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Val's Petitions 04 16 12
3 years ago

More from Genoveva:


I am sorry to bother you all with so much more besides what I already sent, but I got these news and videos that I just posted and more petitions, for what I couldn't stop from sharing with you. I hope you take a look and if you feel like note and comment. No more for this week I promise, I must go back to work tomorrow, so you wont hear from me until the next weekend, but I will be checking on my e-mails here. God bless you all and keep you safe, healthy and happy.


Hugs, Genoveva




"MOMENTS"   video
Society & Culture  (tags: animals, children, world )
Genoveva - 10 minutes ago -







Mexicans Return Beached Whale to Sea
Environment  (tags: animals, protection, wildlife )
Genoveva - 37 minutes ago -

MEXICO CITY (AFP) - Volunteers and Navy personnel returned a 12-tonne whale to the sea after it became stranded on

A Hero Dog: The Remarkable Story of Salty and Omar.
Animals  (tags: society, dogs, death, pets )
Genoveva - 59 minutes ago -

The story of a remarkable dog named Salty who saved his guardian's life

3 years ago


END Wildlife Electrocutions in Costa Rica PLEASE SIGN!!!!
Animals  (tags: Animal Cruelty, Animal abuse, killing, suffering )
Genoveva - 1 hour ago -

In the past five years, Costa Rica has lost 50% of its monkey population due to electrocutions. That doesn't even account for other arboreal animal mortalities. Many of these electrocutions happen within national park boundaries.

CHINA, a New Policy Proclamed in Hrbin Province Prohibits Larg Dogs.
Animals  (tags: News about Dogs, abuse, suffering )
Genoveva - 1 hour ago -

In China, Harbin Province has recently proclaimed a policy that raising large dogs are prohibited including the breeds of Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Labrador and others.



Animals  (tags: Animal Cruelty, killing, abuse )
Genoveva - 1 hour ago -




A Rhino poaching suspect has been shot and killed in a gunfight with wildlife rangers at Ndumo Game Reserve, on KwaZulu-Natal's northern border with Mozambique. The shooting happened early on Wednesday when a group of three poachers was intercepted...









3 years ago














No Elk Hunt in Sweden! - The Petition Site
Help Stop Bullfighting! - The Petition Site
Stop carnivals from giving live animals away as prizes - The Petition Site
Stop Valley Meat Co. from opening a horse slaughterhouse in NM - The Petition Site
End the Grand National once and for all. - The Petition Site
Tell Bulgaria: The indiscriminate slaughter of stray animals is genocide and pure fascizm. - The Pet
Tell Hotel- Stop Trapping Cats! - The Petition Site
Vancouver Island Citizens Opposed to the Deer Cull - The Petition Site
Stop Cruel Rabbit Farming in Europe - The Petition Site
Dogs the right to self defense against cruelty by humans or other animals. - The Petition Site
Help to stop the slaughter of the animals in Big Bend State Park. - The Petition Site
Malagasy Minister of Environment & Forests: Lease the Land Critical to Saving the Greater Bamboo



There Are No Winners In A Dog Fight
Buca di Beppo Restaurants: Stop Selling Veal
Save the Birds of World Parrot Refuge!!!!!
K Club - Take Foie Gras off the menu

3 years ago

all signed and noted Val...

3 years ago

Most off them signed and noted.Thanks dear Val

3 years ago

All noted and signed. Thank you Val.

3 years ago

thanks - from Danuta - great photos - check them out!

3 years ago



   Stung by the poaching of a tiger in a jaw trap in Palasgaon range in the buffer zone of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), the state government has announced a host of measures, including release of secret funds to develop intelligence network and

   The face of Australia got some needed protection in some parts of the country. The iconic koala was listed as "vulnerable" in Queensland and New South Wales due to crashing numbers, dwindling habitat and other threats.

   When Christine Jepson started collecting tennis balls for her son, she thought it was just for a week or so

3 years ago

Noted and signed dear Val

3 years ago

signed,thanx val

3 years ago

Welcome back Dianne - haven't done many petitions due to the Care2 mess - hard enough to do groups- this is from Michelle.







Please click on the first link below to sign the petition calling for the location and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for the killing and skinning of a sacred white baby buffalo and its mother on a Native American Ranch in Texas. White buffalo are considered sacred by many Native American peoples. The second link takes you to the story covered by Fox 4 Dallas News. This hurtful and hateful crime must not go unpunished. JUSTICE!


Please take action and share! TY! Michelle 



URGENT ACTION! Animals Petition: Find & Prosecute The Killer of Sacred White Buffalo Lightening Medicine Cloud! 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyJustice for Slain White Buffalo Calf andTAKE ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 21 hours ago - 

Today a reward is set at $45,000 in Greenville, TX to find those responsible for the murder of the extremely rare and sacred white buffalo named Lightning Medicine Cloud born last year, found dead and skinned along with his mother, Buffalo Woman. JUSTICE!


3 years ago

Now it let's me paste - yea!




For anyone who hasn't signed yet - please do!

   Lakota Ranch, a Native American ranch in near Greenville, Texas, is offering a $45,000 reward for information leading to the killer of a rare white buffalo calf found slaughtered and skinned on April 30. The calf's mother, White Buffalo Woman, was found

   Nice ¨!

3 years ago

All done--thanx Val

3 years ago

All signed thanks dear Val


The dolphinarium in Bruges is not good I saw it with my eyes once


3 years ago

Thanks guys!


Hello my friends, I hope you all are doing very well and to all Happy Animals Week!! What better way to celebrate this especial even than speaking for the animals since we are their only voice, and they need us. I have put together some petitions, and as always very easy and fast to sign.


I want you to know I am not able to access CHANGE.ORG but some how I get the links in Facebook and have and idea of what they are about. I really don't know why some of us can not log in to CHANGE.ORG but what can we do other than wait until is fixed.


God bless you all. Hugs, Genoveva


PS. For my friends here and also in Facebook...You provably have many already signed, my apologies for that.


STOP "HOG-DOG" RODEOS! - The Petition Site

Save Serengeti National Park From a Super Highway! - The Petition Site



3 years ago

All noted and signed. Thank you Val.

3 years ago

Thank you Sandra.

3 years ago

Joy ~ Did you see this???  I did a news and it got messed up, but was about Military Dogs!  Did it at 2am...Goodness...Hugs Hun.  Marilynn -- Sending out to a couple other special friends that I ignored~ Have a Blessed Weekend and Happy Mother's Day to All of you!  Nighty Night! 


War Dogs And Their Importants to Humans
War Dogs are an important part to protect humans, but do they get enough exposure and needed help for THEM?




They are indeed amazing but I do not feel that animals belong in the wars of humans. For years they were just left behind and even now it can be a struggle to get them home.

3 years ago

Been real busy - like the change of theme Dianne - from Marilyn...



Thought I would post a Good News for you guys to take a peek at after seeing all of the horrible things we see!  Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks xx Marilyn


Man Reunited With His Best Friend After Bike Accident (Photo not of Lady Marie)
John Allen and his Best Friend "Lady" were pulling a wagon when they were hit by a car! John was taken to the Hospital When John woke up out of his Coma the first thing he did was ask for "LADY". News and Video at site! Always love the Good News! .

3 years ago

All signed and noted,thanx Val

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