most stunning victories for humane farming, on January 1 Australia’s largest supermarket chain, Coles, will stop selling company branded pork and eggs from animals kept in factory farms. As an immediate result, 34,000 mother pigs will no longer be kept in stalls for long periods of their lives, and 350,000 hens will be freed from cages. A video produced by Animals Australia played a crucial role in fueling  these developments.
Change is also coming to the United States.
California and Michigan have passed laws that will phase in a ban on battery cages for hens, and nine US states have joined the entire European Union in heading towards a ban on confining pigs in gestation crates.
And more change may be on the horizon. A poll found 94% of Americans in agreement that animals raised for food on farms deserve to be free from abuse and cruelty, and that 71% of Americans support undercover investigative efforts by animal welfare organizations to expose animal abuse on industrial farms.
Get the whole story in my new blog post -- and make sure you scroll down to watch the video from Animals Australia, too!


Yours for healthy and humane food,Ocean Robbins
Ocean Robbins, CEO and Co-host
The Food Revolution Network

4 years ago

Launch of HSI India Draws Big Names and Big Goals for Animals

Posted: 28 Nov 2012 11:51 AM PST

I have enduring recollections of my guest appearances on Oprah and Ellen, partly because their very public affirmations of animal protection made me feel our cause was ascendant. I had that same feeling today in Mumbai, as Humane Society International launched its India office at a jam-packed event keynoted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Grand Hyatt. He was joined by several major cultural and entertainment personalities from India, including “Slumdog Millionaire” star Anil Kapoor and poet and film producer Pritish Nandy.

This was the Dalai Lama’s first-ever event focused on the issue of animal protection, and he gave a wide-ranging 42-minute talk. “Animals deserve our compassion,” His Holiness said. “We must know their pain. We should nurture this compassion through education. Showing concern about animal rights is respecting their life.”

I opened the event with a speech about our responsibilities to animals and our efforts in India to help street dogs, to ban animal testing for cosmetics, and to turn around the growing factory farming problem in the nation with the lowest per capita meat consumption in the world. In a crowd that included business leaders, journalists, and others, I picked up a general resolve to put our principles into action and to gain ground in the world’s second largest nation.

HSIHatHis Holiness the Dalai Lama, sporting the Humane Society International hat. You can see more photos from my trip here.

The Dalai Lama is a transcendent personality – he’s a citizen of the world, having fled persecution in Tibet decades ago, taken up residence in northern India, and now traveling the world to spread a message of compassion and tolerance. Today, in his extended public remarks on animal issues, he mentioned that he’s been back and forth on his vegetarianism through his eight decades, and is not a vegetarian now. But he condemned factory farming, and specifically the rearing of hens in battery cages. He said that being vegetarian is better for us and better for animals, and that South Indian vegetarian food is his favorite cuisine. Throughout his entire speech and in the question and answer session that followed, he wore a Humane Society International baseball cap, which delighted me even though it clashed with his Buddhist monastic robe.

Kapoor, best known to American audiences for his roles in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and the Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire,” gave a fiery address about animal protection and also food and agriculture: “No one needs to sleep hungry, let alone die of starvation. Yet tens of thousands of children sleep hungry each night because the grains that could nourish these children [go] not into their bellies, but the bellies of the cows, pigs and chickens that form an essential part of a non-vegetarian diet….Our prosperity, enjoyment and progress are only deeply valued when they do not come at the expense of others.”

With journalists representing more than 100 press outlets at the event, it was a turbo-charged launch for Humane Society International – India. We hope it gives us momentum to grow our projects and to enhance our prospects for success. The Dalai Lama’s warm embrace and his reminder that all life matters helps root our cause even more solidly, especially in Asia where animal problems are so acute and action is so desperately needed.

4 years ago

The newly approved wolf slaughter is turning out even worse than expected. Wisconsin activists have uncovered disturbing homemade videos of hunters laughing it up while they shoot helpless wolves caught in traps, and while difficult to watch, these videos show the reason why we need to end the wolf slaughter now.*

trapped_wolf_shot.pngMasked as tradition, recreation and protection of livestock, hunting wolves has now been revealed as a sadistic exploitation of this majestic animal. The threat to livestock has been grossly exaggerated by state officials who would rather kowtow to hunting lobbyists than protect a species that until last year was considered endangered.

This slaughter is happening thanks to the federal government's 2011 decision to remove the American grey wolf from the Endangered Species List. We're petitioning the President and the Secretary of the Interior to reverse that decision as soon as possible. Please sign today and let Congress know that the America grey wolf needs protection, not torture and death.

Wolves are being killed in at least five states -- Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin and Minnesota -- that have approved wolf hunting in the past year. More than a century ago, hunters almost made the grey wolf extinct, but eventually the government started protecting the wolves . . . until now.

Please sign our petition, so we can let the government know that America wants the torture and killing to stop. 

Thank you for helping the wolves,

Drew Hudson
Envrionmental Action, Director

4 years ago

States Must Protect the Park’s Wolves from Thousands of Wolf Hunters    

It’s so unfair.

More than 4,400 well-armed hunters are stalking Wyoming’s dwindling population of what was 330 wolves. The killing has been so ruthlessly efficient that hunters have shot 10 wolves from Yellowstone National Park, which will hinder long-term research and harm wolf-watching tourism.

Join WildEarth Guardians to request that Wyoming and Montana establish a protective buffer around Yellowstone and the Wind River Reservation to save protected wolves.

The federal government abandoned wolves to Wyoming in September. Wyoming almost immediately commenced wolf hunting. We abhor wolf hunting, and so we filed litigation yesterday to stop the slaughter. Wyoming allows hunters to kill wolves immediately outside Yellowstone National Park, where wolves are otherwise protected.

Wyoming’s terrible management plan allows for only 100 wolves to survive outside Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Indian Reservation. But hunters and outfitters are picking off the Park’s wolves too. They wander, or are enticed beyond the safety of the Park’s boundary and shot. This isn’t fair, or ethical, and is very poor stewardship of a rare species.

Please contact officials from both Wyoming and Montana and request they immediately establish a buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Hunters have already killed 54 wolves in Wyoming this year. Like Montana and Idaho, Wyoming charges a pittance for wolf-hunting tags&mdashitting thousands of hunters against unarmed wolves. That’s just wrong!

Meanwhile, federal taxpayers have spent millions of tax dollars over the last two decades to restore and study wolves of the Northern Rocky Mountains, and now even Yellowstone’s wolves are unsafe.

Yellowstone wolves belong to all of us. Contact state officials today and save Yellowstone’s wolf packs from wolf hunters.

For the Wolves,

staff photo Wendy Keefover

Wendy Keefover
Carnivore Protection Director
WildEarth Guardians

4 years ago


November 28, 2012
ACTION!Save the Fox Mountain Wolf Pack's Pups
Pups from the Fox Mountain wolf pack in the Apache National Forest of western New Mexico urgently need your help. In August your phone calls helped spare their mother when she became the scapegoat for livestock deaths in the wolves' territory -- rather than killing her, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ordered her capture and removal.

But now, separated from their mother, her pups are at risk. Two 6-month-old pups are wandering alone, outside the pack's home territory. They are too young and too vulnerable to hunt or avoid danger.

For today's Daily Action, send a message to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service urging them to feed the pups as a temporary response and free their mother so she can care for her young.

4 years ago

Signed Lynn!!

4 years ago

Hi Lynn,
plrase can you tell me the name of the video showing three german shepherds driking in a bar in Holland? Excuse my english and thaks a lot

4 years ago

Norma, I think this is the video you're talking about. It takes place in England but it has Dutch subtitles? I hope this is it.


4 years ago

How animals express pain

Recent studies underscore the physical ways animals show they are in pain and how humans can measure it. What's good for animals also turns out to be good for science.
By Clint WilliamsMon, Nov 26 2012 at 4:18 PM EST
4 years ago

Volunteers in China are weary but grateful as they provide care for 500 cats rescued rescued from the meat trade.
read more
4 years ago

Thanks Lynn you're fantastic!!

4 years ago

Bravo for Volunteers in China who rescued cats from the butcher!

4 years ago

Last week, the City of Los Angeles took steps towards banning elephants at traveling circuses, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus....
read more
4 years ago

You're welcome, Norma.    Was that the video you were talking about with the shephards?

4 years ago

Yes dear I love it it's so funny I shared in facebook thanks again! I love german shepherfd Ihad three before.

4 years ago

TY.  Going through what I missed now

4 years ago
The Hobbit: Unexpected Cruelty

Abuse and neglect during production of The Hobbit led to alleged animal deaths in the name of entertainment. How can you help?

The Hobbit: Unexpected Cruelty

4 years ago
Milestones for Animals

Since its inception in 1980, PETA has continually won groundbreaking victories in behalf of animals. Take a look at some of PETA's milestones.

Milestones for Animals

4 years ago

Add your voice

Sign the Petition

Please add your name to WildEarth Guardians request that Wyoming and Montana establish no-hunting buffer zones around Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Reservation to protect wolves from thousands of wolf hunters.

4 years ago

Signed for wolves and Peta petition for The Hobbit!

4 years ago
November 30, 2012
ACTION!Think Twice: Don’t Buy Wildlife Souvenirs
What are you really bringing back with you from vacation?

Each year millions of tourists travel to exotic locations to encounter wildlife, only to unwittingly bring home souvenirs made from endangered species. If you travel, you can make a difference through the choices you make and the knowledge you have. Tourism contributes to local economies, but not when it involves buying wildlife souvenirs. Instead, look for handicrafts that support local communities. Consider donating to, or visiting, projects that conserve animal habitats and protect endangered species, such as animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

For today's Daily Action read about IFAW's 'Think Twice: Don't buy wildlife souvenirs' campaign and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to avoid supporting the illegal wildlife trade.

4 years ago

Firmato tutto quello che sono riuscito a firmare. Grazie Lynn.

4 years ago

Organizations Help Physically-Challenged Sportspeople Enjoy An Environmentally-Friendly Deer Hunt

Bald Eagle by Steve HildebrandThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, American Bird Conservancy, and Saving Our Avian Resources worked together to provide 40 physically-challenged hunters and their assistants a special deer-hunting opportunity this November at the Lost Mound Unit of the USFWS’s Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge.

Read the full story here






Major Bird Conservation Group Urges Ban on Five Snake Species

Boa constrictor, Wikimedia Commons

One of the country’s leading conservation groups wants Congress to ban imports of reticulated pythons, green anacondas, boa constrictors, and two other constrictor snakes that pose a major threat to native wildlife. In a letter sent the U.S. House Resource Committee, American Bird Conservancy says these snakes should be added to the list of "injurious wildlife" regulated by the Lacey Act, one of America’s oldest conservation statutes designed to protect wildlife from illegal trade. The change would make importing or transporting these snakes over state lines a federal offence.

Read the full story here



4 years ago

Billy was rescued from a cage that had rusted shut. In an instant, his rescuer became his new best friend.

read more


Last week Rose-tu made international headlines for giving birth to a healthy 300 pound girl who is now the center of a controversy about her future.
read more

More about Billy, the Chihuahua
4 years ago

Internet Star Turn for Billy, Rescued Puppy Mill Chihuahua

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 03:31 PM PST

With increasing frequency, the amazing work of the Humane Society of the United States videographers goes viral, and today it is a video about Billy, a rescued puppy mill dog from North Carolina adopted by Adam Parascandola, the director of animal cruelty investigations. The video is at nearly 200,000 views and counting on our HSUS YouTubechannel, and has been featured on websites such as, Jezebeland Jane Velez-Mitchell.

In many respects, Billy’s story is not so unique – The HSUS Billy2estimates that upwards of 2 million puppies are sold from puppy mills every year. But it is unique to have one dog’s plight tell the story of puppy mills so poignantly and compellingly to the American public. 

We are working hard to turn around the problem of puppy mills in our nation. These mills are inhumane to dogs, subvert adoption efforts by shelters and rescues, and cause hardship and grief for animal owners, who often buy dogs at exorbitant prices who are ill or saddled with genetic or hereditary problems. 

I could speak about what this video means to me, but watch it yourself, and see Billy’s inspiring story of resilience.

And tomorrow, be sure to catch a live stream event with Adam and Billy at 1 p.m. EST here.

P.S. Have a question for Adam, or want a reminder to tune in? Text BILLYCAM to 30644

4 years ago
December 6, 2012
ACTION!Polar Bears Are In Peril: Here's How You Can Help!
Polar bears' habitat is literally melting beneath their paws. This past summer the Arctic Ocean, north of Alaska, experienced record summer ice melt that was 20 percent beyond all previous satellite records. This means that with accelerating climate change, the bears have to swim longer and farther just to find food. Some, especially the tiny cubs, could either drown along the way or starve.

While the situation may seem dire, there is hope if we act now. The National Wildlife Federation is working hard to protect polar bears and many more wildlife for our children’s future.

For today's daily action, make a difference for polar bears by contributing to the National Wildlife Federation and help safeguard polar bears and other at-risk wildlife.

4 years ago

puppy Where do puppies come from?

With their big eyes and boisterous enthusiasm, they can melt hearts. But the conditions many puppies sold in Australia come from would be enough to break hearts. Whether you're looking for a new furry friend, or want to give all dogs a life worth wagging their tails about, check out this no-nonsense guide and help end the cruelty of puppy farming.

Watch video | Learn more: be a puppy's pal

4 years ago

puppy Where do puppies come from?

With their big eyes and boisterous enthusiasm, they can melt hearts. But the conditions many puppies sold in Australia come from would be enough to break hearts. Whether you're looking for a new furry friend, or want to give all dogs a life worth wagging their tails about, check out this no-nonsense guide and help end the cruelty of puppy farming.

Watch video | Learn more: be a puppy's pal

Collie dog

EXPOSED: Cruelty at Calstead Collies

As revealed by Today Tonight — the lives led by these 'Lassies' shocked the nation. No animal deserves to live like this. Take action...

4 years ago

Wildlife in need

Wildlife caring: The good, the bad, and the cuddly!

Wild about animals? Take a glimpse into the work of a wildlife carer — and find out how to become one yourself! Read more...

Pig family

Why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows...

Dog or pig ... food or family? This intriguing video delves into why we think the way we do about animals. Challenge yourself...


Rodeo cruelty exposed on national TV

ABC's 7.30 exposes shocking evidence of rodeo cruelty gathered by Animals Australia in 2012. Watch the program...

Race horse

4 years ago

Up to date and that dog Billy is awesome.  Wish we could take them all home.

4 years ago

Thanks for the post Lynn.

4 years ago

Mastiff Shot And Left To Die Chained To A Tree

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO – A six year old Mastiff was shot twice and left to die after being chained to a tree. The Mastiff was left overnight at the scene of the crime, which is otherwise known as Forest Hill Park, situated in Cleveland Heights.

He was left to unpleasantly pass away in ice cold weather. However, the ice cold weather is what slowed down his heart rate and allowed him not to bleed out.

The dog fell victim to a difficult life in which he had to participate in dog fights which left many wounds on his body. After being tightly chained during his life, he was left with many scars on his neck and bites from flies.

The perpetrator, who cruelly shot the dog in both his jaw and chest, has not been found. The dog survived the surgery, yet the surgeon was unable to remove the bullet that was found in the dogs jaw.

The survivor, who has been named “Forest”, now has a healthy appetite after being malnourished during the course of his life. He weighed about half of what a dog his size should weigh. Forest is now continuing his treatment at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and will be moving into his new home soon.


Written by Ivanna Chetty.


4 years ago
December 5, 2012
ACTION!Help the Survival of Wolf Populations - Learn About Wolves!
When the wolf world and human world collide, it can often be problematic. But if people gain knowledge and appreciation of wolves and their place as predators in the ecosystem, the International Wolf Center believes humans and wolves can peacefully coexist.

The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands, and the human role in their future. They know the study of wolf survival is also one of human tolerance - because it's hard for people to tolerate or respect what they're raised to fear.

For today's Daily Action, begin your wolf eduction (and watch videos of some adorable wolf pups!) by browsing the International Wolf Center's fascinating YouTube Channel.

4 years ago

The dark world of "backyard butchers," who slaughter and butcher animals on makeshift farms, is spreading across the U.S. every day. When backyard slaughter is tolerated, animals suffer immense cruelty, starvation, botched "live" slaughters, and are kept in disgusting and diseased yards. Humane slaughter laws, which require animals to be rendered senseless before slaughter, are not followed; instead animals are sloppily shot with handguns, and experience excruciating agony from mishandled, amateur, often live butchering.

No governmental inspection protects these animals or the sanitation of the yards. Overwhelmed by the upkeep of running slapdash farms, these butchers starve, mistreat, abuse, neglect, and harm animals to horrific and gruesome degrees. The yards pose immense risk to public health, safety, and well-being. Blood and animal byproducts are often illegally disposed of onsite, jeopardizing local groundwater. Without any kind of regulation, the meat is sold to the general public on the black market.

Recently, ALDF filed a lawsuit in Florida on behalf of Hillsborough County residents -- who are alarmed by criminal violations of public health codes and animal slaughter and disposal laws, illegal sale of horse, cow, and pig meat, and horrifying cruelty to animals found in these yards. ALDF’s landmark case marks the first time Florida residents have sued to stop the unspeakable acts of cruelty committed by backyard butchers and the threat to public health and safety they pose.

Take Action!

Help ALDF and the animals by stopping the development of backyard slaughter in your neighborhood too. Visit our website to watch the video of our undercover investigation, and to notify your lawmakers about this disturbing practice.

For the animals,

Stephen Wells

Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fund

Take Action! Facebook Twitter YouTube RSS divider

4 years ago

Take action!

Next week, PCRM and supporters will file a complaint with the Department of Defense (DOD) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) asking it to investigate contract and animal care violations by an Army unit at Ford Meade in Maryland. Please sign this petition to the OIG asking that these violations be investigated. 

In September 2011, the Army unit paid the company SIMMEC Training Solutions $132,160 to shoot more than 100 live animals so military personnel could practice emergency medical procedures. The animals were also likely burned and had multiple limbs amputated. Then they were killed. SIMMEC failed to provide a veterinarian for one of the training sessions—a violation of its contract and the DOD’s animal use policy. But the Army unit never reported the violation, which is itself a violation.

Retired Air Force Special Operations medic MSgt. Ben Rogers has started a petition on asking the OIG to investigate both the Army unit and SIMMEC for the violations. By holding both accountable, we can take one step closer to replacing the outdated and inhumane use of live animals in military combat trauma training.

Thank you for your help. 

Ryan Merkley
Ryan Merkley
Associate Director of Research Policy

4 years ago

Killing is Never the Answer Reform Wildlife Services Wildlife Services desperately needs to change course. Currently, 100,000 animals are being killed annually in an effort to resolve wildlife conflicts, and tens of thousands of innocuous animals, including federally protected wildlife and family pets, have been slaughtered by mistake over the past decade.

This kill-first method is not only brutal and expensive, but ineffective and illogical. Do you want your tax dollars spent in support of such misguided and archaic policies?

Clearly, reform is needed. Wildlife Services should favor non-lethal deterrents, detailed documentation and scientifically sound decision-making. Demand that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack oversee this alteration and ensure that Wildlife Services resolves animal issues peacefully, not with hasty violence.
 Take Action Progress Bar

4 years ago

Outrage: Zoo Monkey Beaten to Death by Drunken Thief


The argument against zoo captivity wages on this week as a man was arraigned in the beating death of a Patas monkey held in an Idaho zoo. Read More >>


Orca The Real SeaWorld: Seeing Wild Orcas Is Better...and Cheaper


4 years ago

UGH this world is nuts.  All action taken and news read

4 years ago
When Kyle Collins called the police in response to his neighbor's dog's escape, he just wanted to make sure she got home safely. He didn't expect them to shoot her five times after snaring her on a catch pole.

Please sign the petition today! Demand Justice for Dog Murdered By Police

take action
4 years ago

There’s no better time than the holiday season to show your kitty just how much you care. Check out these easy-to-make entertaining toys and treats...
read more


“Green beans, peach pie, Akita puppies.” If I’d had my cell phone with me on a recent trip through a picturesque Amish countryside, I...
read more

Uncle Sam Goes to the Pit Bulls - Dog Files
4 years ago

Gotta love these photos of Howard the Pit Bull working hard for Uncle Sam in Afghanistan. And I hope this is a sign that the Army is reevaluating their ban of Pit Bulls on Army Bases. If Howard can risk his life for America as an Explosive Detection Dog than his brothers and sisters deserve a proud place next to their human Army families at U.S. Military Bases.

The Dog Files would like to thank SPC. Alexander Reimer, and his TEDD dog Howard for their incredible service and sacrifice to this country. We also like to thank the photographer, Andrew A. Nelles for these great photos.

Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

(Above). TEDD handler SPC. Alexander Reimer, of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, and his dog Howard pause for a moment during a foot patrol in Zharay District, Kandahar Province.

TEDD teams (Tactical Explosive Detector Dog Team) are sent into the field to accompany foot patrols where they are effective in detecting potential IED threats. Unlike traditional Military Working Dog teams, which the Army has used in the past, TEDD teams are unique in that their handlers are regular infantrymen from the brigade who have been given specialized training in working with the dogs.

4 years ago

Thank you Lynn

4 years ago

thanks Lynn.

4 years ago

Hi Lynn Noted and signed all that I could (That I hadn't already signed Current ...Sent letters and messages ... watched Videos and just completely Enjoyed Myself I could probably spend a whole day on your Thread if I had nothing else to do :0 :0 ...Fortunately I do and I can't !!! I do however spend a good deal of time Noting etc..... See you around , Love N' Huggggs and a few xx's 2 Barb E

Uncle Sam Goes to the Pitbulls - File
4 years ago

I just wanted to say that I Immensely Enjoyed this Photo Just Wonderful !!

4 years ago

Thank you Lynn.

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