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Buffy thread 2
3 years ago
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Just go in, no need to do anything else!!!

The new edition for my Newspaper is out check it out!!!

3 years ago

Click on the picture of the dog to donate

3 years ago

clicked and it was my pleasure,thank you for putting me on to this

3 years ago

Thank you Buffy, another bookmarked site to click daily.

3 years ago

clicked, < I hope x wendy k x

3 years ago

I am having troubles to post!!!



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3 years ago

Meet Hera and her puppies.


I have been working to help her to find a home for a while now.

At the moment her situation looks like this.

She has no own home yet and neither 3 of her puppies.

I was going to make news with her. But I decided to first share in message form.

If she still does not manage to find a home,  I will make news with her in a few weeks.

The person who I spoke to about her,  told me she is a fantastic dog with such a nice personality.

I would like to help her and her puppies to get a nice and safe home.

So if you guys wouldn´t mind helping me, by sharing her around.

I will keep an eye on her situation and let you know if anything has changed.


Here is the link,


Thank you for any help you can give her.


Be safe everyone

Here is Hera
3 years ago


3 years ago

Dear friends,

Internet is not much better but enough thatz I can work a bit.

So here are 2 things for you all.

My newspaper:

Here this is important:

Please share, Bella is missing, check the video. We need to find her.

Be safe


3 years ago

I do hope that Bella is found - such a lovely, sensitive soul! My thoughts and prayers go out to her anguished family!  Thank you Buffy x

3 years ago

so hope Bella returns safe and sound really soon, hope we get an update with good news, have tweeted shared hope it helps to find Bella , Buffy  x wendy k x

3 years ago

Update on Queeny:

Her op went well.

She is not able to move at all yet.

But at least the op is behinde us.

We need to go to the vet today, her knee is a bit red still, I don´t know if this should be gone by now. Better safe than sorry.

The dignosis was: She tore her left knee ligaments and ruptured the medial Meniscus.This happened by playing catch the ball.

I will be sharing a picture of her later in the week.

We all here thank you all for the lovely support.

So my newspaper is full of petitions and news. I even had to stop adding or it would get to much and half of it would be lost. Will be adding the ones left out, to my next edition. Please do share and check if there is anything you believe would be good to share further and sign whatever you can.

Be safe everyone!!!


3 years ago

Thanks Buffy, still clicking on dog, but not altogether sure if anything happens. Any tips?

3 years ago

Thanks Buffy still praying for her.

3 years ago

Wendy sorry for reacting so late. At the moment is not working with me either. I would sugest keep an eye on it. If nothing changes in the next 3 weeks or so, than is not working.

Than let it be. More we can´t do. Thank you for asking.

Thank you Sandi!!!

3 years ago

Hi there to all my friends,

My news paper is out. I got so much there, you wont be able to check it in one go. So I wont update for the next 2 weeks.

Could have even a longer newspaper, but I thought too much half of the stories will possibly get lost.

I need help spreading of a dog. I will be making news with him after the weekend. I first want to make sure he is still there before sharing. So I will be back with that later on next week.

Ok all be safe everyone.


3 years ago

Thanks Sandi.

3 years ago

Hi there ,

So here is where I will need big support from all who can. Sharing this everywhere. We managed to save the life of Indie in the past let us do this again. That was by sharing everywhere. If you know of any foster parent or rescue group who could help.

Bruno Needs a Home

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animals, animalwelfare, dogs, pets, protection )
Buffy - 55 seconds ago -

This dog is in danger. I am doing all I can to help to get him out. I would like to ask everyone for you help. Whatever you can do to help. Sharing, fostering, get a rescue group to get him out. No matter how. Please we just need help.

Please whatever and however you can help will be much appreciated.

 thank you in advance.

From Buff-Buff

3 years ago

Thank you Buffy

3 years ago

Thank you Buffy x

3 years ago

Hi my friends,

As you all know I am working to get Bruno a home.

If you are in facebook or any other group who could help him.

I would be so grateful for any help.

I am blocked in facebook, I only can post on my page and 3 other groups go and figure. Reason for blocking me I was spreading Bruno and it seems that I was spreading to much. For the next 2 weeks I am blocked, well I do not know if Bruno has 2 weeks. So I need help spreading this.

So thanks in advance for any help you can give Bruno.

Just had to put all infos together for Bruno so here is the latest.

He is big and strong. He is in danger!!!! He needs to come out!!!
He has been around many people and is friendly towards all. I say he has a "helicopter" tail because it actually spins in a circle because that is how happy he gets when he meets people. He got tested with a female dog today and did very well He didn't show any aggression and just wanted to play in harmony. He knows his commands and is very smart...he listens well and is corrected easily if he does something wrong. He LOVES fetch and is very toy and treat motivated. He is so sweet and friendly. You can see all of his muscles and he is very athletic. His flaws are that he gets very excited and jumps. He is NOT aggressive or dominant. He came from the South LA shelter...he was a shelter favorite and it was his day to be euthanized. A West LA employee happened to be there and transferred him to the West LA shelter because he had a lot of potential (they never do that).
He is probably 5 or 6 years old..still acts very young and has a good amount of energy, but tires easily once he is given good exercise...(like an intense game of fetch for about 20 minutes or a long walk).

Hi guys, here is more infos for the shelter. Anyone who would like to get in contact with them to help Bruno,
11361 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Stadtviertel: West Los Angeles
(888) 452-7381

Di.-Sa. 08:00 - 17:00

So. 11:00 - 17:00

3 years ago

Hello to all,


2 things today.

My newspaper had a breakdown, all the news I had up is gone. Will be updting my news during the week. I will be sending a message with the update.


Bruno got a fair share. For this I would like to THANK all who gave this life saving help. Bruno was neutered this weekend.
Still only one person showed interest for Bruno. I was told this person will be coming to the shelter to visit Bruno on Tuesday.
Now,  I never celebrate till  is official that they found a home.
So I would like to ask everyone, to send good vibes to Bruno and fingers crossed that he is going to his 4ever home.
So please think of Bruno and pray for he is coming out of the shelter.

It it still for me is kind of sad, we shared him like mad and only one person came up. This shows how difficult it is for these animals to find homes.
But this too shows what sharing can do, and that if we all focus on saving a life we can do it.

Breeding needs to stop, really does. I think is the only way we will stop all this sadness and cruelty that is going on.

For those who don´t know Bruno yet, here is the link.

I will be updating as soon as I know what the situation is.

Thank you for all the sharing everyone!!!!


Be safe everyone!!!!



3 years ago

Thank you Buffy!

3 years ago

Hi to all,

This will be a long one, hope you can check all out and share.

First my newspaper had troubles this week. But now is up and running again!!!

Next thing I do not know if you guys saw this.

If so ignore it. I am not able to put the petition on my newspaper for some reason

Is about this case:


Bruno update:

Why people say they will come and don´t is beyond my understanding. Is a life or death situation here.
The situation now is that he was neutered, so the shelter said they will give him a few more days, if we are lucky a week more. We are working to keep him off the red list for the moment.
That is why I didn´t want to celebrate.
Well we got a few days by the sound of it. So please could we all share him again.
My dream would be that a miracle happens and someone comes today. Please!!!
I am so sorry for the bad news. Let us change this coin into good news.
Help Bruno if you can.
Here is the link:


Thank you for all you all are doing for animals and this planet.

Be safe everyone.


3 years ago

I know many are not on facebook.

But here is a chance to show the world we are not going to accept this senseless killing of our innocent animals.

556580_10151023812646132_1968790324_n.jpgSo there will

I will be taking part in my area!!!
To all against BSL if you can take part, please do, is a wonderful chance to show, that we want BSL to disappear from the face of the earth. So if you can go. Is a world wide event, let us not let this chance pass. I will be driving 4 hours to get to the protest.

Here are some places for those who don´t have a facebook account and are interested:

S.E. Michigan event for "ANTI-BSL Peaceful Protest Around The Globe"

13 July at 12:00 in EDT
More places
3 years ago
More places
0 secs ago

Treffpunkt Bahnhofsvorplatz anschl. Demomarsch danach Kundgebung auf dem Heumarkt

These are a few places.

 Best to look on there pages for more information.

Is a great chance to make this big and show the world, that BSL is not wanted and neither acceptable.


Share everywhere you can. Hope many of you will be on board, if you can.



3 years ago

I have done all I can here for now, signed, shared etc.....Thank you Buffy for all you do for these poor, defenceless animals. xx

3 years ago

Hello to all,

Bruno is still in foster. But the family is being great. They are giving all the care he needs, training him, loving him. So in the end of all the worries did work out. One plus is that the shelter got some ripple effects from all the Bruno sharing, which I want to thank you all so much. Well other dogs got homes too. We called attention to the shelter. So people do share these dogs, you not only help the ones you are sharing, but too could help others from those shelters.

Got my newspaper out, please check it out and share it if you can.

I will be off for the next 3 weeks. Rescue and school.

Will be updating the news.

Be safe everyone!!!

3 years ago

Hi my friends,

I don´t get a pause.

Got to share this. Remember when I shared about the world wide walk against BSL. Well they saw my video and asked me to sing my Lennox song.

So on Saturday there I go.

Will be working to play my guitar live but at the moment not sure yet if this will be possible. But singing live. Let´s see. I am decided to make a small documentary about me and my guitar trip to help spread the word that BSL is out!!!!

Will be taking all of you in my heart and all your voices will be heard when I go up there. I will be recording and will upload. Keep and eye up for that.

Ok the sad news is, I never lost dogs to a kill shelter before, now in one go I lost 6 puppies, so my heart is bleeding by this loss. I found out after that, they only keep the dogs for 5 days. I was just to slow and didn´t get the right infos fast enough, big loss.

Here are their names and if you like to spare a thought for them.

Uno and Bobo (siblings)

Lil Bella and her sister never found out her name

Tiger Lily and sister too her name not known.

Please if you could say a prayer for them.

Bruno update.

So, the last I got from Chrissy is.

Bruno is fine, they are training him, anoither friend of mine is contact with her too and she said he really had luck with her.

Now a woman seems to be interested on having him. But she will have to wait to get papers from her doctor. Because Bruno could become a service dog. This is how much talent he has. I knew he had more in him than people were seing.

Now the only thing I am concern is that she lives in a active BSL area, and our Bruno is a strong breed. So lets see what will come out of this.

Will keep you all up to date with Bruno. I just hope Chrissy will stay in contact till the end with me. At least my other friend is there too.

My newpaper is out. Will update by itslef, I think on Monday. So if you didn´t see it yet. Do check it and share it, if you can. Tahnks

So I will need a pause at some point. I am on the go, go and go. But hey, this is all worth it.

Hope I will be able to represent all of us against BSL world wide well.

Have an awesome weekend and be safe everyone


3 years ago

Hi to all,

Here is burning like fire. Loads going on.

So here are something from  me.

I will be back full power next week.


my newspaper will be updating on Friday so do check it out.

Voting ends tomorrow, please do vote for Elle the pit with a message that could save all other pits out there.

A extra petition for you all:

Last but not least, me in Cologne on the Agains-BSL protest:

There will be another one in September, I will probably if all goes well take part on that one too.

Be safe everyone!!!


3 years ago

Thanks Buffy!

3 years ago

Hi to all,

I have been doing so much things. I am losing the control and I even forget which day it is.

So here is my newspaper, new edition.

There are so many things going on around the world. So many animals needing us. Is frustrating the feeling of not being able to be there for all!!!

I am working on a homepage.

There I will be sharing many things on animals, eating, my art and other subjects.

I thought you might be interested. This homepage is going to be dynamic. Always something will be added here and there.

So if you like it,  take a look and feel free to write to me and take part on my forum. Feel free to share if you like it, this is what is there for.

I think I will be only fully back on care2 in the mids of September. Hopefully before.

Till then I will wont be on a daily in care2.

But I am working to come in at least once a week.

Oki doki all.

Be safe everyone!!!!


3 years ago

Thanks Buffy, look forward to seeing you back! x

3 years ago

Take care Buffy - it is easy to become overwhelmed.

3 years ago

Hi all, thank you girls. Yes it has been tough. Now I am back. Work is just no stop right now.

First Lilly, I recieved a e-mail from L.A shelter, the same shelter where Bruno was.

I can´t make news with Lilly. Because I can´t take care for the news this time. Just too many cases that I am working on.

So I will share it here with you and if any of you feels like you could make news with her, please do so. We saved Bruno so we can save her too. A miracle is need it.


Lily is STILL at the shelter and her time is just about up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this girl and get her out. We know that West LA dogs usually have more time than othe...See more

LILY has $440 pledged towards a possible rescue. Please share her for more pledges, she needs out ASAP!

LILY - A1369592
8 year old female, 62 lbs., German Shepherd/Mix


Lily had a rough start at the shelter. She came in with a skin condition and she barely had any hair. She was very sensitive to touch, so it was hard for her to trust people at first. Now, Lily's personality shines more and more every day. She LOVES to play fetch and will play with you for hours if she could. After, she likes to relax and get belly rubs. Lily is 8 years old, but you would never know it. She has the energy level of a younger dog and once she gets to know you, she is sweet and loving. Lily has been in the shelter since January 23rd, 2013. All she wants is a loving home where she can showcase the great dog that she is. Please come in and meet Lily and give her the home she deserves so the shelter isn't her last.
You can find her on facebook too under this address:
Please if you can help, the gratittude will be big. They are trying all they can to save her life, but time is real short.
My newspaper is out, putting as much in there as I can.
My homepage for those who didn´t see, it is growing and I am adding more and more, check it out and share it if you feel is  good.
Be safe everyone till next week,
o Signed and shared.
3 years ago

Signed and shared.

o Signed and shared.
3 years ago

Signed and shared.

o Signed and shared.
3 years ago

Signed and shared.

3 years ago

Thank you Luis!!!

Update !!!!
3 years ago

After much hard work from all over the place, I am happy to inform that Lilly has found a 4ever home. Thank you all for the sharing and help!!!!
Miracles do happen

3 years ago

Thank you Buffy, for all that have done and continue to do for animals. 

 photo 3-9-RacconThank-You-Copy_zps4aa20a68.jpg

3 years ago

Buffy that is wonderful news - thanks for all your hard work.

3 years ago

Hello to all. Is a very hard time for animals. Specially in Romania. I have been in state of shock and not able to react, a nervous breakdown. After loads of tears. I am back. With power to do all I can to help stop this cruelty. 

Thank you for England, they are taking some animals from Romania on. Germany you are amazing, OMG good job. Please if your country is helping in anyway, let me know. Thank you!!!!
So lets go on with what I got for you.
First my newspaper is out, with different petitions to stop the killings in Romania. 
Now I sang in Dusseldorf against BSL check it out:
Here are some things I don´t manage to put up on my newspaper:
Taiwanese Government: Cancel plans to expose unvaccinated beagle puppies to the rabies virus!
Orange County Florida Animal Control: Take the "Dangerous Label" off our beloved dog!
Got this from my friend Michaela:
Pls. Join & Invite friends to Join
ORANGUTANS: Men of the Forest
Here something from my homepage, which is always at work and growing
I hope all are well. Don´t forget together we are strong. We need to keep fighting to help animals everywhere in this world. Even if these animals are in another country, they all need our help. 
Love to all, may we save all dogs in Romania!!!!! Please!!!!
Buffy and co. 
Be safe everyone!!!!
So much happening
3 years ago

Hello to all my beautiful friends from care2,

 At the moment for some reason the animal hate trip is somehow spreading. Romania started a horror trend now, Bosnia wants to follow. We need to be strong right now, animals are being attack from all over the place. So no time to waste. 

 You probably will have to copy and paste, so sorry but time is limited here. 

Working to get as many things out there as I can. 

So these petitions do not upload to my newspaper so here they are.!

3 years ago
Last but not least my newspaper, take your time with this edition so much there, I could have put more things up. 

and if you didn´t see my homepage yet, here is a new part dedicated to BSL:

Please check it all out and share it if you can. The newspaper will be uploadede in about a week so you got a week to check it all out. 
Much love to all and be safe

Buff-Buff with loads of hugs
3 years ago

Hi Buffy all signed thank you

3 years ago

All Signed. Thanks Buffy x

3 years ago

All signed except the facebook ones, could not get them to load.

3 years ago

Thank all, here is more to llok at

Hello to all here are somethings for you all to check it out
First I gave an interview, where I mention BSL and sing 2 songs, do check it out. If you are on youtube, like and if possible subscribe to Miches channel for support thank you!!!
Under the same link there is my first live show playing the guitar, is only a minute long. I was speaking for animals and performing my song at a lunch meeting. That is the second video.
Here is my new edition for my newspaper
Here are petitions which wont upload onto my newspaper. Please sing and share if possible.
3 years ago

all signed thank you Buffy for all this urgent petitions

3 years ago

I am up to date

3 years ago

Barbs was so kind and shared an interview I gave where I speak about animals, BSL and some music. Thought you might like to check it out.  Miche Today - Buffy The Animal Hater Slayer - YouTube

3 years ago

Hi to all,

So here is the only share I got going for this week. I will warn you, there is lots in there. Please do click on the Petitions for animals at butterfly-flair. I did upload the petitions that wont upload into my newspaper there. Working to make the work easier for me. 

Thank you so much for all the stars, comments and cards. 

so here goes the link. Oh too please check the 3 dogs I am working to help. If you can share them it could help them find a home. 

NEWSPAPER click here

Be safe everyone


3 years ago

From 3 dogs needing home, we managed to find home for one. Yeah, just got the news. 

Good luck to our Hanna!!!!!

Good luck HannaHanna
3 years ago

Already did most of the petitions listed. Thanks for sharing, Buffy.

3 years ago

Hello to all,

Hope all of you and furbabies are safe and well. 
First thank you so much for all the stars, lovely comments, shares, messages and help with my work. 
Next month I won't be in care2, like every year I drive with my car, looking for animals in distress when it gets cold. The newspaper and homepage will still be rolling as I got a friend in charge of those, for the time. If I find the time to come in, I will.

How my newspaper works at the moment?
Every 2 weeks there will be a fresh upload with petitions and news from all over the place on the web. On the second week there is an upload from new articles from my homepage only, which is as important because I can´t load everything onto my newspaper so I upload there. 
We need to create as much awareness for animals as possible, so I am grateful if you share my newspaper and homepage around.

So to go to my newspaper click here
If you don´t want to subscribe to the newspaper than keep this link saved

Much love to all, and be safe


2 years ago

Hi to all,

  I would like to send you all some good news, which we all need it, and for this is worth to stop and share. 

As you all know I help on finding home for dogs worldwide. Now it is not easy and I only take 1 to 3 animals at the time. If I take more in one go, things tend not to work out, meaning I lose them, which was the case with the 6 puppies I lost in one go, broke my heart. Never again. So I give all I have to those 3 animals that I am helping. 

I have for a while been working on 3 dogs. Now,  one was pretty easy to get to safety. But the other 2 were closed to be put down. Even though being fostered Jersey was  still in danger. Rocky was not having luck either, very scary for me and all whom were working to get them into a 100% safe situation.

Well, here is the good news. They are both safe and sound. 

I am so happy with this.  If you would like to read their actual situation here is the link:

Hope this brings some smiles and joy to your hearts,  like it did to mine. So 3 lives safe. Yes Now lets get more!!!!

So, now I will be really off. 

Be safe everyone, is icy and cold here. Hope all are warm and well on 2 and 4 legs, with feathers or fur. 

Much love to all


2 years ago

So sweet of you Buffy.Great news thank you for sharing

2 years ago

Great news, Buffy. Thanks for sharing.

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