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2 years ago


2 years ago

I'm walking in a 5k tomorrow morning for wounded warriors so I wanted to send these on to you now. Thanks. Hugs, Christeen

2 years ago

Hi! I hope you have had a fantastic week!! Here are 20 articles, if you have the time. THNX!!! Please enjoy your day and be happy my friends!! TTFN Cher~

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2 years ago


   2  pages today...thanx!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Here are some new stories and petitions...


nancy's news     

2 years ago
Save the Tigers
Petition published by Rasta Man on Oct 22, 2000
7498 Signatures 
Target: Japanese and Chinese Governments
Region: India
Petition Background (Preamble):
Early in the 20th century there was an estimated population of 100,000 tigers spread across Asia. Now there is less than 7,000 spread out across Asia's forests.

There are already 3 out of the 8 tiger subspecies which have become extinct: the Javan, the Caspian, and the Bali tiger. The South China tiger is almost gone with an appaling population of only 30 to 40. The Siberian and the Sumatran tigers are only 500 in number and the Indo Chinese is not far behind. 

The main reasons for the tiger's demise are poaching, habitat loss and population fragmentation.

The Indian tiger is being poached at a rate of one tiger a day. They are mainly poached for body parts, which are sold on the black market for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These body parts are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of old beliefs that they contain certain healing powers. These beliefs are absolutely unfounded as there is no scientific proof that there is any medicinal value in the tiger parts at all.
We the undersigned petition the Chinese and Japanese governments to make the selling of Tiger bones, Tiger penises and other products, such as Tiger bone pills, capsules and wine illegal.

The Save the Tigers petition to Japanese and Chinese Governments was written by Rasta Man and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition. Contact author herePetition tags: tigerssave tigersconservationbiodiversitysanctuaryun sanctions

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2 years ago

Please, sign this petition and tell Avon to stop animal testing:

2 years ago

Alice,I posted your petition in my other group also called animal house under wildcats,and will sign it ...ty

2 years ago
No Baby Formula for Poor Kids? Sequester Cuts Are Tragic Blow to the Poor

The sequestration cuts contain billions of dollars in mandatory budget reductions in programs that help low-income Americans including one that gives vouchers for housing to the poor, disabled, and another that provides fortified baby formula to the poor.

2 years ago

Dear friends,

as always here is what I have added to the news over the past days.

Please have a look if anything meets your interest and consider signing the take actions. Thank you for noting and your comments!

Have a wonderful weekend all, and those of you who are able to see a spring weekend, do enjoy it! Berlin is unfortunately experiencing a return of frost and snow. :-//

Love & Peace


2 years ago

Hi! I hope your weekend has started off great!!! Here are 16 articles, please sign, note and share them if you can! THNX! Be happy! TTFN Cher~

2 years ago

Bobo's owner, has surrendered Bobo to the council, Bobo has done no harm. He was seized by Hume City Council because they think he looks like a pit bull. Please keep sharing the petition. Bobo is not dead at the moment, but he soon will be.

Please note and share:

2 years ago

here is my news today
Agnes's News
hope some will interest friends

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