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4 years ago

DEAR FRIENDS: WE NEED TO PRESSURE THE MALAYSIAN AUTHORITIES TO MOVE QUICKLY ON LOCATING, ARRESTING AND PROSECUTING SUSHI'S TORTURERS. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY LETTER BELOW. FEEL FREE TO MODIFY IT AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN, AND OF COURSE, ADD YOUR NAME TO THE BOTTOM. THEN COPY, PASTE, AND SEND IT ASAP TO THE THREE EMAILS BELOW! LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! LET ME KNOW WHEN THEY ARE SENT! PLEASE SHARE AND CROSS POST! FOR SUSHI,THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART. MICHELLE Datuk Dr. Aziz Jamaluddin Director General of Veterinary Services (60) 3-88702001 (60) 3-88886051 (fax) Tan Sri Ismail Omar Inspector General of Royal Malaysian Police (60) 3-2266 2222 (60) 3-2070 7500 (fax) Datuk Seri Ahmad Fuad Bin Ismail Mayor of Kuala Lumpur (60) 3-2617 9064 (60) 3-2692 9898 (fax) I am contacting you to express my extreme outrage over the vicious, sadistic, brutal torture and beating of a small poodle named Sushi in Malaysia. The video stick displaying the beating was found at a mall in Malaysia and posted on YouTube. To date, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have seen the video and are horrified at this egregious and wanton display of animal cruelty. I speak on behalf of these many thousands of outraged viewers. We demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of the man who tortured and beat the dog, named Alan Tan, the arrest and prosecution of the dog owner, named Doreen Loo, the arrest and prosecution of the individual who taped the beating, and the arrest and prosecution of those in attendance who participated as voyeurs of this horrific animal cruelty and never once intervened. According to PETA ASIA PACIFIC and other internet sources, the whereabouts of Sushi's owner and the man who tortured the pup on video have been located, and they are actively displaying pictures of the tortured dog Sushi as well a new dog on Facebook, yet you have done NOTHING to criminalize and prosecute these abusers! To date Sushi has not been found. In the mean time, it appears another dog has been captured by these fiends and likely is being subjected to the same abuse! These individuals should not be difficult to find, as their pictures are displayed throughout the horrific video and are posted for public viewing on Facebook. The dog beater in question has distinguishable tattoos on his arm and distinctive facial features. All the parties present at the beating are posted in a picture with the dog owner Doreen Loo, and are clearly recognizable. Why is there no warrant for their arrest? No bounty or reward for information about them and the whereabouts of the dog? Why are you not taking this sadistic, sociopathic beating seriously? It is your job, as per Malaysian law, to pursue this case and see to it that the abuser and his accomplices are punished to the maximum extent of the legal system. Malaysia has a reputation for being a nation loyal to animals and their welfare. Yet authorities are dragging their feet and proving to the world that Malaysia condones brutality against innocent animals. We demand that you initiate immediate legal actions pursuant to the capture and arrest of the man who tortured and beat Sushi and hold those accountable, including the owner, who passively watched and refused to intervene. We demand justice for Sushi the poodle and conviction of those who tortured her! The world is watching Malaysia. The world has seen the deviant brutality visited upon an innocent dog named Sushi, and wants immediate justice under the law! Find her torturers, give them maximum sentencing including jail time, and confiscate all animals, including Sushi, in the possession of these monsters! Sincerely,

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