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gas chambers
4 years ago

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4 years ago



I was distressed to find out, that 31 states didn't ban the use of animal gas chambers in shelters. 19...
start date: Dec. 13
4 years ago

Help Death row animals at high kill shelters


Help Death row animals at high...

Many animals are only at the shelter for 24 hours before they are gassed.The horrific gas execution can...
start date: Dec. 6

4 years ago

Department of Agriculture: Ban gas chambers and heartsick for the killing of shelter animals


4 years ago

The city of Sherman, Texas- Bill Magers, Mayor and the city council: Stop GASSING Sherman Animal She
All but 35 cities/counties in Texas do not gas their animal shelter pets to death. Sherman, Texas is a city who does
4 years ago

With the looming presidential election, acts of bipartisanship are hard to find. Senators and House members in Pennsylvania, however, agreed that gas chambers should be eliminated from animal control facilities and shelters state wide — in short, no more executing unwanted dogs and cats via exposure to carbon monoxide gas.

So they passed House Bill 2630, which Gov. Tom Corbett (R) signed into law on October 26.

The bill was introduced by Senator Andrew Dinniman (D) of the Keystone State’s Chester County, who was instrumental in guiding it through the Senate. HB 2630 passed the House with help from the influential Representative John Maher (R), who also chairs the Ag Committee.

"Both Senator Dinniman and Representative Maher worked tirelessly to make this a reality," Jodi Goldberg of All Things Pawsible Animal Rescue said. "They deserve the gratitude of every man, woman, and child in Pennsylvania who love animals and want dogs to be treated humanely with respect."

“Near the end of an animal’s life, sometimes the most humane choice for a pet is to end its suffering,” Dinniman said. “When that difficult time comes, Pennsylvanians deserve to be sure that their pet or any pet animal is euthanized as humanely and painlessly as possible and by someone specifically trained to do that difficult task.”

HB 2630 is also known as Daniel’s Law, named after a Beagle who survived a gas chamber execution session in Alabama that was fatal for 16 other dogs. Daniel was adopted by dog trainer and activist Joseph Dwyer in New Jersey.

Unlike lethal injection, euthanasia via carbon monoxide gas chambers has been called an inhumane practice that takes up to 30 minutes. The practice is rife with instances of dogs and cats who have survived the procedure — in some cases multiple times — and later been adopted.

Pennsylvania is the twentieth state to ban gas chambers at animal shelters and animal control facilities; other states with a similar ban include New York, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania bans gas chambers at animal shelters
4 years ago


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Ban Animal Gas Chambers in Texa

Ban Animal Gas Chambers in...


The use of gas chambers for euthanasia in animal shelters is legal in many states, but that doesn't make...
start date: Oct. 22

4 years ago

Thought for the DAY: Isn't this grand news! PA will now be Gas Chamber free, no more destruction of animals in horrid chambers, I just can't say it enough! This is what the animal community can do when they put their hearts and heads together! I am so proud of each and every person that did something to make this happen! This is exactly what I talked about a few weeks back, the co-operation of adv

ocates! Now we have only 20 more states to go! And we can do it! Happy Dance deluxe! now for all who were concerned about the little female Pit I wrote about yesterday. he is already adopted, one of the men at the sheriff's office has fallen in love with her and she is getting a very good home with 2 kids and a very loving, kind woman who will spoil her greatly! I do believe and so does the sheriff's office she was destined for the dog ring and so was poor Bruiser. Whoever tied them to that tire didn't expect Bruiser to be so determined to get back home. He was only a mile away when he was run over. Some wondered why I didn't automatically stop, he was swollen from death, I would normally call the county clean up crew, but this was different. This is what we all have to do , listen for the small quiet voice in our heart. I do most of the time, but I am not perfect, not by a long shot! I know the sheriff will investigate as best as they can to bring the ones responsible for Bruiser and Lily's capture and abuse to justice. A tire that had been drug out of a pit not far from the Hi-way is really not much to go on. Dog fighting is a horrible crime, it brings the worst of society together for some thing brutal they call sport. I don't approve of most sports, the purposeful damage done in many makes me sick. I know my view is anything but popular, but it is my view. And the insane money paid to these people to damage each other is criminal to me, just think of the animals we could save, wild and companion with that money! It is just my opinion. Be golden, celebrate PA's victory over the Gas Chambers and help us battle for the other States that still allow these monsters to run. Iris

4 years ago


Daniel's Law Passed By Senate - National Dogs | Examiner.Com
Animals  (tags: Daniel's law passed in Pa, good news, gas chambers, animalwelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, goodnews, GoodNews )
Dianne Ly - 12 hours ago -

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to eliminate the use of carbon monoxide gassing of animals in Pennsylvania. Daniel's Law, inspired by a beagle who survived being "euthanized" in a gas chamber in October, 2011, GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!

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