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12 years ago
Fantasy Dinner Party
12 years ago

Can it be anyone, alive or dead? 

Katharine Hepburn (I have always admired her, even when I did not agree with her words/actions)

Carl Sagan (What a MIND)

Clay Aiken, not only do I like his music, but admire the work he did with autistics before AI

Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg...Talk about FUNNY

a Paramedic.  To do the Heimlich maneuver on me when I choke on my food laughing at Robin and Whoopi.

Then, last, either Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

12 years ago
Well, since I am an amateur genealogist, it would have to be someone in or potentially in my family tree.  Such as, Nolan Ryan, Daniel Boone, Col. John Tipton, Franz and Elizabeth (Mueller) Broker, and Cynthia Anne and Quanah Parker.
Fantasy Dinner
12 years ago

Are you really related to Nolan Ryan?  My mother just LOVES him.  She used to have a baseball card collection that numbered in the tens of thousands.  I only have heard of him through her, though, as I do not follow baseball. What I have heard about him (besides 'What a DOLL!') is that he is a nice guy.

I did genealogy for a while, but after my maternal grandfather died in 2002, I really lost a lot of my heart for it, and have not picked it up in a serious way again since.

12 years ago
Shirley MacLaine
Fantasy Dinner
12 years ago

Hm...Okay, we have some pretty interesting guests...what would we serve?

Start with a salad...big lettuce leaf, with cottage cheese in the middle, surrounded by peaches, topped with shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers around the outer edge. 

main dinner:

Filet of sole, broiled, squirted with lemon juice after it is taken out of the oven, a hint of butter sauce, fresh baked potato, with butter, chives,  and minced broccoli.  Itialian cut green beans, freshly made.

a glass of the best champange (for those who drink), and for me, water with ice and a lemon slice floating on top.

For dessert, warmed pumpkin pie, with french vanilla ice cream scoop on top, with chocolate sprinkles (nutmeg for me). 

My fantasy dinner
12 years ago
Princess Diana: She was a great person, John Lennon: (same) Jeanette Rankin:US congresswoman from Montana who voted against US entry into both world wars,Eleanor Roosevelt: great lady! Marilyn Monroe(OK she doesn't fit with the theme, but I would love to have known her) I'd serve champagne and vegetarian canapes and then sit down to fresh seafood fettucine and spinach risotto. For desert: cherries jubilee with freshly ground Kona estate coffee! 
12 years ago

You cannot possibly send enough stars to Diana because you have done so within the last week.

12 years ago
FERGIE!   And also Sandra Bullock.
this is one of my favorite
12 years ago

This is one of my favorite questions to ask people. Yahooo!!!! I finally get to play  Note: I want the best of both worlds, so I can pick living or dead folks (re-energized for the event!!!)

Al Gore - to discuss global warming with guest two

GW Bush - for comic relief

Thomas Jefferson - intelligent, insightful and no man's fool

M. Gandhi - to remind us of humility and the power of peace

Charlie Rose - to keep this group on track and accountable.

P.s. - no crow will be served

Go for broke ....
12 years ago
...and invite them to one big party! I considered Fergie, she's a down-to-earth sensible type,and I would like to meet Sandra Bullock also. Mahatma Ghandi, for sure! Since I can't even bear to watch Gerorgie on TV, I'm sorry, but that would be torture for me, so he has to go!!
12 years ago
Green stars to both of you--Linda I would also invite Al!
12 years ago

What a great dinner party!! And such awesome guests!

My guests would be:

Princess Diana
(she was a cousin)

Al Gore (after all, he "invented the internet" ) [couldn't invite GWB coz everytime I see him speak, I just wanna smack him]

My father-in-law
(a VERY interesting and wordly guy)

Mother Theresa
(always wanted to meet someone I considered a true Saint)

Samuel L Jackson
(the man is funny, intelligent, and ribald)

12 years ago
Great list, Sharky.  Can I come to this party?
12 years ago
LOL  Sure, Annette!  The more the merrier!  I'm thinking of making it a backyard luau with hula girls, fire dancers, and plenty of Lava Flows...
12 years ago

MMM, fire dancers....

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