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2 years ago

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get climate change in the debateGlobal Warming is the most important issue facing the planet. But most of the media coverage and public attention is focused on the race for President. And for the most part, the candidates aren't discussing global warming.*

But as the election approaches we'll have a great chance to force Obama and Romney to discuss global warming — and by extension start a national debate on this hugely important issue.

This fall's Presidential and Vice Presidential debates are being moderated by experienced news anchors (including 2 women for the first time). They know the facts and agree that global warming is a real and serious problem.  The only question is: will they have the guts and conviction to ask the candidates about it?

If you agree that Global Warming should be &lsquoart of the debate’ even if you don’t always agree with the candidates about what to do about it — sign on to our letter here. We'll deliver all the names to all four moderators this September, just as they finalize the format and questions for the debates.

Here's what the letter says:

Global Warming is the most serious problem facing our country and the world. But the candidates for President and Vice President barely ever mention climate change or their plans to solve it. 

As a debate moderator, you can help. After 9-11, every candidate was asked about terrorism. After the hottest 12-month period in US history, the worst drought in a generation and multiple 'once a century' floods we need to know where they stand on global warming.

We need the leaders of our country to be able to grasp the enormous problem of global warming, and the exciting transformative potential of solving it. Will you commit to ask the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates at least 1 question about Global Warming?

Sign on here.

We’ve just experienced the hottest summer in recorded history. More of the West is burning with wildfire than ever before. And most of our crop belt is experiencing the worst drought since the dust bowl. This is real and climate scientists say could be our 'new normal' unless we take serious action to protect the environment.

Meanwhile, powerful players in the government and media are simply not telling the truth about climate change. Mitt Romney used to believe in Global Warming when he was a governor — now he say’s he’s not sure and he definitely opposes taking action to solve it as President.** Fox news routinely airs segments casting doubt and skepticism on the reality, and major syndicated columnists like George Will are convinced that it’s just hot because it’s summer and everyone who says different should "get over it".***

The Presidential debates are a great place to push back on all this denial and misinformation. If you agree that Global Warming should be &lsquoart of the debate’ sign here and then share this email with your friends and family.


Colin, Drew and the team at Environmental Action

2 years ago

Hello Dear Ones,
Please take 3 minutes to watch this video.  For every watch, God Tube will donate money for clean water in Rwanda.  Plus, the lesson in this video of the Spirit of Rwanda is one we could all do well to mimic.  It is about forgiving and letting people who make BIG mistakes start over.  Thanks so much.

2 years ago

ty donna

2 years ago

Signed petition and watched video. Thank you Donna!

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