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NEW THREAD FOR 11/11>11/17

Hi! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! Here are 18 articles, if you have the time. THNX!! Please be well and please be happy my dear friends! TTFN Cher~

Dear friends,

 please sign&share this importatnt petition to save  lives of 70 beagles who where illegaly transported as"pets" from China to Chennai  for labaratory teasting.




Carrie's News

Hello my friends!

Some news for you to read, note, comment on, and possibly share. Remember how much I appreciate your comments.

hi, i am upset over this and posted it on C2NN



so i am asking if you will not just note it but sign the petition and share this message with all your friends. 



Thank you for all your caring & sharing which always means so much to me.

                                     Peace Light & Love rosemary r.

Born Free - Brian May & Kerry Ellis - YouTube

Hello, I saw this on Care2 and thought you'd like it as well. Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world.

Injured animals left without treatment overnight, animals PTS when rescue group wants them, missing animals, free food to breeders. Pit bull fostered without neutering to man with NO address & who tried to steal other unaltered pitties for his "kennel".



Original Message:

 Dear friends,

 please sign&share this importatnt petition to save  lives of 70 beagles who where illegaly transported as"pets" from China to Chennai  for labaratory teasting.






Hi! I hope you had a superb week!! Here are 14 articles, if you have the time. THNX!!!! Please enjoy your day my dear friends! TTFN Cher~ 

Breeding dogs for meat has been illegal in Korea since 1984. Yet an estimated one million dogs are cruelly bred for human consumption in the country every year.

Please sign the petition today! Korea, Don't Legalize Dog Meat!

take action


The trial is fastly approaching, so if you haven't had the opportunity to fax or write the judge's office to ensure this psychopath monster gets the maximum sentence allowed, please do so in the next few days.  Her next trial date for when she enter's a plea is this Monday, November 12th.  Let's have VICTORY Prevail here for Mary!!

This deadline for this petition will also be closing over the next few days as well.  So please keep this petition moving along.

W E  A R E  F I G H T I N G  F O R  Y O U Mary! 

Hi everyone, I have put up 1 piece of news that I find pretty Important. Michigan Held A Vote late Thursday evening on a Wolf Hunt and They PASSED It!  Well, they are Offering A vote online to see a public yes or no on it, ... I think it's a Formality thing, But anything might be worth a Shot. I don't know. If you are not already familiar with some of my Blog names. One of them is Sierra Dragoncaller and I have Posted a comment on this story under This with one of my Wolf Army Names.  It's My Hope More people Will Hop on and cast  a NO Vote for the wolves, after Losing my own 3 wolves and struggling so hard with this tremendous guilt and grief these past couple weeks, It has been very hard to maintain focus around here. My daughter Krystal, is really having a hard time. She still can't seem to get over the fact of losing Ostara. It's Totally against all of our beliefs and we have put all our life into saving animals. Her whole 22 years on earth was involved in it, I can't stress how hard she is taking this. And expecting a baby, She has me very worried.  These Poachers took so much from our family and our whole team.   It has made me Determined to get the wolves saved now.  So, in the action of that, I have been working on getting the grazing bills pulled out. Working on that. And getting laws set up to pull our wolves back into safe zones. We going to get them saved! This We WILL! I PROMISE ON MY PUPS.  Going to update my page, let my babes go to their final resting place, and move on with my fabulous care2 family.... hang in there. we are warriors ... thank you all... this damn world sucks.... thanks for holding me up... now I will be your back - up   Love you all,  Rox  and the Pack.... they  around...just hiding in armour  in the woods  at the moment   ugh     


Please Vote in This Local Poll re: Spreading the Cancer of Wolf Hunting to Michigan!!!
Animals (tags: Please Vote NO! Wolves hunt Ordered on m )

- 1 hour ago -

Are you listening, Michigan? Wolves are the problem," said one of the several people in favor of Senate Bill 1350 at Gogebic Community College in Ironwood on Thursday.


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