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2 years ago


2 years ago

On July 30th 2007, Ian Young received the call that turned his world upside down. His dog Lucy had escaped his home and allegedly got into a fight with another dog. The other dog, being a small Chihuahua, lost the battle.

Despite a long history of aggravation and provocation from the Chihuahua – not only to Lucy but to Mr. Young, his son and Desiree Hedberg, his partner of seven years, the city of Sunnyvale and the courts of Santa Clara decided that simply ordering Lucy out of the city or declaring her a potentially dangerous dog was not enough. Lucy was ordered to be killed after three appeals. The prosecution portrayed this well socialized, friendly dog as a killer when, ironically, it was the Chihuahua who was human and dog aggressive; in fact, this Chihuahua had tried to bite the infant son of the family, but because the dog was smaller and not a targeted breed, she was exonerated of any blame.

Lucy was part of the Young family for six years, and worked closely with many dogs from foster associations around the bay area, helping shelter dogs to be socialized. She was a doting mother-dog to their 2-year old son Liam and an integral part of the family.

Under California Law, Lucy would be considered a potentially dangerous dog – she would be free to live, but with restrictions such as having to carry supplemental insurance, and muzzling in public. There are many other options for Lucy other than death. In fact, under the Sunnyvale Municipal Code, Lucy could have been ordered back home with restrictions, or ordered out of the city.

Traditionally, this has what has always been done on a “first offense,” especially given the fact that she was provoked and poses no threat to humans or other animals.

Despite this being her first offense, the city of Sunnyvale was adamant that she was so dangerous, that she must die.

Even the City’s own animal behaviorist had said in her own report, that Lucy is a very friendly, well-socialized dog. The Young’s behaviorist gave Lucy a 0 out of 10 for human aggression and even represented them for free in court; such was the strength of her convictions.

During one of the motions in Superior Court, even the Judge stated, “I would love to keep Lucy alive by ordering her out of the city.” Despite his discretion to do so, he ultimately caved to the pressure of the despicable city attorney David Kahn.

Subsequently, Lucy’s family filed a lawsuit against the City of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara County, stating that the city and county wrongfully seized and then killed their family pet, Lucy, who happened to be a “Pit Bull.” The complaint alleges that the city animal control officials lied to the family when they seized Lucy. The representatives at the pound went so far as to ban the family from being with her when she passed. A young boy spent Christmas missing one of his first and best friends. Lucy died alone, killed by strangers, in a strange place, without her family, who were barred from being with her one last time.

Lucy was killed December 20th, 2007, days before Christmas, ripping a family apart and breaking the heart of young Liam, who would never play with his best friend again.  We will always remember this day and the murderous, compassionless scumbag city attorney David Kahn who ordered the death of this loving family dog based on her breed.  Never forgive, never forget!

Please contact Mr. Kahn and let him know that Lucy’s memory will live on and his treacherous and heinous acts will never be forgotten.

David Kahn, Esq.
Sunnyvale City Attorney
Sunnyvale City Hall
PO Box 3707
Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707

Fax: 1-408-730-7468
Phone: 1-408-730-7464

Click, print and Fax: 408-730-7468

Please feel free to click here for a larger version of this image, print, and politely fax  it to puppy killer David Kahn at 408-730-7468.

For More information on Lucy, click HERE

2 years ago

STOP/END BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)

2 years ago

Save Rocket from BSL
Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Cardinia Shire Council, and The Victorian State Government. Abolish Your BSL Laws and let the innocent, friendly dog Rocket go...

2 years ago

Petition to Rescind BSL in Paradise | Newfoundland's Dog Whisperer
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2 years ago

U.S. Representives: Introduce a bill to ban discrimination of pit bulls
Video courtesy of Miami Coalition Against BSL When I see how society has demonized pit bulls just because they are...

2 years ago

Ban and outlaw Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in the United States of America on a Federal level!.
Breed Specific Legislation should be considered a violation of our rights as stated in the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution! These laws are completely ineffective, biased and cause the loss of innocent family dogs based solely on their breed or physical characteristics! There are alr...

2 years ago

Posts about Iowa on Stop BSL
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2 years ago

The Government of Australia: Stop the Banning of the Pit bulls in Australia
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2 years ago

End the BSL: Abolish the Dog Restricted Breeds Regulations in the WA State Dog Act

2 years ago

Petition from 2010, still open


Take Action! Repeal the Breed Ban in Denmark
Animals  (tags: )
Nicole- 7 hours ago -

Danish Govt has passed a breed ban law, 13 breeds are now banned, and also any mix of these breeds. The Govt has introduced reverse burden of proof, so owners of Dogs that look like these breeds now have to prove that they are not, if they cannot prove
2 years ago

The Government of Australia: Stop the Banning of the Pit bulls in Australia


breeds banned in denmark
2 years ago

signed, FB and tweeted

odd that this country would ban certain dogs, since they have animal brothels to offer sick perverts.

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2 years ago

I need 25,000 Signatures to Stop Pitbull Dog Discrimination to White House USA


I need 25,000 Signatures to...
Hello Everyone!I need as many signatures to get President Obama and US Congress to remove Pitbull and...
start date: Dec. 25

2 years ago
Pitbulls have no fault
Pitbulls have no fault, humans do!!
start date: Dec. 23
2 years ago

Here is the link to copy and paste to your browser and sign it. Pass the word to many people. Thank you for all your support.




I need at least 500 to 1,000...
Copy and paste this link to your brower and sign the petition to Congress and President Obama. The...
start date: Dec. 15
2 years ago

Steve-O, STOP Promoting the 'Bully Breed's' Bad Image!


Steve-O, STOP Promoting the...
 A clip from the show 'Killer Karaoke' promoting to the piblic the 'bully breed's' 'bad' image...
start date: Dec. 12

2 years ago



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