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Hello my new friends...
3 years ago

Hay. I'am Marcus from slo. I'am big animal lovers, specialy cat's. Today i'am proud, that i'am member of this group. Group which fights against bears torturers. Today i join second group against chinese. I must ask my self and all members, help me to understand, what is wrong with this chinese people? Why they doing this? I do not understand their behaviors. For me, this is ripping my heart and my soul cry and screams in the name of tortured animals. I'am so fuel of anger, resentment and i will not TOLERATE this totaly ignorant criminals. Are they really so ignorant? Is this taught from generation to generation? What is forcing them to do these horrific acts? And, what we can do, to STOP them doing this TODAY!!!? How we can help these great and beautiful animals, exept sign petitions for them? Bothering me lately that would have done something, what they are doing them. I will be glad tortured them, like they tortured animals. Without any sense of guilt. If I had the means (resources),that i can went to china, to find these criminals, and i do, what they do to criminals... I really would avenge all these living beings with the same degree of torture... I'AM SO ANGRY, I AM FULL OF HATRED to this torturers. I'm really full of rage... really...I really hope, that our group will grow faster, bigger and stronger, that we can fight and do things like boycot and many others, against china country. I'am proud, that i'am strong link in this chain, strong, true, honest chain, which help these wonderful human beings. Thank you all in this group, that you welcomed me. Let's do everything in our power, that an end to this senseless behavior of Chinese people to these animals.. On behalf of all the suffering of bears to thank everyone for their support and registration in our group. Unity is strength. Marcus P. W.

3 years ago

Nice to see you Marcus and welcome.

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