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My Gift to You
4 years ago
| beautiful

My Gift to You

In the tough times of today we need to look inside,

we need inner Peace, before our world has died,
why do we run or look for places to hide?
why do we stress from the faces that lied?
Look deep into your Heart,into your soul
What do you Love,what is your Goal?
Send out those thoughts as you toil each day,
Who knows?Maybe a smile will come your way,
Try not to stress over what mean people say,
with Hate in their eyes,it's Love they can't stay...
Give a gift of Peace and Love from the Heart
Lifting the Spirits,and a Beautiful day to Start,
Share the Love when friends are Far apart,
Give a gift of Love,written from your Heart...

LonelySoul/ Michael Calkins /

Inner Peace
4 years ago

So beautiful is this poem. How much the world needs that inner peace. The more of us can keep it, the better the world will be...

4 years ago

That is a lovely poem, Krystyna.   We must make Peace in our hearts, then with others, and accept the world as it is.

1 year ago

Thank you so much



welcome back krystyna
1 year ago