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3 years ago

TAKE ACTION: Support Tax-Based Comprehensive Healthcare

Millions of people in America are without any sort of basic health insurance coverage, and even those that have it often still cannot afford treatment when they need it the most. While the Federal Healthcare Reform Act of 2012 did attempt to get more Americans covered by health insurance, it failed to recognize that many people cannot afford to pay high rates and deductibles that are a part of American standards, and those who have even the most comprehensive healthcare still face the fear of reaching a lifetime cap or being dropped should some serious illness arise.

Almost all developed countries rank above the United States in health-related measurements. England’s National Health Service provides healthcare, both primary and long-term, to all permanent residents of the United Kingdom, free at the point of use and paid for through a national general tax. While most people in the country chose to use the public healthcare, private and other alternative options are available for those who want them. English people have longer life expectancy and the country sees lower infant mortality rates, and all for a substantially lower cost per person than we see in the United States.

While the American government has attempted to improve healthcare by granting more people access to it, they have failed so far to recognize those with healthcare who still cannot afford treatments. If healthcare where actually accessible to every person in this country, we would see a very quick and very dramatic increase in the quality of care and the quality of living. Tell the US Congress to support comprehensive tax-based healthcare and give all people, rich and poor, a chance at a healthy and happy life.

healthcare for all
3 years ago

Amen, I am one of these millions. Vote for Obama or we will be right back where we wre before he took office.

3 years ago


health care
3 years ago

Beverly wrote a deeply moving article that I agree with 100%! This election is so important! The health care is a major issue that I agree with!! The other side is unthinkable. VOTE!!

3 years ago

Signed,i agree health care is a major issue.Everyone should have the right to treatment
reach or poor.Thanks Beverly great article.

3 years ago

Thanks Beverly, this article was heart-felt and informative. I suffer from chronic pancreatitis and a slew of other health problems, and I have no access to proper medical care. Sure I can go to my local health department, but my problems are to severe for them to deal with. So since 2005 I have been in and out of the hospital with no real treatment. I hope the rest of America can hear the voices of people like me who desperately need a change in healthcare. We all deserve life, and in one of the most medically advanced countries no one should die because of finances. I will be voting the same as I do every election year, and I'll hope Obama can pull in another victory.

3 years ago

Thank you all for your lovely responses.  I truly believe in the richest country in the world there is no reason, no excuse for anyone going without the very basics of living, especially health care. 

3 years ago

Obama is the man with the plan. Having had MRSA in 2011 I know that non-profit hospitals are required to give away so much in free care. If you end up in the hospital ask about charity funding, You will be given forms to fill out. While it doesn't pay the drs., it does relief you of being slapped down by a big hospital bill. Why this is kept such a big secret is anyone's guess.

3 years ago


3 years ago

 Well Said Beverly

3 years ago

The GOP acts as if we are wanting a handout as they sit up there and collect their taxpayer-paid health benefits.  Isn't it their job to take care of and look out for the constituents who sent them to D.C.? 

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