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The Dolphins of Taiji - PLEASE HELP!
3 years ago

In Taiji, Japan, Dolphins are being
senselessly slaughtered, in a way that will haunt you
I've seen the 'Current Killing Methods', used by these


I was physically SICK when I saw it, and cried.
Yes, a grown man who rarely cries, was broken, and gutted
by these abominable acts of sheer, murderous, cruelty.

The Official method of killing, used in the Taiji Dolphin Drive
Hunts, was a spike, driven into the cervical region ("neck")
of the Dolphin, severing its Brainstem.
What I saw, were steel rods, slowly driven into the Dolphins
heads, whilst the 'Killing Corrales' filled with their blood.

Prior to the current method, these 'select' group of
Fisherman, slit the Dolphins throats.

They are Hunted.
They are Herded.
They are Trapped.
They are Killed.

How could you
NOT want to help end this?

How will YOU tell YOUR Children, that the Dolphins are

It started in the 17th century.. Let's END it in the 21st.


3 years ago

Signed and to think they want a theme park there - an abomination.

3 years ago

Signed already but thanks for post John, the Taiji killing coves are sickening and barbaric just hope with the world watching they'll stop using this horrific method very soon as. Oceans without dolphins is unthinkable!!

Thank you!
3 years ago

Thank you guys! ^_^

I even asked Justin Bieber to help. lol 

3 years ago


3 years ago

These are one of the most intelligent and loving magnificient creatures. Why on earth any one wants to harm them Please STOP the butality showered upon these innocent animals. Please stop. We need their presence in this world.

3 years ago

Signed too thank you John. I can not stand this. They are monsters. How are they doing this to these magnificent creatures .I feel sick only to think about it.

3 years ago

Sorry John having problems opening some petitions, same with this one, will keep trying though.

3 years ago
you took action on October 17, 2013 

Thank you, John! 

Thank you all!
3 years ago

Thanks so much!

Wendy, I get that too at times, I'm on a mobile.  

3 years ago

Thank you! Signed!

3 years ago

Thank you! ^_^

3 years ago

had already signed, thanks for posting

dolphins say thanks
3 years ago

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