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2 years ago

Crying right now Debbie,but will re-post your post in my other groups to let others know.

Rest in peace Ilona.

2 years ago

RIP , Ilona. The surgery was successful, but the next morning, she never woke up. The translation isn't good, but I think they are saying that they believe she had head trauma, too, and this is what killed her. Poor baby. I know that her sister will miss her.

google translation
2 years ago

Ilona must be made / emergency amputated following an act of abuse dating back to its 2/3 months.
She now has only 6 months old, she is very timid and needs of users to overcome his disability and know another life. The association A Heart Without Roof seeks to clickers to plan and finance the necessary operation.

2 puppies wandering in a sensitive area

In a context where Ilona was found, and after the small neighborhood survey done by volunteers, it was not difficult to guess qu'handicapée, it could not be sold in the market like other dogs of the scope , and his sister, suffering from an umbilical hernia.

What do we do in these cases? They are left abandoned, wandering: no mercy for useless mouths! Thus these babies 6 months lying around for several days in the area, one with his gimpy leg, the other with his umbilical hernia! Both were not separated, is reassuring each other. Without the intervention of volunteers they would not go far in their short lives.
Ilona, ​​scared little bitch and her twin Indra.

Very soon the association A Heart Without Roof realized that the small Ilona limped from the left hind paw. She thought that was made louloutte hit by a car.

Both dogs have seen the vet the next day and unfortunately, due to a radio review, the veterinarian is categorical: the problem is not due to a car accident but an act of abuse occurred several months Paravant.
Dog 6 month old baby, probably crippled after being hit violently 2-3 months

The small Ilona had to take a big kick or a blow when she was 2/3 month: she has a missing bone in the left hind leg and pelvis also has a problem.
The only way to relieve and prevent it hurts with this hanging leg amputation is: unfortunately there is no other solution.
At the same time, the vet will put a screw at the right hip as it is also disconnected.

Major surgery for Ilona does not suffer! Charges that the association can not afford.

His disability has probably saved a life Ilona abuse. This Scottish cross was dedicated to breeding or sold to the first comer. Like her sister, she must be treated and re-confidence far humans have not been kind to those who should have been their livelihood and alimener a small profit traffic.

Ilona, ​​weighs 2 kg less than her sister, probably too fearful and stressed to feed his hunger.

Ilona, ​​once made and completed his recovery, must be adopted with her sister which it is inseparable. Notice to generous enough adopters to open their homes to these two that after having seen the worst, can best be met through the Internet.

The swipe of Actuanimaux: we wonder why we can sell even impunity litters of puppies and kittens on the market: the law is clear on the subject (in France and the rest of Belgium). How is it that the services of the DDPP do not move? Sophie L. AA.

2 years ago


SAD NEWS-RIP ILONA:(((((**********
2 years ago

And again a REMINDER to please not forget your DAILY 5 CLICKS for the ActuAnimaux site!! The is an urgent call out now to help for ILONA'S surgery before 1 June, the 6 months old Scotish needs a paw amputation and we have just 4 days to get from 72% to 100%. Please increase your impact by also WATCHING 1 or all 3 VIDEOS (if available at your location)

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