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The Separation Wall
3 years ago

Right now, a Separation Wall is being built that significantly impedes Palestinians' rights to access and control their own fresh water and land. Already, the Separation Wall is proving to be a great threat to the Palestinian struggle for survival on their land and will continue to isolate Palestinian communities into separated and militarized ghettos. And, when the Wall is complete it will annex nearly half of the West Bank.

That's why Teachers Insurance and Annuity and College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) -- a financial group that claims to be a socially responsible investor -- must divest from Elbit Systems, Ltd., the military/defense industry corporation involved with building the Wall, as well as other corporations that profit from the Occupation. TIAA-CREF prides themselves on their image of "Financial Services for the Greater Good," and that's certainly not what the Separation Wall represents!

3 years ago

The separation wall needs to remain as this is Israel's land and I see NO reason for any other occupation to exist on that land. And if not mistaken there was a huge war over the water reserves being taken from Israel from the Syrians. The Palestinians are gypsies, they are not wanted by ANY other Middle Eastern country...Why is that/ It is such that they have always made themselves the unwanted guest at the party if you will as they have always felt and entitlement to others lands and as Israel refused to obey God and eradicate this infestation of moochers and robbers of others lands, as my other article states, have been and will always be a thorn in the side of Israel. No one else wants them because they are trouble where ever they go, simply because their mentality is that of allowing terrorist groups welcome into their tribe.

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