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America is Doomed
America Is Doomed
Prophecy From October 2011 - Now Coming To Pass

When this time comes they will remember these words (the time has now come, tem years later):

Choose you this day whom you will serve, YHWH or Satan, LIFE or utter DESTRUCTION, says YHWH! And if you choose unwisely, destruction comes quickly O’ Babylon. Babylon WILL fall in most of your lifetimes.

Do you not enjoy the freedoms I have blessed you with, the green grass, trees, the blue sky, the oceans, the purple mountains majesty? Do you desire to continue to enjoy what I have blessed you with from my infinite bounty? If you do, then I suggest you no longer be complacent regarding my sacred commandments, and show forth fruit of true repentance, or verily, verily I say unto you America, you shall surely fall, and not by the hand of Satan, but by me, says YHWH.

Obama Speaks And The Financial Markets Tumble! - Yes, We're Doomed!!!


Regardless of politics 'as usual', we need ... NO we must demand the plan that President Obama did endorse and promise within Campaign 2008, which was to ....


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Watch President Obama brush everything under-the-rug, such as the unemployment crisis, the debt crisis, and the infrastructure crisis, as he ignores all the most serious ills and solutions he 'should' be enacting! Is this all He's got? OMG WE'RE DOOMED!!!