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Who Are The Elite???


Sunday September 5, 2010, 8:13 pm

The following is my comment found on our group promo articles' comment-line located here:


*My Volconvo Debate & Care2 Promo Comment:

I would like to basically dissect the term 'elitism' and begin a line of analysis here.

The root word of elitism or elitist is the word: elite.

The word elite generally refers to those who are usually born into a higher social order of class and cultural background; including higher intellectual education and training with its usual accompaniment of wealth, which translates into power.

Elitist is someone who believes that the views of the higher order are to be taken most seriously, due to their position of prestige within the society.

And furthermore, because of their social order of position, that they should become the ruling class of individuals, which makes up the larger bonding whole of their group.

Therefore by being accepted into the ruling class, their main responsibility would obviously be to govern over the lower classes of the masses, thus utilizing their supreme power, rule and role of authority.

It is possible for average businessmen to rise to an accepted position of the elite, but massive wealth would have to be a mandatory priority for any major transformation of this kind to ever take place.

However, those who are or become established in the upper-crust of society, usually are those who are the most susceptible to corruption and greed; thus only really thinking about themselves and of course their own political agendas, or about the needs of others within their social hierarchy group.

It becomes most probable that as their power and authority increases over the masses, then so shall their levels of corruption and greed likewise increase in tandem.


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"The United States Government Is Failing Its American People!" - Public Debate - @ Volconvo Debate Forums:

Who Are The Elite??? - New Care2 News to Note


Who Are The Elite???
Who Are The Elite???

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SirRobert - The Fifth Knight
- 36 minutes ago -

This post entry will better help us to identify the upper-crust of our social hierarchies across the globe. However with the Elitist title, there must surely follow in the wake of their wealth and power, a long trail of concealed greed and corruption.

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Sir Robert thanks so much for the information, you are always so intellectually ready for any topic and I love reading your posts and the links that you add also, once again- Thank you so much!!!!!!!!


Thank you Marley, but I am only doing my best, which is what everyone else should be doing all the time, in order to help secure our awareness, rights, liberties and freedoms.


I have sent you one green star and a friend request also.

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Human Self-Dooming Apathy

Human apathy is the most powerful tool in the Elitist quest for total domination and control over the mindless masses, but it is our duty, right and obligation within the very power-structure of nature itself, to refuse their efforts and not allow ourselves to become or remain apathetic any longer!

Therefore to challenge the current status quo paradigm shifts toward our final absorption and thereby finding ways to take action against their all-encompassing efforts, is the foremost way to defeat our tendency toward self-dooming apathy, which would obviously lead us toward the survival of our personal self-identities.

Regardless of what outcomes globalization may hold for us, the human race must retain its nature of individuality (possessing an internal and external self-identity) at all costs and under no circumstances whatsoever should it ever be relinquished without an all-out fight!!!


It's time for the Elite to stop their quest to become action figures, and turn into figures of action.

oh andrea you miss the point
the 'elites' inaction is thier action
alpart of the illusion
create the problem / get the reaction / create the solution


Dear sir T,

I'm scared of your crusader avatar, have I inadvertently joined a white supremacists christian fundamenatlist site? Seriously, these images give me the creeps.



dear nick
you are playing right into the hands of the elite when you think this way
the elite use symbolism to create suspicion , fear and panic
i'm sure sir robert won't mind me speaking on his behalf when i say that i see his avatar as a rallying call for a return to chivalry like the knights of old who stood for protection of the poor and weak against the tyranny of the robber barons
i must admit the image can be mistaken for the knights templar who started all this mess with the forming of banks
we need to get back to bartering

no, I'm not playing into the hands of anyone by voicing my concerns; I'm simply stating that I find such images frightening because they represent a reprehensible value system; jingoistic, sexist, christian, colonial and so-on. Perhaps this isn't the site for me but I will await Sir T's reply.


THAT is exactly my point , your fear of the image . you must look past that . i'm surprised at your obsession with it considering your background . you question the sites motives , have you actually watched any of the posted vids ??? if you do you will know what this group is about
freedom from the corporate slave mind control

culture and empire

you miss my point entirely; I've watched some of the videos and read some of the posts. All visual images have a culturally laden meaning as do the words we use - if this site is about freedom from 'mind-control' it's important for me to know which cultural signifiers are chosen for that endeavour and why. Your assumption that my reaction is 'playing into' someone's hands is equally applicable to your reaction to the image; all communication relies on the transference of the transmitter's intended meaning and the interpretation of those inputs by the receiver.

the truth is there for those who seek it

regarding your heading , personally i do NOT see the link between culture and empire
culture is the art and identity of a nation
empire is rule over the masses by the elitist few via slavery [ brutal or passive ]
i hope you have checked out the osama bin laden post as THAT will show you what we are up against