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2 years ago

I am not a citizen or resident of the U.S., but I got the link to the petition and the following text to Twitter for signature.

Only USA and residents: Go Obama signature MONSANTO Protection Act TODAY!

2 years ago

I am not a citizen or resident of the U.S., but I got the link to the petition and the following text to Twitter for signature.

Only USA and residents: Go Obama signature MONSANTO Protection Act TODAY!

2 years ago

We want to thank the more than 175,000 Food Democracy Now! members who have taken action so far. The response has been incredible and a sign of how outraged everyday Americans are at the continued backroom deals struck by our elected officials and Monsanto lobbyists.

How do these things happen? This morning we are reminded of the famous quote from Edmund Burke:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Let's make sure our voice is heard loud and clear today!

Right now, the short-term spending budget bill with Monsanto's poison pill is sitting on the President's desk, waiting for him to sign. He has until Wednesday March 27th to sign this into law, unless you stop him.

We need you to do three things:

1. Make a phone call to the White House asking that President Obama veto H.R. 933, and send it back to Congress with the express instructions of removing Section 735: The Monsanto Protection Act.

We realize that the phone lines will be very busy today, but please keep calling until you get through. Every voice counts! Update: we're hearing the phone line is very busy today so please click on the link to make a call and report back.

You can call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or if that line is busy, please call (202) 456-1414 - then ask at least 5 of your friends to join you!

2. If you haven't already done so, please sign this letter calling for President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act.

If we reach more than 200,000 signatures today, Dave and Lisa will fly out to Washington DC to deliver your comments to the White House.

3. Please consider chipping in $3 to help send us to the White House to deliver your comments and then help spread the word to your friends.

We understand the odds that we're up against, that many will say that President Obama can't afford not to sign this budget bill, which if not signed will temporarily shut down the federal government.

But the truth is there is no legitimacy in elected officials that stand idly by when violations of our basic rights like this happen. Section 735 sets a dangerous precedent that allows corporations to work back room deals to undermine the rule of law.

Obama has a clear choice, veto the Monsanto Protection Act or allow Congress and corporate special interests to continue to lead America down this slippery slope.

Tell President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act! America deserves better.

Every voice counts.

2 years ago

Currently there is an other petition made

Campaign for GE-Free Seafood

Do you want to eat genetically engineered salmon? Polls show that 91 percent of consumers don’t want the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow genetically engineered fish and meat into the marketplace -- yet the FDA is close to approving AquAdvantage, a salmon that was genetically engineered to grow faster.  If allowed, this would be the first genetically engineered animal in the U.S. food supply, and the FDA said it will probably not be labeled, leaving consumers in the dark about what we are eating.

At least 35 species of genetically engineered fish are in development and the approval of genetically engineered salmon will set a precedent that could open the floodgates for other genetically engineered animals (including cows, chickens and pigs) to enter our food system.

and I kindly ask you to sign and share - thanks

2 years ago

Have you already made your calls ? 

Please call the White House today and ask Obama to veto the bill. We need your help before this terrible bill is signed into law by President Obama.

Currently the White House is closed for the weekend, but we want you to be able to continue to express your voice over this outrageous decision - Click here to sign the letter asking President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act!

2 years ago

Applies for the U.S.

Action Alert: We Have 1 Week Or Less to Stop Genetically Engineered Foods and Destruction of the Separation of Powers

Bill Would Strip Courts of Power … And Push Genetically Modified Foods Onto Our Plates

America has been decimated by the breakdown of the separation of powers between different branches of government.

For example, the executive branch is negotiating laws in secret - and grabbing powers - without telling Congress.

And life-and-death decisions about who the government labels an “enemy combatant” and assassinates are being kept away from the judges altogether.

It is urgent that you call both of your senators today … and tell them to vote for Senator Tester’s Amendment 74 to the Agriculture Appropriations bill.

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