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amazing video
5 years ago

One of those safari rides where people ride through a wildlife refuge and watch the animals. In this case a cheetah decides to leap upon the back of one truck right next to the passengers. Lucky it was just a cheetah and not a 500 pound lio

Protect wolves from thousands of wolf hunters.
5 years ago

Please contact your Congressperson and request that federal land managers establish immediate no-hunting, buffer zones around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and the Wind River Reservation to protect wolves from thousands of wolf


Protect Wyoming’s Wolves Talking Points

Find the phone number for your Congressional Representative here:

Talking Points:

• Over 100 of Wyoming’s wolves have been killed this year by livestock producers, the USDA’s Wildlife Services, and hunters. Approximately one dozen Yellowstone Park wolves have been killed.

• Killing Yellowstone wolves harms wolf-watchers, taxpayers, and long-term wolf researchers.

• It’s cruel to kill wolves, and killing disrupts pack structures, as these are highly intelligent and family animals.

• Wolves are vital to maintaining healthy, balanced ecosystems.

• We need protective buffers around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and the Wind River Reservation to save the wolves for all who enjoy them, study them, and spend millions of tourists dollars each year to see them.
5 years ago

Stop Lion Hunting <> 
Antwoord-naar: Stop Lion Hunting <> 

Hope you are well. In this email you will find a link to an amazing YouTube clip that you si

mply have to see. It concerns lion hunting and in particular canned hunting. Please forward this link to all your contacts in order to create an awareness of this huge problem we’re dealing with.

We are fully aware of the fact that people are apprehensive about opening a multi media link contained within an email. If you are afraid of picking up a virus from the direct link within this email, please visit our Stop Lion Hunting Facebook page where you will find a safe link to YouTube and the Killing Our Kings clip.

Stop Lion Hunting Facebook Page:

YouTube link to Killing Our Kings:

Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Kind regards,
Stop Lion Hunting
5 years ago

Subject: Stop Using Live Pigs for Medical Training at North Dakota University

North Dakota State University
Vice President for Research, Philip Boudjouk, Ph.D.
1735 NDSU Research Park Drive
P.O. Box 6050—Dept. 4000
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
Phone: 701.231.8045
Fax: 701.231.8098

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask that you immediately end the cruel and unnecessary use of live animals in NDSU's Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATL courses.

The Fargo Forum paraphrased you as saying that "if there is a viable alternative [to the use of animals in ATLS training], [you would] explore the option."
Please follow through with this commitment.
NDSU is among only 5 percent of institutions in the United States and Canada that use animals for these courses.

The American College of Surgeons has approved simulators such as the TraumaMan System.
Given the availability of such alternatives, there is no justification for the continued use of live animals.

Please replace this cruel and unnecessary practice immediately.

5 years ago

Save the Sumatran Tiger from Extinction

President Barack Obama
The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500
Phone: (202)456.1111 /Fax: (202)456-2461


US Secretary of State
Hilary Clinton
U.S. Department of State / 2201 C Street NW 
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Sir,

The world smallest tiger, the Sumatran Tiger of Indonesia, is critically endangered with less than 400 left.

They are rapidly loosing their habitat due to palm oil plantations and logging- the trees of the rainforest becoming toilet paper.

I urge you to ban paper products coming into the United States from the Indonesian Rainforset, sold by Asian Pulp and Paper.

5 years ago

Patrizia you're doing a wonderful work to help animals,.Thank you for all!

5 years ago

Thank you Norma,you are so kind. but, I must say, with out your signatures and sharing I wouldn't be able to do anything.

So, I Thank you Guys for working as a team .

You are all mean of all lot to me !!

5 years ago

Watched both movies.The first with the cheetah was so funny,not even the start of the carriage has disturbed the cheetah.
The second with the underwater world was very awesome and fascinating.
Thanks Patrizia for sharing!!

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