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"Tell G-8 Leaders: Add Human Rights, Ethics And Freedoms To The Globalization Process Today!"
5 years ago
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"Tell G-8 Leaders: Add Human Rights, Ethics And Freedoms To The Globalization Process Today!" - Petition to Read, Sign & Share

"Tell G-8 Leaders: Add Human Rights, Ethics And Freedoms To The Globalization Process Today!" - Petition to Read, Sign & Share

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SirRobert - The Fifth Knight
- 12 minutes ago -

This is one of the most important petitions that you will ever see in your lifetime, so please take action today in order to insure that our future becomes what we need it to be and not just what is being forced upon us by a running headlong status quo!

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Ok, but...
5 years ago


I'm not suggesting that we not sign, by all means sign. But know and understand that Globalization will still be elitist, we would still be handing over our freedom and well-being to governments that are utterly corrupted by corporations controlled by international bankers.

Check out the Michael Badnarik stuff on youtube. And check out that "Must Watch" video that I posted.

5 years ago

The reason for my decision to take this particular avenue with this petition, was because there is currently no suggestions on how to effectively stop the globalization process at this particular moment in time.


But until the public is awakened to the elitist short-comings, then we must first awaken the sleeping masses with truth, then move to eliminate or transform this dragon of ultimate and final change!


I expect some effort from other group members that are currently here now and from those who are yet to join.


We need ideas, coordination and structure first, because with that our group can endure.


Thank you for noting my Care2 article:


And signing the Petition:

5 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to Alim because you have done so within the last week.

5 years ago

Thanks goes out to everyone who can see this dilemma and recognize the hazards of its immense potential for doing good, or that it could also lead us toward the evils of human slavery within the international sweat shops!


*Please read, sign and share the petition located through the following customized short-link:


Thank You!

Petition & Care2 Promo Article Update:
5 years ago

This Care2 Article just made it to Front Page with 33 Notes, so I thank everyone very much!


I also just sent an e-mail to Dr. Robert P. Watson, PhD - c/o Lynn University - Coordinator for American Studies, which we have had previous correspondence, so I am more friendly in my writing:


Dear Dr. Robert P. Watson, PhD;

Yes it's me again, but this time I have come to blow your mind!

If I did not think this to be worthy of your attention, then I would not waste either of 'our' time on it.

*Please review the following:

Petition > "Tell G-8 Leaders: Add Human Rights, Ethics And Freedoms To The Globalization Process Today!" - @

*Customized Petition Short-Link to Share:


*Note: Volconvo Debate Forums has page-turning icons located at the top and bottom of each debate page.

> Public Debate: "The United States Government Is Failing Its American People!" - Page 1, Post Entry #1 - @ Volconvo Debate Forums:

*Customized Debate Short-Link to Share:

> Public Debate: "The United States Government Is Failing Its American People!" - Page 3, Post Entry #47 - @ Volconvo Debate Forums:


> C2NN Care2 Promo Article with Comment-Line:


Your time and effort regarding this crucial matter is greatly appreciated!

Sincerely,  Robert I. Marsh II (SirRobert - The Fifth Knight)

Petition Update: Hot!!!
5 years ago

Current Petition Status: 101 Signatures, 20 Facebook Shares, 16 FB 'Likes', 4 Tweets (Twitter is having problems today!), and 47 E-mail Invites sent out in only 24 hours!


Let us keep up the good work here today!!!


RE: The listed petition in my signature blurb located at the very bottom:

I originally had this petition targeted to go directly to the G-8 Headquarters Office Bldg. as most people would try to do, but then I became amazed to find out that there is absolutely NO direct line of communication between THEM and US . . . No G-8 Headquarters whatsoever; therefore I was forced to route this petition through one of their associate organizations, yes The Council on Foreign Relations (Global Affairs) in order to petition the G-8 roving band of policy deciders!

The whole world is seemingly in some sort of blind acceptance of globalization . . . whatever may come type of attitude, but there has been a tremendous oversight made on all of our parts, because if you look into this very carefully you will find "all that glitters is not gold".

Many of the countries that are linking up to the globalization process are used to hard labor work forces with 16 hour days and 6-7 days a week, and I have a feeling this will eventually increase to 24/7/365 in our lifetimes.

So it would be a real good idea to find out what we (each nation) are quickly drifting toward . . . of course while we still have a chance and say about it, that is!

Please share this customized link: "Tell G-8 Leaders: Add Human Rights To The Globalization Process!" : - Petition @

5 years ago

i'm probably gonna bore people with this but there are 14 million plus of us on here
how the hell is it only 110 [ last count ] signatures ??
seems selfish self interest is rearing its ugly head

Hi !
5 years ago

Those 14 million people are not all United States citizens !!

g8 and human rights
5 years ago

aletta i would like to think that the 14 million [ i hope truly caring ] members on here do not think '' oh as i am not a U S citizen i'll not bother '' or vice versa
human rights stands for ALL and the G8 profess to meet in our interest therefore it is important for ALL members to sign

g8 etc.
5 years ago

Stephen , I know but the petition want s your zip code etc , I did sign but faked the zip code , just a little white lie !

response to aletta
5 years ago

that's strange as i'm UK based and don't recall having that problem when i signed [ though i have already signed other petitions at CHANGE. ORG ]
good for you in bending the rules to get the message across
it has already been revealed that the G8 are un- approachable as they hide behind the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS

It is impossible to please everyone all the time!
5 years ago

That is exactly what this petition is designed to do . . . is send a message, one that is not even being touched upon by the general population of America or most other nations around the world.


I am agonizing even now over wanting to have produced a right-wing 100% anti-globalist attack petition, however I am a realist and therefore realize that under the current worldwide regimes, a full frontal assault would be completely ignored by most moderates and by the G-8, CFR, and especially by President Obama!


On this petition, I have posted an Obama video resource, that clearly shows that Obama says "There is no turning back now" to globalization.


At this moment in my concentrating state of mind and although I know that this petition is the only way to awaken the masses to the evils of globalization (and you will not usually be effective in jerking people awake by force), so if someone takes the time to actually read this petition, they would soon come to realize that I am casting deep and dark shadows of doubt upon something that the majority is truly embracing with all hope.


There are not 14 million people on Care2 and never have there been, because since I've joined, I can only account for perhaps several hundred active members and most are sporadic in their activities on this site!


One of our members suggest that I change the group name, but does not offer an alternative. I could change it to Anti-Globalist, but I also realize that for every name change there will be someone else with another strong suggestion to change it to something else:


I must be careful not to lose my motivation, because I am definitely seeing a doom and gloom outlook upon widespread human apathy and fear we have already lost the battles and the war.


People are sleepwalking in complete ignorance into the fires final doom and since I have some understanding of psychology, therefore I am being forced to go this avenue.


Since there are actually a few active members on Care2 at any given moment, then could anyone reading this take this petition to "My Space" or some other social networking site???


Please come up with a way to support this petition as being the 1st level of wake-up call, and I realize that is exactly what it is designed to be and nothing else.


Hopefully others will begin to question globalization's validity and take charge of further campaigns to fight this all encompassing evil and very soon I would hope for!!!???!!!???


You catch my drift here and of that I am certain.


Thank you for your assistance!

human rights
5 years ago

sir bob
i feel for you but please do NOT think that whsat you are doing is RIGHT WING
my understanding of right wing is that it serves the self interests of the elite
there is no left or right and that belief is what enslaves us
the left and right are the same enemy of freedom and peace
if they were different they would not be preaching the same thing politicians are the ones who use fear to control us whilst fermenting wars to make profits for the military industrial complex
we the people have got to withdraw our support
no longer must we send our children to war
no longer must we finance the corporate controlled government
i am surprised at your ststement regarding the number of members on this site
i must admit i have my suspicions regarding these butterfly credits as there is no way of finding out if we are REALLY doing good by our actions on here
i hope the petittions achieve thier goals but as to the rest i have my doubts
please don't give up sir bob

5 years ago

If nothing else from my personal experience on Care2, at least when we publish petitions or news articles they are projected out onto the Internet servers for display and response, but in order to have a genuine impact you must take your created material to Facebook, Twitter ... etc. and other public forums.


I have yet to find a 'do all' site with greater impact than building your own personal information display pyramid using multiple sites . . .


And I sincerely believe that the powers that be are controlling this exact Internet information dilemma!

5 years ago

i entirely agree
i note how they target individuals if they motivate a lot of people to protest
apathy and self agrandisement are the only things stopping the net being shut down
too many lonely voices in the wilderness
even though i know my every move is tracked when i am online i personally prefer not to use social networking sites because of the things i've mentioned
i cant be bothered to deal with all the opinionated haters who just repeat parrot like what the media has brainwashed them with
that and the sychophantic cult of personality worship

My Biscuits Are Burning!
5 years ago

So shall we just burn down the old house and rebuild a new one someday???

5 years ago

Please check out these two links:


Human Rights Are Ignored By Globalization And You Can Make An Impact Today!  - @ Volconvo Forums:


Thank You!

roman architecture
5 years ago

well if roman style architecture doesn't upset your aesthetics perhaps not [ it would be both pollutive and rather wasteful
considering the size we could maybe give a few rooms to the less fortunate
i've checked those two links already btw good sir
and my dinner is burning so i gotta run

5 years ago

Folks, if the CFR is behind G-8, then the petition is falling on deaf ears. The CFR themselves are a group of private elite - they already KNOW that human rights, ethics, and freedoms are dissolved by globalization - THAT'S THE POINT. That's their goal, to eradicate rights and freedoms.

There is really only one remedy, and that is the freeman stuff. Opt out of the system. Turn off the TV. Learn the real laws, learn your rights, learn WHO YOU ARE. That's what I'm trying to do at present.

Here's a couple of my favorite vids that illustrate THE PROBLEM:

And here's some documents that give a glimpse at THE SOLUTION: (Canadian focussed - but it's the same in the States) (LOOONG)

Doc that give more detail on the solution:

For the rest, you'll have to register at

I'm sorry, but I really don't see another way out, than to unplug from the system.

non compliance is the key
5 years ago

bang on alim
i try to be as little involved as possible
i don't vote [ haven't for the last 30 years ]
pay my taxes as there is no other way if i accept use of police fire etc
yep it's gonna be hard decision to make but like the bible says leave the cities when the great tribulation comes
hopefully i'll find some good people to link up with

But First We Must Awaken The Sleeping Masses - Gently At First!!!
5 years ago

Human Rights Are Being Ignored By Globalization And You Can Make An Impact Today!
Human Rights Are Being Ignored By Globalization And You Can Make An Impact Today!

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SirRobert - The Fifth Knight
- 29 minutes ago -

There is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that our future will be protected against human rights violations under the unethical globalization policies in effect today! If you are satisfied with gambling your family's future, then don't bother here.

hot!!!  |  3 comments  |  5 notes