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12 years ago
Hey there.
12 years ago

Well, the potato salad I tried to make BOMBED.   

12 years ago
Bummer.  What happened??
12 years ago
Kitchen chat
12 years ago

Well, I found a simple recipe.  It called for cubed potatoes.  I had never made cubed potatoes so I called my mother and asked how long do I boil potaotes for cubing?  I have made mashed potatoes before, but not this.  My mother said about 40 minutes. I put the potatoes in, set the timer, and 40 min later, drained them, cut them, and then after I had the base already done, put the cubes in.  I tried it, and CRUNCH.

Yes, crunch.  I was so upset.  I wanted to have a nice picnic dinner with all of my kids.  So,  I know I undercooked the potatoes.  But by how much?  The base tasted pretty good, so I know I would have made a good salad had it not been for the undercooked potatoes.

Also, I want to know, can potato salad, egg salad, and cole slaw be frozen?  If I made a huge batch, then froze it straight away, would it be safe?  It is going to be hot this summer.  It is 90 degrees right now, with killer humidity.  I have NO intentions of spending time in a hot kitchen.  I was thinking of simple dinners, a lot of no-cook dinners, too. 

I genuinely felt like a failure when my salad failed.  I thought potato salad was an easy make. 

12 years ago
Krista, may I ask, are you located pretty far above sea level ?   The reason I ask is that, at some elevations, water boils at a much lower temp. then nearer to sea level, and so it takes longer to boil the newly cubed raw taters.    ---- just a stab in the dark there
12 years ago

Dear Mike.

I live in North Carolina.  I am about sixty miles inland from Wilmington, which is on the Ocean.  As far as I know, we are not at a high altitude but closer to sea level.  My mother is at 5,000 feet elevation.  I do wonder if she gave me what she'd  boil the potatoes for instead of what I would.  She has lived at this elevation for over twenty years, so it may be a natural thing for her to adjust for high altitude cooking rather than not.  Hm.

12 years ago

Well, if that were the case, she would have had you "over boil"  them (leave them in too long) because it would have taken longer at the lower temp.

  That is odd, but then, some potatoes may actually need to boil longer (newer, that is, smaller ones, or Idaho as opposed to others, etc). I always go by texture...that is, I stick em with a fork now and then, and when a few seem the right softness, I pull one out and eat it, to make sure   that is really better then specifying a time anyway, since it may vary a bit.

Kitchen Chat
12 years ago

Interesting, Mike.  I have never made potato salad before.  I like to try things, but I am a home ec teacher's worst nightmare.  I will try again this weekend.  I may not be Julia Child protoge material, but I do not give up easily, either.

Thank you so much for your input.  I belive it will help when I try again.

12 years ago

Good, I am glad you don't give up easily. Cooking is both fun (to me) and inspiring. 

  To me the most useful equipment you possess in the kitchen are your hands, and taste buds.  Test, taste, test....and soon you will be doing it nearly blind-folded

Here are a few references to spices that might be helpful in your venture:

I was looking at some of my recipes, and for boiled potatoes, this line was most often given: Boil the cubed potatoes. When they are done, strain, rather then a time.

12 years ago

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12 years ago
Good one, Annette!  Think I'll post that on my cubicle wall...
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