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links for saving dolphins before its toolate
11 years ago
Dolphin slaughter continues. The Wildlife Trusts urge support for Year of the Dolphin 19th February, 2007 As Chinese New Year (the Year of the Pig) approaches, The Wildlife Trusts urge support for the United Nations’ ‘Year of the Dolphin’. Threats for dolphins continue to rise. They face entanglement in fishing nets, marine pollution, starvation, deliberate hunting and disturbance from noise. In China, the Chinese river dolphin, the baiji, which lived in the Yangtze River for some 20 million years and was revered by the Chinese as the "goddess" of the mighty river, is now believed to be extinct. The baiji is the first large aquatic mammal to be declared extinct since the Caribbean monk seal was killed off by hunting and over-fishing over fifty years ago. Here in the UK 175 cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises or whales) were found dead on Cornwall’s beaches in 2006 by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Strandings Network ( - a startling 70% increase on the previous year – and in the last week alone, six more dead common dolphins were reported to the network. Lisa Browning, Marine Development Officer, The Wildlife Trusts, commented: “Seeing dolphins at play is a joyous spectacle, one never forgotten. Sadly, for many people, their first encounter with these wonderful animals is when they find a dead, mutilated dolphin on the beach rather than seeing them swimming free in the sea. Some are crushed to death in nets full of fish or, being air-breathing mammals like humans, suffocate or drown as they cannot surface to breathe.” Trained strandings volunteers of the Cornwall and Devon Wildlife Trusts photograph and record details of stranded marine animals, including external injuries that may indicate how the animal died. The volunteers also help secure and transport animals to veterinary laboratories for post mortem, in order to determine the cause of death. This information is then used locally, nationally and internationally to lobby Government departments responsible for the marine environment to take action to protect these animals. Joana Doyle, Marine Conservation Officer for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust says: “Our Marine Strandings Network volunteers are at the forefront of scientific research into the deaths of marine animals and it is thanks to their efforts that we are starting to piece together information about why dead dolphins are washing up on Cornish beaches. Without their tireless efforts vital evidence would not be collected and the battle to protect these animals could be lost.” For full details of how you can help The Wildlife Trusts’ Dolphin campaign, visit: If you live by the coast, keep a look out for dolphins and porpoises that you see washed up on the beach and report them immediately. In Cornwall, call the strandings hotline on 0845 201 2626; in Devon call 01392 279244. Story by Howard Park More Information Joan Edwards, Head of Marine Policy The Wildlife Trusts 01752 768995 07771 622473 Howard Park Press and Publications Officer Tel: 01636 670076 Fax: 0870 0360101 Email: Editor's Notes To view editor's notes you must be logged in as a member of the press. Click here to log in or click here to register. News Archive
11 years ago
Porpoises are Being Needlessly Slaughtered PetitionRight now, Japanese fishermen are killing thousands of dolphins and porpoises as part of their annual hunt. Between October and April, more than 20000 of ... Labeled Petitions Navy May Deploy Dolphins to Fend Off Ter... - Care2 News NetworkSAN DIEGO — Dozens of dolphins and sea lions trained to detect and apprehend waterborne attackers could be sent to patrol a military base in Washington ... - Feb 17, 2007 Stop Use of Dolphins in Mine-Hunting Operations PetitionWe, the undersigned, object to the US Navy’s use of dolphins in mine-hunting ... We believe that the dolphins’ safety, freedom and dignity are at stake. ... - Feb 18, 2007 Labeled Petitions dolphins - Care2 News NetworkTop Environmental News stories on global warming, wildlife, sustainable development, animals, nature, health, and more! Keep Tuna Safe for Our Families and for Dolphins PetitionBut some of these producers -- particularly in Ecuador and Mexico -- use practices that can hurt or kill dolphins and catch tuna with increased mercury ... - Feb 18, 2007 Labeled Petitions Animals & Pets: WHALES & DOLPHINS Group on Care2 ConnectWHALES & DOLPHINS: This is for all who love the joy & peace that whales and dolphins represent. WHALES & DOLPHINS is a community of Save Blind Indus Dolphins PetitionNote: This Save Blind Indus Dolphins petition was submitted
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