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1 year ago
Left for dead: A dog at the shelter in Rawlins survived a bullet to the head and is up for adoption
Animal Control Officer Rob Fall has never seen a dog treated like the newest addition to the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter.
1 year ago

Pit bulls about town

Coming face to face with 20 pit bull terriers in a quiet street could be an alarming prospect for some.

But the Auckland Endurance Dog Association is out to change that perception.

The club's members can often be seen walking their dogs - most of which are pit bulls - en masse around Mangere Bridge.

And their numbers can turn a few heads, association president Ian Mrkusich says.

"It's quite foreign to people. Obviously because of the image of the breed people assume the worst."

The association also attracts a fair bit of attention on its regular training days, when the dogs are put to the test running on treadmills, pulling heavy tyres and performing other feats of strength.

"A lot of people sort of buzz out about it and people pop in and ask what we're doing," Mr Mrkusich says.

1 year ago

Glad he's alrignt and finds a good home.

1 year ago–-stop-verbal-violence-against-pit-bulls

Advocacy Overdrive – Stop Verbal Violence Against Pit Bulls | Dog Star Daily
The blog has a corresponding video at this link The cheapest version of violence is verbal. It can be dispensed with out any consequences many times and
No Kill Policy Puts Pa. Animals In Harm's Way
1 year ago
A recent change to a "no kill" policy has put animals at risk in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster is well known for the cruelty of their Amish puppy mills. The Humane League of Lancaster County has implemented a no kill policy that resulted in the layoff of their cruelty investigative officer.
1 year ago
Bill would toughen animal cruelty laws

Senate Bill 83 makes any first offense of cruelty to animals - that causes death or great harm - a fourth degree felony. Senate Bill 155 will expand the definition of extreme cruelty to include intentionally starving an animal – which will also make that a fourth degree felony.

1 year ago
The Graduation Myth: A Closer Look at Animal Cruelty and Human Violence
1 year ago

Yes Sandi, I wish we had more happy ending stories like this one 

1 year ago
Muskegon police: Pit bull puppy possibly burned, suffered from ...
Muskegon Chronicle - Heather Peters-6 hours agoShare
This photo of the pit bull, China, was taken Friday at Pound Buddies after it had ... The owners of the dog gave police different accounts of what ...
1 year ago
On Thursday, the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously voted to hold dog owners, rather than dogs, accountable for injuries which result from dog bites.
Dog bite bill passes the Maryland House
On Thursday, the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously voted to hold dog owners, rather than dogs, accountable for injuries which result from dog bites. Accor
1 year ago

Pit bull abandoned in Limestone County had 22-pound chain embedded in neck; authorities seeking owner

Abused Dog Athens.jpg

ATHENS, Alabama - The person who abandoned a scarred pit bull dragging a 22-pound log chain that was embedded in her neck is facing animal cruelty charges, and a California nonprofit group is posting a $1,500 reward to help authorities find the owner.

Since she was found Monday, Limestone County Sheriff's deputies have been going door-to-door in the Salem community in western Limestone County trying to find the dog's owner, Capt. Stanley McNatt said.

Rescued dogs ready for new homes
1 year ago

Two of the four mixed-breed pit bulls officials allege were left in a rental truck in frigid weather by a suspected serial dog abuser are ready to be adopted.

Read more:

Canadian legislator is trying to revive a bill to overturn Ontario’s pit bull ban
1 year ago
Canadian legislator is trying to revive a bill to overturn Ontario’s pit bull ban

People have been working hard trying to get Ontario’s pit bull ban overturned.  Bill 16, a bill to repeal the ban, had tri-party support and was moving forward towards its 3rd reading. Then a hitch occurred when Premier Dalton McGuinty effectively killed all bills at the time by stepping down.

MPP Randy Hillier is trying to regain support to bring Bill 16, or Hershey’s Bill, back to its status before this happened.

1 year ago


There are two sides to every story.

Earlier this week, a TV station ran a piece on two men from Justice Rescuewho were arrested after they allegedly took a pit bull illegally from a car lot in Philadelphia. Sounds awful, right? Sounds like these guys, who dress like bikers, ran into a yard, scooped up a family pet and rushed off. My God, what criminals? Yeah, sounds like that, but apparently that’s not the whole truth.

According to photos posted on Facebook, this dog wasn’t a family pet. It was a dog tied to a short chain. The dog had no water, no food, and was living in awful conditions. It’s hard to tell how long the poor pooch was confined under these conditions, but even for a few minutes, this is unacceptable.

Justice Rescue saw that. And they know things like that can't continue.

1 year ago
Jonesboro, GA: Mugsy is begging for his life today. Partners with Clayton County Animal Control is trying to save Mugsy and others in danger of being put to sle
1 year ago
Puppy, 3-month-old pitbull mix, shot in face on Cleveland's east side
Animal control officers in Cleveland were called to Gay Avenue Monday after someone reported a 3-month-old pitbull mix had been shot in the face.
1 year ago

Poor Mugsy how somebody can be so cruel???!!! Horrible !!! Thanks . I feel sorry for this other pit bull but hopefully he is doing well , Good luck

1 year ago

I hope theres a special place in hell for animal abusers!

1 year ago
Pit Bulls Much Less Aggressive Than Other Breeds, Study Says
Abandoned Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Named Wonky Suffers From Knuckling Of Carpal Joints
1 year ago

A puppy with deformed legs is looking for a new home after being callously abandoned.

The eleven-week-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier needs special care and attention as she attempts to recover from the horrifying joint “knuckling” that has ravaged her tiny body.

Since being brought to Dogs Trust a fortnight ago, the little hound has been affectionately named Wonky.

1 year ago

Stupid cruel people !!! Those sick animal abusers should be tortured !!Poor dogs , so sad . Thanks Patrizia

Feel free to share anything i post TY
1 year ago
When it comes to animal rights, humans are dumb

It’s getting to the point where I’m embarrassed to be human.

I wish there was an animal I could go talk to. I’d ask him or her forgiveness for all the stuff that humans do that simply doesn’t make sense.

I’m not asking for a lot, just common sense.

Just in this area, over the past few weeks, people who have helped animals seem to get the shaft, while people who actually hurt animals get a slap on the wrist.

Need proof?

In Chester County, this guy shot and killed his neighbor’s pets, two Bernese mountain dogs. The guy said that the young dogs were threatening his sheep, so he shot and killed them. It turns out police say he wasn’t telling the truth, and one of the second of the two dogs he shot was running away. Big man, tough guy, killing two dogs with a shotgun. How this guy lives with himself is a mystery to me.

After police said he did nothing wrong, they did a little more investigating and he’s now charged with cruelty to animals and reckless endangerment. Both are misdemeanors, so it’s likely he’ll receive a fine, a slap on the wrist and get on with his life. The dogs, meanwhile, are dead.

1 year ago
Broward County, FL proposing ban on "pit bulls"
. Barbara Sharief, the Vice Mayor of the Broward County Commission, was expected to introduce TODAY a motion to make it illegal to "own and keep" American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire ...
1 year ago




THLN was thrilled to learn that the lawsuit filed in an attempt to overturn the puppy mill law has been DISMISSED by an Austin Federal court!


The puppy mill bill, which THLN helped write and pass in 2011, was targeted for repeal by a lawsuit filed by some Texas breeders and the "Responsible Pet Owners Alliance" (RPOA).  Going into effect in late 2012, the puppy mill law provides for registration and regulation of Texas' large-scale commercial breeders in an effort to ensure that dogs and cats in these facilities are given minimum standards of care.

1 year ago
Pictures of the pit bull have circulated on social media for a few days now, showing an animal in heart-wrenching condition.

Malnourished, emaciated dog returned to North Texas owner
Pictures of the pit bull have circulated on social media for a few days now, showing an animal in heart-wrenching condition."That dog has not been cared for at all in a very long time," said Beverly Fyfe, a long-time animal advocate.
1 year ago
Blue, a dog who narrowly escaped being just 'another statistic'
Each day, countless dogs lose their life at animal "shelters" across the nation. Tragically, these dogs, who are so much more than just a number, wind up becomi
1 year ago
“It's like saying because I am blonde, I'm stupid. I'm not saying a dog can't be labeled as dangerous, but its breed can't be the criteria.”
1 year ago

Omg Patrizia i was just reading article about this poor dog Queenie and my eyes got loaded with tears , this is horrible ! I am glad this lady came back home and save Queenie . Poor dog . I hope they will charge this stupid idiot for animal cruelty !!

1 year ago

I am sick and tired of this stupid , sick monsters who is abusing poor innocent animals !!! I wish they will disappear from this world !!

1 year ago

Fantastic radio show pit bull advocate 

Coming up at 3:30pm Pacific time

We're back discussing things Advocates say. Are the things we say helpful or hurtful? Tune in Sunday  February 24th at 3:30 PM Pacific with Hosts Dogfather and Cheryl Huerta of Portland Pit Bull Project. Phone lines open at the start of the show so give us a call and sound off! 347-838-8615

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