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2 years ago

Saying thanks for Genoveva -






Sunder is one of hundreds of elephants suffering horrific, sub-standard conditions in Indian temples. Sunder has spent the last six years of his young life shackled in spiked chains within a dingy concrete temple cell. Though only 13 years of age, his body is riddled with wounds resulting from relentless beatings at the hands of his so-called mahout ('handler') who is currently on the run from police. One of Sunder's eyes is injured, indicating a hooking of this tender, vulnerable area during one of his beatings. Sir Paul McCartney interrupted rehearsal during the Olympic pre-show to write officials urging them to release this young elephant. Attempts by veterinarians to treat Sunder have fallen on deaf ears. Please take immediate action. Send the letter through PETA India demanding Sunder's release and sign the petition , then forward and share with friends. TY. Michelle


URGENT! FREE SUNDER THE ELEPHANT FROM LIVING HELL! / Help Abused Young Elephant Gain Freedom | Take Action | PETAIndia.Com - 1 
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 Michelle - 48 seconds ago - 

For six years Sunder has been locked in chains at the Jyotiba Temple in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. The young elephant is denied adequate water & food, kept in spiked chains & suffers open wounds from repeated beatings from his handler. ACTION!


Free Sunder the Elephant! 
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 Ginger - 4 days ago - 

A young elephant named Sunder was donated to India's Jyotiba temple by a member of the Legislative Assembly. Since his arrival years ago, Jyotiba's handler has been keeping him in a dark shed with barbed chains confining his ankles

2 years ago

I will pray for her and her baby  and lit a candle too


2 years ago

Great funny video from Anneke - the whole thing.

2 years ago

so sad for her,am praying for her and her lucky

2 years ago

Dear friends I am sorry to write you without any petitions this time, I  want you to know is not because I am getting lazy, but because I am having a hard time with my puppy who is very ill. I have spend so much money on the past 3 days since he suddenly got sick, and after trying with tests, medicine and TLC at home, nothing seems is working.


He just got sick out of the blue, and with no reason, I am desperate to help him, but so far nothing helps and I feel so worthless for not making him to get better even if so far has been done. The reason I am writing you all now is to ask you to PLEASE pray for Lucky and if you can light a candle for his recovery. He is only five years old, this is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think I will be here for a while, so you wont be getting any mail from me, please forgive me, but my little baby needs me.


Bye for now,



2 years ago

Another -


Please copy/paste the example letter below:

Honorable President Lee Myung-bak,

I would like to draw your attention to the following facts: In a recent TV program by JTBC, a couple of illegal dog slaughterhouses are exposed to illustrate the lawlessness and appalling conditions of many slaughterhouses that are being operated around the country in South Korea. 
Dogs are being slaughtered right next to the terrified living dogs waiting for their horrible fate.
The unsanitary conditions of these illegal slaughterhouses are threat to the public health and the environment. 
It also exposes that abandoned dogs in animal shelters are being eaten by some shelter officials or being sold as meat for their profit.

See the news and watch the TV program in Korean:|article|defaultSee the news in English:

One of the two slaughterhouses exposed in this program is located in the City of Namyangju and this slaughterhouse has been reported to the city officials two years ago by an animal protection group called CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights) but nothing has been done since then and it's still operating in appalling and unspeakable condition.  See the photos from CARE two years ago when they visited and rescued some of the dogs and reported this slaughterhouse to the city:

At the time, based on the report by CARE, mommy dog had to eat the puppies in order to survive in this hellish slaughterhouse. Picture tells a thousand words so please click the above link and see the photos for yourself.

Please take the steps immediately to close this place down for good.  Countless dogs are being tortured and having to endure an unspeakable suffering even in this moment. This also reflects very negatively on the country of South Korea as a whole as there are many places like this "Hell Hole" all around the country.

Mr. President, in the name of our humanity, we ask you to quickly intervene in order to put an end to this animal genocide which tarnishes the image of your country.

In addition, we consider that Korea, as all the countries of Asia which consume the flesh of these intelligent animals, so useful to our humanity, is a rape of the human rights for millions people in the world.

We will boycott S. Korea and S. Korean businesses until your illegal slaughterhouse is closed down and S. Korea takes animal rights seriously and ends the shameful dog meat trade once and for all.

Please visit these links. These images inhumane are unworthy of a civilized country.|article|default

Thank you for your time and attention,


2 years ago

The pictures of which we are in receipt document stunning cruelty. They may be viewed HERE.

The veterinary records which explain the images confirm that monkeys are forced to live in excruciating pain in stark violation of animal welfare law.** Others are routinely force-fed poisons, toxic dirt, subjected to horrific mutilations and almost all are made into drug addicts. 

Every monkey without exception lives in constant deprivation, trauma, misery and fear.

As an influential member of the UF community, I am urging you to withhold any further support until all primate experimentation ceases and the monkeys are released.

These experiments are unconscionable and unscientific, but highly lucrative. They net almost $500 million dollars annually in taxpayer-funded federal grants. Therefore, as a donor of distinction to UF, you are in a unique position to demand a compassionate and ethical research policy to guide this institution into the future.

Please visit for further information and become an objector of conscience.


2 years ago

Thanks - from Anneke -


To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;



Subject: Experiments on Animals/Univ. Florida


Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am in receipt of public registries which verify that you are a substantial donor to the University of Florida. While I commend your generosity and the noble intent to further higher education, perhaps you are unaware that your money is funding cruel, frivolous and barbaric experiments on primates and other animals.

For 14 months, UF tried to keep their monkey experiments hidden from the public. In December of 2011, activists finally won their lawsuit – the Eighth District Alachua Circuit Court ordered them to release their records to the community.

2 years ago

Thanks Dianne - am totally exhausted and overwhelmed with the yard, the garden, hubby basically bed-ridden again, canning, etc and now off to the store.....




2 years ago

No problem Val,just means that those got more attention.

thank you friend

2 years ago

Sorry Dianne - I don't alwayshave time to check - thought I had - been so busy and tired and now chronic sciatica pain and can't sit long - hope you are doing well.


Thanks everyone - this is from Anneke:

Please send your mail as soon as possible!

To: ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: Humane handling of street dogs


Chief Minister of Karnataka

The Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Chief Minister's Office, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore 560 001

Respected Sir:

In 'The Times of India' dated 25 July 2012, there was a brief report on page 5 stating that you and your colleagues are going to formulate some new policy 'to check' the population of street dogs, which we call community dogs.  In this connection, allow me to state the following points.

1)  During February-March of 2007, when the municipal corporation undertook the ill-advised and monstrously cruel 'mass culling' of street dogs in Bangalore, thousands of dogs were captured indiscriminately and butchered in the most ghastly manner.  They were burnt alive, had acid thrown at their faces while they were being suspended upside down and suchlike, all in gross violation of existing legislation.  In fact, a staff photographer from a prominent Karnataka newspaper in Bangalore took photographs of municipal workers burning alive a poor stray dog.  I have obtained copies of these pictures.  You and your esteemed colleagues would surely agree with us that this is not the proper way to deal with the population control of street dogs.

2)  There is said to exist a body called The Karnataka State Animal Welfare Board.  You are requested kindly to hold talks with this body, as well as with the BBMP commissioner and  other relevant bodies/persons, before formulating any policy in accordance with the law.

3)  Mass killing of community dogs implies that the government has at its disposal some means by which thousands of animal carcasses may be disposed of without causing massive pollution.  Some carcasses need to be incinerated rather than buried, and there is no burial space anywhere in the environs of Bangalore.  Besides, such mass culling or killing is brutal and unjustified.  Most community dogs which have been sterilised and vaccinated are docile, biddable, friendly and good watchdogs for the neighbourhood.  Very old, sick, ailing and diseased dogs may be picked up and put to sleep in a humane manner by a qualified veterinarian.  But when you freely give licence to municipal or other personnel to cull dogs en masse, they may use very cruel and inhumane methods.  This is inadvisable and un-Indian.  Both by way of Article 51-A of the Indian Constitution and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, only humane considerations ought to prevail vis-a-vis this matter--indeed, as in all matters pertaining to animal handling in India.

4)  Animal welfarists in each neighbourhood may be identified by the BBMP and their assistance utilised in identifying dogs which need to be picked up for euthanasia.  All dogs on a street should not be picked up indiscriminately for killing.  If the government picks up all the dogs from the city streets, how and where is it going to house them?  It takes funds and qualified personnel to run an animal shelter.  All these aspects may kindly be vetted and discussed thoroughly by experts and representatives of animal welfare organisations before any decision is taken in the matter.

Yours truly,   




2 years ago

Thanx Diane and Aletta

2 years ago

signed them all thanks Val I am now

2 years ago

uh oh i just posted the same today too.oh well..

2 years ago

All signed !

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2 years ago
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