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all done thanx kelly,starting you a new thread,will reverse this one


NEW LINK IS.......


Dear Kelly,


Thank you for contacting PETA.


We share your concern about disturbing websites and postings. Unfortunately, this video seems to have been removed or made private—we were unable to review it.


For actions that you can take in response to websites that depict cruelty to animals and to learn more about what PETA is doing about this issue, please see To learn about other ways that you can help animals, please visit


Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention and for everything that you do to help animals!




The PETA Staff


This is EXACTLY WHY it is So Important NOT to say you are contacting anyone reguarding the video and not to use profane language in your post.

Peta does look into the the video links given to them

will check em out tomorrow Kelly-grand daughter got me wore out!!



Here is my work from yesterday and some today.  I forget if i posted it yesterday.

The petition for the dog killing at Kennel Kare is now closed.  When and if I hear anything I will let you know what happened to them.  I hope they were squished like MR.Bill when he had the book thrown at him  OOOH NO, MR.BILL

The dog killing at the Kennel Kare is now closed.  All the comments and petitions are being sent to them.  When and if I hear anything else I will let you know


This sweet baby is in need of urgent help.  She will be put down today if she is not helped.  Here is her link:


Thanx, for your help




I found her this morning and she is in need of a new home.  After years as a service animal she is now being thrown out like trash.  This just pissis me off to no end.  I have a s.a. and he is my heart.  P.O.S.

here is her link:

Here is your link Kelly,that one you posted is mine(TY)



Here are my new petitions

Hello Kelly and a good day to you too!

will check those out later,thanx


Good Day Everyone,


Here are my petitions for today.

Thanx Kelly-Am posting this forward here,I cannot help out,am strapped for money right now,but can spread and share it and pray for them,am praying for you too Kelly.......


The Thrift Shop Rent Is Due By The End Of The Day
Rick and Chrissy work 18 hour days for no pay; all to save special needs cats. Please share their story and give if you can. $1 and $5 make a huge difference to them because their expenses are low.


fb and tweeted


Here are the news articles i did


OOOPPPPPS, this is par for the course on my brain right now, Sorry

Kelly your first post here on 7/4 was excellant!!!

My family picnic for tomorrow was re-scheduled,so I will be on here,let me know what's up.


Here are ALL my petitions.  I might be away for awhile.  I will return as soon as I can.  In the mean time here are some to sign.


PLEASE SIGN No 'Pet' Cockatoo on 'The Voice, PLEASE SIGN
Animals  (tags: abuse, corruption, corporate, business, money, marketing, animalwelfare, animalrights, protection, suffering, sadness )
KELLY - 1 hour ago -
NBC executives and ask that they reconsider having Cee Lo be accompanied by a Moluccan cockatoo on "The Voice."

I am unable to get my url so you can get to all my news. 
Sorry, for the inconvience.  I will get instruction on how to do this so you will not have a difficult time going to the site. 

signed/noted all of them.

signed them all thanks Kelly


Here are my petitions


Puppy killed by slab of cement...

On Tuesday morning, the Washington Humane Society announced the offering of a $2,500 reward for... more»

signed: 1
goal: 1,000
Save the last orangutan refuge Save the last orangutan refuge Flames, as far as the eye can see. More than 100 fires have blazed across Tripa within a week. This... more»
signed: 6
goal: 1,000
OH: Ban traveling circuses for good, including July 14 and 15 event OH: Ban traveling circuses for... The animals of the Carson and Barnes Circus are inhumanely housed and transported; the trainers use... more»
signed: 13
goal: 1,000
Thank the Obama administration for protecting the Grand Canyon Thank the Obama administration... Interior Secretary Salazar just announced that 1 million acres of land around the Grand Canyon will be... more»
signed: 7
goal: 1,000
Help our local farms Help our local farms The U.S. House recently voted to gut the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Know Your Farmer, Know Your... more»
signed: 3
goal: 1,000

Oh, I have been forgetting to let everyone know.


In 09' Obama passed a law for all rescued animals.  EVERYTHING you spend on them is tax deductable.  Food, toys, shots, the amount you paid a shelter for them (if that is how you got them), vet bills, EVERYTHING.  It does not matter what kind of animal it is: a horse, rabbit, cavy, farm animal, bird or whatever.  If you got your animal from a friend or street whereever, just write a blurb for your tax guy how you got your animal.  So, START saving your receipts from now on.

Kelly where is ALL of your news/petitions?Post them all here,more people will see,sign,note,you do a ton of news every day,just post it all at the end of the day in here,thanx



here are the news articles I did today.


have a great day

Animals  (tags: animalcruelty, senators, animalrights, AnimalWelfare, animalwelfare, cruelty, death, habitat, protection, rescued, sadness, suffering, business, money, economy, dishonesty, politics )
KELLY - 1 hour ago -

Please make a brief, polite phone call today to your U.S. representative (click here to find your representative's name and phone number), urging support and cosponsorship of H.R. 3798/S. 3239.



This is a site for you to join a protest.  They need a loooooooot more people to sign.  There are a little  over 3,000 who have already signed.  Please share after you join.

Hi All,


Here are the news articles new and old I have submitted.


Thank-You, for all your help

Here is the link for Kelly's old thread-petitions/news can still be signed/noted/shared.


Happy July everyone,here is your new thread Kelly

good morning tweety bird

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