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"Charity" initiatives, such as Purina and "VIVISECTION" -Please Read
3 years ago

The person that wrote the below has been actively sharing this information with Care2 members since an article and then a petition came out about Purina paying $1.00 per click for going on their site. I am happy to see her passion about this horrible subject, vivisection.

Daily Click = $1 for Your Shelter of Choice No Cost to You! 50 Years, 50 Shelters - Purina® Cat Chow®


My dear friends,

recently I warned you against a "charity" initiative by Purina-Catchow (Nestlè. As I was pleased to exchange opinions with many of you, I noticed that there are some aspects of such "campaigns" that are not well known to the majority of us and I'd like to take the opportunity to lay the stress on some hidden sides of these initiatives.

Of course we are all free to have our own opinions and ideas but I was surprised as many of us seem not to care less about the fact that Purina, Procter & Gamble, etc., are VIVISECTORS. It is just my humble opinion, but I think animal lovers should not believe that there are first-rate animals, that deserve to be cared for, fed and loved, and second-rate animals, that the above-mentioned corporations have the right to abuse and torture in their labs, provided that they "donate" money for "charity" (the inverted commas have not been used at random). I thought we were on Care2 also for ETHICAL reasons but it is hard for me to understand what is ethical in supporting VIVISECTION.

Let's consider some actual facts about these initiatives. First of all, they are all cost-free advertising for these companies, hence we allow them TO SAVE A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY by supporting these campaigns, disguised as “charity”. If they had to pay for those advertisements, they would spend some million dollars.

Moreover we shouldn't neglect the psychological strategy (or tricks, actually) underlying these campaigns. In this way Purina (or P&G, etc.) tend to earn a reputation as “benefactors”, inducing pet owners (even unconsciously) to buy their products instead of the ones by their competitors that, maybe, do not resort to vivisection. Please BEWARE of these “Fairy Godmothers”!!

Through such initiatives, companies like Purina (Nestlè are just KIDDING animal lovers, as they do NOT give back for all the pain they caused (as some friends wrote to me): on the contrary, they earn and save a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY by CHEATING honest people in good faith like you.

For example, the cat food they “donate” for this initiative has practically zero-cost for them, as they produce it. As far as I know, according to the US tax law, tax-payers and companies are allowed to deduct the amount of their donations from taxes. Can you figure out how much Nestlè can save on taxes by the deduction of such “charity donations” without almost spending a cent??

That's why some of us, unwillingly and in perfect good faith, are indirectly SUPPORTING VIVISECTION. Please think about it before taking part in initiatives like this one. Thank you very much indeed for your kind attention. Feel free to share this message with your friends, if you think it could be useful/helpful to spread information. None of us likes to be strung along.

Thank you for everything you do for animals.




Vivisection (from Latin vivus, meaning "alive", and section, meaning "cutting") is defined as surgery conducted for experimental purposes on a living organism, typically animals with a central nervous system, to view living internal structure. The term is sometimes more broadly defined as any experimentation on live animals (see animal testing.)[1][2][3] The term is often used by organizations opposed to animal experimentation[4] but is rarely used by practicing scientists.[2][5] Human vivisection has been perpetrated as a form of torture.<

3 years ago


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3 years ago

I am still getting messages forwarded to me from Care2 members that are friends to the writer of the post above, Mariangela. She is very passionate about how she feels about using products from Purina. I respect her compassion and perseverance.

3 years ago

Thank you Julie

3 years ago

Thank you so much for your appreciation and attention, Julia.
Just to avoid misunderstandings, I did not add the "smileys" to my text. Some letters and symbols were automatically changed by Care2 editing system...there is nothing to "smile" re. that topic.
Best wishes to you all!


3 years ago

Sorry, JuliE, I made a mistake in writing your name.

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