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Help to close the Dolphin Tank at Manati Park Bavaro!!!
13 years ago
Starting back in 1999 the Dolphin tank at Manati Park Bavaro was investigated by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, who claimed that the living conditions of these dolphins are not acceptable. The issue of May 21st of Time Magazine stated Manati Park as:".. one of the world's most controversial facilities.." "Worse, critics charge that several dolphins have died prematurely at Manati because of toxic waters." According to CITES documentation only five of the original imported and captured eight dolphins are still there now. Almost 3.000 protest signatures have been handed over but the dolphin tank is still open, the owner even wants to add five additional dolphins to the tank next year. Photo copyright by Helene O'Barry At a further investigation from the World Society for the Protection of Animals beginning 2001 the responsible consultant pointed out: "It seems that these dolphins work harder and longer than all the dolphins I have ever seen before and since 40 years I am involved in that. They are mistreated and overworked and they live in a very small and confined area." We - the Undersigned - would therefore urgently ask you to do all in your power to convince the responsible authorities, that this mistreatment has to be stopped immediately and Manati Park is no longer making money out of the suffering of animals. We ask that the remaining dolphins are returned to the areas from which they were captured or rehabilitated in a natural environment. Sign now and urge closure of this horrible park! Please sign and don't forget to add more petitions!!
13 years ago
I have signed .... :)
End Dolphin Slaughtering in Japan
13 years ago
Every year, Japanese fishermen, with the support of the Japanese government, slaughter thousands of dolphins in a brutal manner. And now Japan plans to extend the hunt to include humpback whales! This practice is killing magnificent, feeling animals, and endangering dolphin and whale populations. Furthermore, this hunt is also hurting the people of Japan. Dolphin and whale dolphin meat sold to the Japanese public contains high levels of toxic heavy metals and organochlorines. Demand that Japanese law end this brutal slaughter of intelligent marine mammals and protect the health of the people of Japan. Please sign and thank you. Please add more activist alerts!
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