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anonymous physical Angels part 1 December 31, 2005 1:16 PM

a wonderful piece through unitynet.

6. Physical Angels


This is Sandara, your chief guide, speaking.

We are exiting the realms of Heaven and re-entering the many realms of the physical. As we do so, we are using our hyper-spatial capabilities to secure our ship to a multi-colored sheath which surrounds physicality. From this unique vantage point, we can tap into the origins and assignments of ‘that’ which we all are (physical Angels) and explore the true nature of physicality. Watch the forward screens and notice the most exquisite and varied shades of gold, silver, purple, pink, and blue. They embody the extraordinary place to which we are headed!

Lady Lyra en Lord Metatron are waiting there to come aboard and assist us as our guides. Before we reach this special destination, let me give you an brief history of physical Angels in this galaxy.

Physical Angels are the major component of the many Orders of Heaven in physical reality. They have been brought into being by the Creator to maintain physicality and provide Heaven with those vital lessons and experiences that are a most necessary part of the sacred divine plan.

Physical Angels are remarkable for their ability to reside, simultaneously, in the world of the physical and the realms of Heaven. They are the blessed Ones who give to all other unique life forms of physical reality the necessary life and information-energy fields required to exist and procreate. Physical Angels are embodied in many forms, skin colors, and size. Regardless of their particular species, each one is a dedicated advocate of the Creator’s divine plan.

About ten billion years ago, physical Angels were brought into the Milky Way Galaxy. Their initial assignment was to help the numerous orders of Elohim in shaping the planetary systems now existing in our galaxy. In this initial form, they were ethereal and completely resistant to heat, cold, or any other type of radiation that exists in physical reality. As fully-conscious Beings they were eternal. They remained in this first form for over seven billion years. When physical Angels began to inhabit the planets and star systems of this galaxy, they retained this ethereal form, changing their size from many thousands of miles (kilometers) in height to only 500 – 200 feet (152 – 95 meters ) tall. Together with the Devic kingdoms, their next assignment was to form the land, water, and sky critical to the emergence of sentient life on these millions of pre-selected worlds.

For the next two and one-half billion years, physical Angels worked with the Devas. They brought forth upon the planets of your galaxy an awesome range of electromagnetic life forms. When this project was pronounced complete, physical Angels subdivided into two specific groups. These classifications were established in order that their co-creative potential might be physically manifested when so desired. Thus, vital aspects of the divine plan were finally implanted. A protocol was then established to bring these into fruition.

The first category of physical Angels comprised the many Councils of Galactic Presences that still exist in your galaxy. This holy group’s task is to act as advisors and guides to the physical Angels. Councils are also the guardians of many essential wisdoms. Moreover, they act as liaisons among Heaven, the physical Angels, and the rest of physical reality. Since the beginning of Creation, they have carried out these divine services in joy and grace. According to your current perception, these magnificent Beings of Light are known as the many Councils of the Ascended Masters.

The second category of this protocol consists of the physical Angels themselves. The sa  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous part 2 December 31, 2005 1:24 PM

The second category of this protocol consists of the physical Angels themselves. The sacred service of this group of divine Beings is two-fold in nature. First, they work with the many divisions of the Devas or ‘planetary Elementals’ to support the continuation of Life and its diversity in a planet’s biosphere. This provides for the continuation of the planet’s food chain through the continued procreation of its life forms. Their second alignments is to assist the Local Orders of Elohim in keeping many planets and whole star systems operating at maximum efficiency. This very important assignments requires the use of special procedures and knowledge provided for them in consultations with the many Councils of Galactic Presences.

At the divine right time, a continuous exchange is set up among the Councils of Galactic Presences and the many Orders of physical Angels. This exchange permits various Galactic Presences to live among physical Angels so as to provide a better use of the innate, essential wisdom that they possess. In turn, a system has been adopted whereby, when certain physical Angels reach a desired level of acquired wisdom, they are promoted to the ranks of the Galactic Presences. This system allows a constant exchange of various co-creative intentions as well as of divine knowledge. It also serves as a suitable mechanism for the fulfillment of task assigned by Heaven through the holy decrees of the Creator.

Co-creativity is one of the primary purposes of physicality. The divine plan provides a large degree of co-creativity for those highly sentient Beings residing in the many realities of physicality. In order for their co-creativity to be manifested, these physical Beings need to have knowledge of the vital concepts of intent and pure balanced thought as well as those of integral and positive desire.

It is the compassionate duty of the numerous Councils of Galactic Presences and certain intermediary physical Angels to guide sentient physical Beings into an appropriate and constructive use of this ability. Relative to the degree that this is accomplished, the co-creative process of the divine plan can successfully unfold. This physical process of co-creation fits easily into three distinct categories.

·         The first category deals with the mass perceptions that formulate a prescribed reality. Each prescribed reality or super hologram has a unique and specific set of purposes for its existence. At best, there are temporary solutions, mere state of mind. When the divine plan permits a concept of physical reality to be modified, this procedure requires the thoughts or perceptions of a critical number of physically sentient Beings for the transformation to occur. As you can see , there needs to be a sufficient number of physical Angels and/or Galactic Presences capable of influencing just over 67 per cent of the local, physically sentient population who inhabit the reality (a unique super hologram) scheduled for transformation. Usually, one of more star-nations can reside in a given reality. Normally, this procedure needs several decades of your Earth years to transpire.

·         The second category addresses how these transformational events manifest. The major point here is that specific events are required to appear in a certain sequence. To the inexperienced observer, this sequencing can seem extremely random in nature. For example, it may involve events that happen in the past and/or future while simultaneously affecting the ‘Now’. These various procedures permit the divine plan to set in motion a stream of important tracer event. These events are able to trigger the suitable response pattern needed to complete an unfolding of the divine plan’s potential. Remember, the co-creative response mirrors what the divine plan requests in a way that satisfies the inhabitants of any reality. This process gives a sentient life form a number of potential options, thus enabling it to solve whatever problem is occurring in its ‘Now’.

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anonymous part 3 December 31, 2005 1:27 PM

·         The third category involves the natural progression of certain concepts (or innovations) to their conclusions. Through its participation in this process, a society acquires a higher image (or discernment) of itself. One of the most important concepts of physical sentiency is an awareness of your Full Self.

Inner growth (self-realization) leads to fuller comprehension of the ways in which Creation operates in physicality. This consciously acquired wisdom allows you as well as your society to assess inner growth. This examination results in an increase of creative innovation. A society in sync with the ebb and flow of Creation is organically one with the harmonic patterns of Creation. Realization of this significant process is the original basis for bestowing the four societal laws upon galactic societies.

Co-creation is so important! It permits physically sentient Beings to contribute significantly to the divine plan. It further allows sentient Beings to utilize their consciousness in a positive manner. Always keep in mind, dear hearts, that the process for this co-creation involves the intermeshing of Light and dark probabilities. The purpose of physicality is the acquisition of divine experience – knowledge. This knowledge is used to expand the wisdom of heaven. Holy wisdom is founded upon a sacred precept. Heaven exists in an ever-expansive state! Heaven requires the experience of physicality. Through its utilization of physicality, Heaven creates the wisdom needed to reveal Creation in its most divine manner.

At this time, I, Sandara, am greatly privileged to introduce to you Lord Metatron. Lord Metatron has graced us with his presence to guide our tour through this transitional space between Heaven and physicality.


Thank you, blessed Light! I am here to explain the ordering of physicality, especially the role physical Angels play in its evolution. Physicality is a collective entity. It is a facet of the Creator’s divine plan as well as a means to co-creatively affect it. You have been briefed on some of its features. You have heard a description of the purpose and presence of physical Angels in this reality. I will expand on what you have been told. During the course of this presentation, I will call upon Lady Lyra and her exceptional wisdom.

As you entered this sector of Creation, you noticed the tremendous spectrum of iridescent colors that permeates us. Its energy consists of two forms. The first is information-energy moving from Heaven to all the realities and dimensions making up physicality. This information-energy permits consciousness to unfold its potential. A second form of energy has a golden or silvery cast. It is life energy. Through it, all realities are constructed. They range from each one of you to the vast number of dimensions composing physicality. The first energy has the ability to guide the second in a creative manner. In other words, consciousness has the ability to create its own reality!

It is extremely important that you comprehend the classification of Creation’s energies. For example, you physical reality is a collective consciousness construct. An energy field, an implicitly ordered consciousness potential, exists all around you. Inside this field resides the life energy employed to create all living things. A reality’s collective agreements co-create the methods by which it forms itself using its allotted life energy. The free interaction of these two energies unfolds the full potential of this reality. The heart of the matter, dear Children, concerns awareness of how the process functions. In Creation, no reality is truly separate nor is it lacking in influence from other similar realities. Washta has already described part of this process to you. Allow me to take another tack.

Physical Creation exists within the realms of heavenly Creation. Physicality transforms Heaven as it unfolds its potential! This  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous part 4 December 31, 2005 1:31 PM

Physical Creation exists within the realms of heavenly Creation. Physicality transforms Heaven as it unfolds its potential! This alterations in Heaven is a result of the co-creative aspect of physicality. That is, physicality both mirrors and adds to heaven. Blessed Ones, observe the wondrous colors dancing around you. By doing so, you can see the ways in which heavenly energies enter a dimension and weave realities. Each reality resembles an ever-changing and completely interactive tapestry. The two types of energies (information-energy and life energy) act as its various threads. Potentials of consciousness exist within as well as outside of each reality. Observe the ways in which they interact with each other. See how the intentions and actions of consciousness alter the tapestry. Notice how similar threads cluster and then interact differently with less similar ones. Also notice how each action changes three things:

1.       the amount and type of energy employed;

2.       the interaction between similar realities, and

3.       the way dimensions react to each other.

The divine plan unfolds its sacred blueprint (the Divine WILL of the Creator) in this very dramatic fashion! As realities constantly transform, notice how Heaven is changing. It shifts its form as well as its Light. This phasing of its coherence is due to the myriad energy exchanges between Heaven and physicality. This is how Creation works!

Creation is a living being of the Creator! From it midst has sprung the impeccable order you now see before you. All of you are, indeed, part of this amazing unfolding of divine potential. You each have a vital role to play. It is both your collective and your individual consciousness that create each physical reality. Moreover, consciousness scripts the drama of each physical reality. Your noble, integral actions permit Heaven to unfold physicality’s sacred divine plan. Your intentions create every reality in physicality!

The many Orders of Heaven that exist in physicality have a crucial task to perform. As noted previously, dear Ones, this task involves providing Heaven with the essential experiences needed to unfold the potential of the divine plan. By so doing, the Councils and Administrations of Heaven reveal the divine plan. This interaction between Heaven and physicality co-creates as directed by the divine WILL of the Creator. The process is an ongoing one, permitting all areas of heaven to enjoy creative input into the actual procedures decreed by the Creator. This particular method of creative process provides a vital element to the sixth Creation.

To mediate between Heaven and physical reality remains one of the physical Angels’ most fundamental tasks. It involves an extremely close relationship between the Devic kingdoms and the local Orders of Elohim, the weavers of each dimension’s conscious potential. Physical Angels encourage and support planetary and solar Devas. In additional, they aid the Elohim in maintaining and transforming the entire solar system. These aspects of their divine service require the use of special liaison abilities.

Th  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous part5 December 31, 2005 1:33 PM

These abilities permit them to align themselves with the distinctive energies or frequencies inherent in that solar system. Each planet and every star has a specifically encoded magnetic and gravitational signature. This prime harmonic is maintained within the sympathetic vibrations of its nearby neighbors. Likewise, every galaxy possesses an characteristic song maintaining its inner numerous wonders.

The duties pf physical Angels revolve around this holy task of sustaining the resonance (structural coherence) of physical reality (see figure 18). This process implies that two divine duties are accomplished.

First, there is a balancing of those life and information-energies entering and exiting from their parts of reality into Heaven. This is graciously achieved under the divine guidance of the many Councils of Galactic Presences. They provide assurance that the dimensional flux walls in their vicinity are working properly and/or are being adjusted correctly by those Angels assigned to this task.

Secondly, these dive Councils of Galactic Presences guide the local Elohim in adjusting this energy to the correct harmonics of an affected planet or star. Once they have accomplished this, it becomes possible to work with the Devas.

I shall now introduce Lady Lyra. It will be her pleasure to explain to you the responsibilities of the Elohim in these matters.

Salutations, dear, precious Ones! We of the Order of Elohim are the creator Beings of Heaven and physicality. We weave realities and assist in the unfolding of Creation. This requires us to depend for assistance upon certain Orders of the Angelic realms freely assigned to these physical domains. As we proceed, we continually liaise with you and with your reality’s Devas. We accomplish this interaction by constantly checking physicality’s coherence and by acting as any reality’s ‘dissonance gatekeeper’. Forming and circulating energies is our forte! This process, in part, permits us to supervise the great works of the Devas.

The Devas are in charge of the inner workings of a planet’s biosphere. They regulate the life and information-energies Heaven has given to the planet by transmitting these energies to the planet’s diverse life forms. Devas also direct a planet’s food chain. The Devic council (of any animal or plant species) ‘overlights’ the process by which any individual living plant or animal in the biosphere lives or dies. Devas take their divine work very joyously! They feel extremely blessed when they enjoy the assistance of physical Angels.

Physical Angels permit the Devic kingdom to enter the sacred realm of co-creativity! Physical Angels create galactic societies that assist the Devas in co-creatively operating their planet’s biosphere. These continual exchanges with physical Angels provide innovative, creative solutions that are necessary for a planet’s biosphere to exist in optimum balance.

Dearly blessed Ones, physical Angels are deeply involved in maintaining the balance of both the planet and the biosphere that they inhabit. Their concerns also extend to the Sun and the other planets that make up their solar system. This involvement is total, requiring the constant guidance and astute wisdom of the Galactic Presences. Hence, there is a continuous reciprocal flow among Devas, Galactic Presences, and physical Angels.




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anonymous furthermore 6 December 31, 2005 1:35 PM

This sacred divine service ensures equilibrium to physical reality and allows any celestial body to grow in accordance with the divine plan. Divine exchange with the Devas permits physicality to work its wonderfully ordered magic upon physical Angels. It gives physical Angels the experiences and lessons that Creation sincerely requests of them.

The Orders of Elohim are in divine partnership with you, physicality’s co-creators. We have come to construct these realms with the purpose of unfolding Creation and honoring the Creator’s divine plan. These actions represent our commitment to the fulfillment of our divine purpose. Everything that you do, say, think, or even hear, invites experience and garners lessons for you and every Being in your reality. They also serve another purpose. Each action allows you to establish the way a physical reality in which you reside unfolds. These events act as a gauge measuring your progress in realizing your potential. Remember, every reality is a collective endeavor and any transformation of it begins initially with one’s self.

Physicality is an illusion. It is a particular mirror state formed by the holy Creator for the sole purpose of carrying out the divine plan of this sixth Creation. As such, it is a locale where heaven has permitted a certain degree of preconditioned realities to exist. The profound importance of physicality lies in these preconditions. Physical sentiency is merely a subset of previous agreed-upon conditions.

These preconditions exist as a number of scenarios on how fully-sentient physical life forms can be created. These scenarios range widely from a myriad potential evolutionary processes to one that is utterly random or chaotic in its operation. The first series is the norm for over 99 per cent of sentient life in your galaxy while the second is in process on fewer than 100 of the planets in your galaxy.

One of these 100 exceptional planets is your own dear Mother Earth. Your Earth is one of the most remarkable planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. It supports practically every form of life found in your galaxy and enjoys one of the most unique combinations of water, land, and sky to be found anywhere.

This magnificent planet is home to a most fascinating situation: the loss and, finally, the regaining of full consciousness by a very special collection of physical Angels. These wondrous Beings originated in  all parts of your galaxy. They represent a most marvelous cross-section of sentient physical life forms. The particular life form selected for this ‘situation’ is called ‘Homo Sapiens’ of ‘Human Beings’. During the past eleven millennia, Human Beings have continuously incarnated into an environment that is detrimental to the overall well being of their planet and, especially, of themselves. You, dear Ones, currently exist in a limited state of consciousness with its associated amnesia. This lamentable condition has robbed you of any recognition of who you really are. In your present condition, you can be easily manipulated. Our divine project is to facilitate your transformation back into your truly spectacular selves. Earth’s physical Angels have a very important role to play in this galaxy. They are the key to a permanent galactic harmony.

Mother Earth’s amazing diversity of life is one of the most extensive in the Milky Way Galaxy. Yet, in your present limited consciousness state, you are destroying this most precious jewel. Moreover, in your own misguided way, you are continually replacing natural Earth environments with artificial and highly toxic ones.

Your planetary society is filled with a vast pathology which includes hate, jealousy, avarice, and petty manipulations. Yet, love, compassion, and a general caring for each other and for your planetary biosphere still manage to exist. This paradoxical state of affairs is due to the fact that your general amnesia does have some cracks in it. It is these few ‘cracks’ that we are employing to assist your rapid restoration to full consciousness.

When we began this chapter of your journey, we discussed the numerous special roles played by physical Angels to maintain th  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous 7 December 31, 2005 1:38 PM

When we began this chapter of your journey, we discussed the numerous special roles played by physical Angels to maintain their home-worlds, its accompanying solar system, as well as all of physical Creation. In addition, they serve as Heaven’s ‘wayshowers’ by freely giving to Heaven those experiences and the wisdom encountered while in physicality.

In the case of Earth’s humans, a most fascinating ‘genetic situation’ is underway. Remember, dear Ones, you are presently limited conscious Beings still possessing all the accouterments of fully-conscious Beings. These things are just lying about in you in a dormant state. This limited conscious RND/DNA is being restored by us through a massive and continuous dose of pure, open Love, thereby helping to create a firm compassion in yourselves for your biosphere and your wondrously beautiful planet. This process is likewise causing your amnesia to rapidly dissipate and the truth of this ever-changing situation to become known to all. It permits each of your true Life purposes to be revealed to yourselves and to your society.

While this complex process is underway, another group of very special physical Angels – the Earth’s cetaceans – has been filling in for you. These gentle denizens of the Earth’s waters have been making use of their vast knowledge or Earth’s harmonics. That knowledge has allowed many species of animal en plant life to procreate in either the Northern or the Southern Hemispheres during each Spring season.

This operation is mainly carried out by two cetacean varieties – the Humpback and the Blue Whale. These gigantic creatures are really quite sentient and are completely committed to protecting the Earth’s biosphere. Their firm commitment has led them into contact with humans who have caused the near-extinction of their species.

Cetaceans are highly sentient Beings whose physical origins are quite different to trace. In any case, they are now residents of your planet and fully grasp the important role they are currently playing. Cetaceans sincerely understand their special responsibility as mediators between Heaven and Earth. They accept the fact that humans exist in the world in a weird, imbalanced state of reality that threatens their own. They also know that the histories, which they carry with them, are important for a restoration to full consciousness of the planet’s other group of physical Angels – Earth’s humans.

Currently, you are in the midst of the great changes to which we have alluded. These massive transformations have begun to make humans more aware of their responsibilities to Mother Earth and her biosphere. Nonetheless, your present population has had its concepts of reality shaped by an idea first originated by evolutionary biology depicting Earth as a savage and hostile place.

On the contrary, Earth is a place of exquisite beauty! This beauty has been raped and pillaged again and again by your society’s economic and politic elites. Planet earth is alive, and she is a precious Being, a most special life form! She is a living Being who, at this present time, forgives the illusions of her children and seeks to birth them into a better reality.

The current rekindling of this lost love between humans and their precious Mother earth is a major sign that the veil of amnesia is being lifted. The vehicle by which this is being accomplished is called the science of ecology.

Ecology, dear Ones, is more than just a science. It represents an ardent and compassionate part of your reality. Life is Creation’s most valuable possession. You learn about the nature and wonder of physicality from physical life’s many forms.

Physicality is a marvelous fantasy! It is shaped by mass will into practically whatever is desired. Those forms favored by the divine plan are the easiest and most appetizing! In spite of this, most of you have consistently chosen those forms or paths which are the most difficult to swallow. At first glance, you seem to be plunged rather  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous 8 December 31, 2005 1:39 PM

Physicality is a marvelous fantasy! It is shaped by mass will into practically whatever is desired. Those forms favored by the divine plan are the easiest and most appetizing! In spite of this, most of you have consistently chosen those forms or paths which are the most difficult to swallow. At first glance, you seem to be plunged rather willy nilly down a collision course leading to your certain extinction. Yet, you are destined to survive and be restored graciously to your Full Selves!

We need now to take into account the progress of this unprecedented project in consciousness restoration we have been described to you. It is also necessary for you to gauge the efficacy of Mother Earth’s present support system. These two essential operations are intimately connected to each other. Therefore, with an eye toward your intended future reality, let us give you a progress report. As we do, we sincerely request that you envision what is happening on your planet as a marvelous adventure as well as a truly remarkable experience to be enjoyed by all!

Humans on Earth are physical Angels who originated from many places throughout the galaxy. All of you are participating in an amazing scenario that involves your total immersion in limited consciousness. The dark forces brought about this state of affairs over twelve millennia ago with the purpose of enslaving humanity.

Their course of action only partially succeeded. It left you with the ability to be effortlessly returned to full consciousness at the right divine moment. This capacity is part of the co-creative function of physicality. Its purpose is to demonstrate to heaven the profound resiliency of physical Angels. All through the millennia, it has graced you with many exceptional experiences as well as countless fundamental lessons. The time is rapidly approaching, dear Ones, to release this scenario and manifest a totally new and different reality.

In order to return you to full consciousness, a series of important spiritual intentions has been put forth by one of the highest Councils of Heaven – de Council of Oryon. These intentions currently require pure, balanced, integral thought in order to be manifested in physicality. Pure balanced, integral thought follows intention organically. Intention also leads the local Spiritual Hierarchy to begin to balance your sector of Creation. This process, which the Spiritual Hierarchy guides so lovingly, has created an immense warp in space/time. This warp permits your physical reality to be modified. It opens up co-creative opportunities for the Councils of Galactic Presences. Their intentions allow the pure, balanced thoughts of Heaven to enter into this realm of physicality.

As these various elements flow into your reality, blessed Hearts, they breach the protocols of the existing limited consciousness scenario. This activity permits a series of amended protocols to be issued. These innovative decrees allow your reality to be vastly altered. Simultaneously, there is established a new timeline for Earth and her most precious charges - humanity. These dynamic forces insert fresh variables into the new reality that can be co-creatively manifested. Ultimately, those procedures necessary to the release of your present limitations are established, and thus, your true and fully-conscious selves can be made manifest. In this way, your future is being altered to place it in alignment with the Creator’s divine plan!

As this process occurs, Elementals from the Devic kingdom (with the assistance of your local Spiritual Hierarchy and many Councils of Galactic Presences) have begun to return Earth to its fully-conscious state. The process permits the many Orders of Time Lord to sketch out a timeline more in keeping with the divine plan. This co-creation further accelerates the awaking procedures for Earth’s extremely repressed physical Angels. Your expanding consciousness field allows the Galactic Federation of Light to move its personnel into a position to assist Spirit in the completion of its task. This collaborative action leads to further expansion of the consciousness field. In fact, it increases its acceleration by another hundred-fold.

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anonymous 9 December 31, 2005 1:42 PM

As the consciousness field builds, it expands ever-outward around your beautiful, blue planet. This process, dear hearts, causes the mutation procedures in your physical bodies to quicken. This divine action in turn releases even more spiritual energy into your reality, leading to a greater ‘knowing’ by Earth’s humanity that their present reality is quickly failing. Your global society needs to be reconstituted shortly. This burgeoning growth in consciousness releases an enormous number of chaotic energies. The purpose of these energies is to emphasize the shortcomings of your current reality. A diverse number of critical viewpoints can now begin to spring forth. The range form a fundamental return to ‘traditional values’ to expressions of new perceptions about your reality. These viewpoints often clash. In the end, though, they lead to an evolution of consciousness that blends them into a completely new set of societal values. This procedure usually necessitates about a century or two to ‘shake-out’. You shall complete it in less than three decades. Remember that these critical moments were seeded in the late 1970s.

You are beginning to fathom your immense spiritual power. As physical Angels, you have the ability to co-create your physical reality. You can oversee the physical and spiritual soundness of your beloved planet and its precious biosphere. The elders and shamans of your indigenous peoples presently fulfill this vital responsibility. Their sacred task is to network with each other and with your global society.

The linking of their tremendous knowledge continues to preserve their cultures and their tribal lands. This sacred operation puts even more information-energy into society’s ‘re-membrances’ (ancestral memories). This activity is increasing the expansion of the consciousness field, augmenting its potential, by yet another hundred-fold.

In the early 1970s, at the start of your Ascension process, the cetaceans began to use their yearly Earthsong to set up a physical intention. That intention, dear Ones, allows for the divine intervention of Heaven and other enlightened star-nations. In their full consciousness, the cetaceans know that the time has arrived for this holy call. Each species of cetaceans has implemented its song as a co-creative part of the divine plan.

This procedure acts as a foundation on which the indigenous elders and shamans base their work. It assists them to bring more of Spirit here. The actions of these two sets of Beings (the cetaceans and the indigenous shamans) are co-creating a new reality for their kin and for your global society. This spiritual underpinning grows enormously as each new part of the Ascension process is implemented! In fact, these developing parts are interconnected, like so many pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Dear hearts, your present reality is quickly eroding. This process is awaking your spiritual self, allowing your subtle or Light Body to integrate itself with your physical body. This union of Spirit and matter brings you into direct contact with your Full Self. It can also permit you to link yourself spiritually with others. The compulsion to do so comes from the very core of your being.

This sacred urge has brought about some magnificent global interaction in your society for Love, harmony and union with your brethren. It is awakening in each of you your responsibility to Mother Earth. It is opening you up to great awe and respect for the phenomenal diversity of life collectively participating in Mother Earth’s biosphere. This transformation of your consciousness also has a number of other, important ramifications.

First, you are developing the means to look at your planet in entirely new and different ways. They include the perception of Mother Earth as a living Being and the need to view her biosphere as truly very fragile and in need of tremendous nourishment and care. You are becoming ‘response-able’ and are recognizing the need to provide healing to your Mother – planet Earth. Dear Ones, you finally understand how connected each part of life is to every other.

Every living thing  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous 10 December 31, 2005 1:44 PM

Every living thing contains within it a part of us. In you dwells a part of every living thing. Without question, this fact validates the beliefs of traditional or indigenous peoples. Moreover, it extends the sanctity of life to all Beings of this most marvelous planet. Mother Earth is an extraordinarily complex organism, and you are a major component of her biosphere.

Second, you now have a greater awareness of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Each day, you search for the truth about these heavenly Beings. Lately, many people have been getting in touch with the innate relationship of Spirit to matter. They are seeing that death denotes more than an ending. Death is merely another distinct aspect of your immortal spiritual existence. All facets of your life are interconnected. Within all of you burns a deep desire to perceive the ways in which the spiritual benefits the physical. Spirit becomes a focal point, shining the light on your true ‘hu-man being-ness’. It leads, at long last, to your discovery of the role that you are meant to play in the game of life.

Third, your inner process is testament to your changing body. You now feel strongly that something truly grand is underway. You are beginning to realize that modern medicine has little ability to identify your afflictions. You seem to have a mysterious illness, a strange intermittent pain in your organs, perhaps just an odd fatigue or a symptom that doctors are unable to pinpoint.

Still, you intuitively feel that what you are experiencing is absolutely real. You are bewildered and wonder how orthodox medicine can seem so oblivious to your distress. Your concerns lead you to alternative medicine, to the realms of herbs, potions, crystals, and healers. In this alternative world, you discover a whole new paradigm. This breakthrough opens to you an innovative world of healing, empowering thoughts, and ideas.

Fourth, this integration of your mind, body, and Spirit is leading you to discuss ‘far out’, unorthodox subjects with your friends. Surprisingly, you found yourself debating things that in the past you will otherwise have felt quite strange in discussing. A connection is forming among you and others who have always hesitated to express themselves in this way.

The novel conversations occurring among you are opening up ‘new eyes’ with which to view your world afresh. Despite initial apprehension, you forge on, ascertaining the truth of your intuition. You and your planet are being transformed! You know at last how profound are the deeds of Spirit, yet you still wonder at the extent of such changes in your lifetime.

We have described the manner in which most people discover that something profound is happening. They have also read the works of many of your bestselling authors. This search is about knowing Spirit. We call it the ‘quiet evolution of your soul’. This evolutionary process is occurring right now in all cultures and to all people on your planet. The more intuitive ones feel it in their hearts and wonder how to respond to it. The reaction of many of your people is to unwittingly embrace denial. Yet, denial is a gift with the capacity to be transformed, using just a little bit of logic mixed with a great deal of Love. Your planet’s society is on a ‘quest’ for its new identity and for answers to its many heart-felt questions.

As you search, dear Ones, trust in your hearts that you are really and truly physical Angels. Earth’s humanity on a deep spiritual level sincerely understands its current plight as well as its true essence. The local Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light are guiding you to discover the ways in which you can assist us. Our sacred purpose is to transform your present limited reality into an illimitable one!

At the heart of this matter lies the task of educating your global populace. This crucial education concerns an awareness of your inherent powers as physical Angels. It will teach you the integral use of these divine gifts that can and need to be used to liberate humanity from its current limited existence. This procedure is the fulcrum, pivoting Earth’s humanity toward their true reality as physical Angels.  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous 11 December 31, 2005 1:45 PM

We propose a solution – the formation of a global network of Light (linked consciousness). This global network has been established already around key information nodes called Planetary Activation Groups. PAGs are currently operational in many communities throughout your globe. They have a two-fold purpose:

·         First, PAGs inform their communities about the many spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional transformations now taking place. PAGs function as support groups that assist their communities in mastering (solving) these issues.

·         Second, PAGs connect as many like-minded groups as possible. They inform their linked associates of events, both local and global. This educational process leads to many community projects. The community, in implementing these projects, is guided toward creative, innovative solutions to many problems. (For more information on this particular subject, please see “Selamat Ja!”, our handbook on Planetary Activation Groups, in the back of this book.)

As you begin to ‘re-member’ who you are, planetary guardianship becomes one of your major responsibilities. The cetaceans provide a model of guardianship you can benefit from by observing (see figure 19).



Through the use of their rituals, their song and their travels (migrations). Cetaceans vivify the biosphere. Whale song has been found throughout all the oceans of the world. The actions of whale song are found throughout the skies of the world. Even in the deepest parts of Africa, the Americas , Asia and Europe , the Devas of sky, earth, and water have joyously received the song of the cetaceans. Your world’s tribal shamans have full knowledge of its great energies. This wise women and men are well aware that whale song creates necessary, life-sustaining resonance. During every winter in each hemisphere on your planet, the whales’ songs bring forth a new and glorious life cycle.

Dear Ones, guardianship is akin to spiritual stewardship. You are the principal element in a huge, cascading chain of life. This chain consists not only o animals and plants but also of rocks, water, and sky. Aspects of the Devic kingdom exist in each one of them. Every constituent of Mother Earth works with every other in a very special way to create the great and continuous cycle of life that surrounds you.

Long ago, the cetaceans and Mother Earth invited you to these shores. The cetaceans recognized your potential to be effective spiritual guardians and have given you a means to become so. More than knowing the importance of the environment, you need to understand the divine guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy. You might ask how one truly understands and obeys the divine guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

You know this through being open to your inner vision, trough practicing positive intentional ritual, and trough listening to the intuitive life force that exists within all of you. These are the vital concepts of Love and of the Light. They form the basis for you to begin to comprehend more fully the integral actions required to transform you into skill-full stewards of this Earth.

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anonymous 12 December 31, 2005 1:47 PM

This system, the chain of life, lies at the heart of all events on Mother earth. You are finally beginning to understand this process. You are presently on the verge of discovering your true purpose here: to complete a sacred triad of spiritual guardianship – cetacean + human + local Spiritual Hierarchy. Your purpose for being on this planet is a divine one!

Cetaceans, humans, and the local Spiritual Hierarchy create a life sphere of elegance and of Light. They bring Earth’s energies into focus while adding their own wondrous energies to the mix. Image planets as being more than simply three-dimensional objects orbiting a star until the star’s cycle of life brings that planet’s life to an end. This narrow, purely material perspective is hardly a workable context for a guardian species to embrace. All things in this universe have a specific purpose. You are only just now beginning to understand your true purpose as Human Beings.

Remember that you are spiritual guardians of Light, of Love, and of consciousness. You are physical Angels! Mother Earth stands poised at the threshold of a vast spiritual restoration. It is awaking you to who and what you are. You are the spiritual guardians of this most beautiful blue planet.

You are planetary co-creators with Mother Earth’s other guardians, the cetaceans. In stepping into your destined role, you are accomplishing this necessary feat. You are claiming your place in the vast Spiritual Hierarchy – the Orders of heaven that create, guide, and sustain you. It is your sacred mission to bring these various spiritual ideas and concepts to you, allowing you to be aware of the marvelous processes surrounding and supporting you.


Thank you, Lady Lyra and Lord Metatron, for imparting to us your most marvelous information. Fellow Lights, please look at the forward monitors, and you will see that we are passing over the very edge of physicality! Our subsequent destination will be the headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light. Hence, we are now headed for the star system of Vega in the Lyran Constellation. We ask that you remain seated during the next series of operational procedures. If you have any questions, post them on your terminal. Our in-flight personnel will gladly provide you with the answers.


Questions & Answers

Q: You have mentioned a divine Being named Lord Metatron. Exactly what is Lord Metatron’s role in the manifestation of physical Creation in this galaxy?

A: Lord Metatron is one of the divine Beings who sit at the base of the Almighty Throne of the Holy Creator. He is responsible for revealing the divine plan that is included in the sixth Creation. The holy Orders of heaven refer to it in fact as ‘Lord Metatron’s Creation’. Lord Metatron has issued a number of special decrees concerning the Milky Way Galaxy. These mandates empower our local and galactic heavenly Administrations with extra dispensations of divine Grace and holy Compassion so that they can successfully carry out their aspects of the divine plan.

Q: You have discussed physical Angels. How does their experience empower them to learn from physicality?

A: Each physical lifetime has a specific purpose or objective. In each incarnation, one’s soul purpose, experience, and goal are different. Each of your lives permits heaven to get a ‘fix’ on how physicality operates. From these experiences, which you and others give to Heaven, the high Councils of Heaven can establish their strategies to  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous 13 December 31, 2005 1:49 PM

A: Each physical lifetime has a specific purpose or objective. In each incarnation, one’s soul purpose, experience, and goal are different. Each of your lives permits heaven to get a ‘fix’ on how physicality operates. From these experiences, which you and others give to Heaven, the high Councils of Heaven can establish their strategies to carry out the divine plan. In effect, you have become the means for heaven to understand the workings of that illusory realm called physicality.

Q: How intimate is the relationship between the Councils of Galactic Presences and their charges – physical Angels?

A: Galactic Presences (ascended Masters) are closely linked to physical Angels and constantly observe them. The many Councils of Galactic Presences evaluate every aspect of physical life. Each Council supports sacred blessings and intentions that are constantly being conveyed to its physical Angels. In addition, many of the Councils welcome as new members those physical Angels whose many lifetimes haven been exemplary. This holy procedure ensures both the Councils and those physical Angels a close connection. It also allows their council’s evaluations to remain timely.

Q: Physical Angels are sentient Beings who form galactic societies. What does love and companionship look like in these societies?

A: In galactic societies, the Law of the Two governs these processes. Physical Angels realize that they are a physical embodiment of Love. Sexual procreation is one way in which to express this deep physical Love. Divine companionship assists a physical Angels in achieving her/his life’s objective or purpose.

Love of a special companion (soulmate) can maximize one’s fullest potential while in physical incarnation. Bear in mind that during each incarnate lifetime an entire range of fulfillment in physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional experiences is garnered. During each lifetime, physical love, in its highest stages of evolution, assists one in her/his soul growth.

Q: What is a soulmate?

A: Soulmates are those people who are your complement. They provide a way to your oneness. In a special way, they guide you to intimate physical and mental growth. On Sirius, a soulmate is called a ‘closeness’. The living ‘energy being’ that you both create is called a ‘Shree’.

To help you to better understand this concept, let us explain. There is a primary or main closeness – the soulmate. Late in your adolescence (50s to early 70), your personal counselor chooses for you a secondary closeness for two purposes.

First, she/he enables you to comprehend the nature of relationships more fully and to learn about the power of sexuality. Second, she/he allows you to prepare for the immense and ever-present challenges and joys that unfold in the Law of the Two. A fundamental book of guidelines and protocols in Sirian culture pertains to a 'closeness’ and to your ‘primary closeness’.

Q: Will we keep the partners we have now?

A: That depends upon the purposes and intentions of the two current partners after they become fully conscious. At that time, they can make agreements with each other concerning the most effective way to fulfill each of their destinies. Then, too, we will have the ability to change and alter our bodies, to rejuvenate ourselves physically, and live longer. We will know at that point if our current partner is in right relationship to our soul purpose. So the question becomes, “Who is the person who can best as  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous 14 December 31, 2005 1:51 PM

Who is the person who can best assist me to achieve my life purpose?

Q: Is there anything special that we can do to prepare for this change?

A: Just go within and trust. As life and information-energies around the planet increase, consciousness rises. You ‘ll begin to more accurately interpret your inner knowledge about everyone and everything. This inner clarity is a precursor to what will happen when the next level (full consciousness) is attained.

People who are healers right now will be the counselors. They are to be trained in facilitating these important procedures. They can then fully utilize the creative healing energies they already generate. Sirians identify the process of sexuality, especially its orgasmic component, as being the ‘knowledge section’ of soul growth. They feel that the higher levels of the Akashic records are opened to those souls who are able to perform intentional sexual ritual. As soon as the Galactic Federation of Light and Angelic counselors join you, they can provide more counseling on this process.

Q: You mentioned that sexuality is a tool for obtaining special knowledge from the Akashic records. Just how is this done?

A: When two persons who are a ‘primary closeness’ to each other engage in sexual intimacy, the prime intent is to climax the woman only after they perform a series of long and specific exercises. These exercises accomplish two things.

First, these disciplines merge the life and information-energy fields of the two Beings. At that point, the Beings are enabled to weave a special pattern with their golden crown life energy. They also entwine each other’s silvery life energy from their divine source to the very core of their sacred home-worlds.

Second, the energy is used to open a sacred door that lies between the records of Heaven and physicality. These two aspects are accomplished before the woman’s climax or multiple orgasm (which last from one-half to over a full hour) begin. At that point, a special harmony, a very specific coherence pattern between the two is attained which causes the entrance to the Akashic to swing open. The couple’s special Angelic guardians then lead them onto a sacred path. In this journey, the woman’s orgasms are the vehicle (its prime energy body) while the man’s are the guide (its navigator and pilot) to the amazing sources of knowledge and wisdom to be found in the Akashic.

Q: How important is sexuality to human galactic society, and is there any specific code to guide its conduct?

A: In human galactic society, sexuality is expressed in an atmosphere of openness, freedom, and playfulness. Most importantly, sexual behavior respects the sovereignty of the individual. Lovemaking is a sacred act. It is part of a ‘closeness’ expressed mainly with the advice and guidance of assigned counselors. It is designed to assist you in discovering rare and precious knowledge about yourself and about the other.

Moreover, sexuality represents an alchemical process in which spiritual and physical become One. It involves a great number of special rites and prescribed rituals and in all cases is designed to explore a unique set of experiences vital to inner growth. Sexuality provides a potent tool for assisting you to finally appreciate the true nature of physical reality. It bestows another extremely precious gift – the power to bring another soul (your child) into physicality. This ability allows you and other members of your extended pod to guide a Human Being from childhood into adulthood.

Q: You ‘ve  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]

anonymous final piece December 31, 2005 1:53 PM

: You ‘ve talked about the roles of physical Angels. How can we assist in creating the caliber of society and individuals you have described?

A: We can come together and form the Worldwide Web of Light (network of globally-connected consciousness). Clearly, the information of Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) in your local community can be a major determinant in the successful construction of this web of Light.

Q: What are Planetary Activation Groups?

A: Planetary Activation groups (PAGs) consist of people who have come together with the purpose of experiencing the great law of unity we have been discussing. They choose to support each other in increasing individual and group self-esteem. They help each other seek and find personal sovereignty. They learn to network their integral personal truths effectively to the rest of their community.

Planetary Activation Groups assist Mother Earth and her people to reach full consciousness. In addition, PAGs help to create the many consciousness-raising and support centers being set up more and more around the planet. PAGs are the nucleus around which our new galactic society is forming. Another major purpose in forming Planetary Activation Groups is to use their collective energies to co-create this coming new reality. Here, remember, one phrase that easily expresses this – just do it! Initially, some can only contribute their talents part-time while others can choose to volunteer more. To develop PAGs successfully, the key is to get started. Make a commitment, then fulfill it and recommit yourself continually!

Make efficacious use of the information that is given to you. Use your own inner guidance. Create your Planetary Activation Groups in Love and Joy! Fill them with that great passion that is inside you. Your purpose is to link your group along with other like-minded groups into a global network of Light! Then use this Light grid of connected consciousness purposefully, and make the new reality more than a mere possibility.

Initially, this system’s success requires a firm commitment to link with one another and to support one another. Use the information available through this communication system. Network it to people in your community and help them to understand its vast and powerful implications. Most people deeply desire to be fully supported in the transformation of their consciousness. In the twenty-first century, Human Beings need to learn about and appreciate the powerful influences that these many physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional transformations are having on them. If you need any assistance in organizing Planetary Activation Groups, contact us at our website address –


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