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3 years ago

> "Poll: 72% Say U.S. Headed Wrong Way" --

"As the nation suffers from a generally gloomy outlook, most U.S. citizens don't have confidence that President Barack Obama will be successful in bringing about change needed to improve economy ..." -- @ Politico & Facebook:

You will find that these poll results will not only remain consistent over time, but they will decisively reflect a worsening trend and effect against President Barack Obama as we enter 2012!!!


Simple Equation: Obama 2012 = $$Non-Sustainable!!
3 years ago


We simply cannot afford 'Four More Years'. ... PinkMindy.



- 20 hours ago -

There are always at least two ways of looking at any campaign ad, however if you fail to perceive more than just one perception, then it's definitely time to remove those rose-colored glasses and go figure!

Simple Equation: Obama 2012 = $$Non-Sustainable.

Obama's Solyndra Scandal Deepens - DOE CEO Resigns
3 years ago


There is most definitely more to come out of this suspicious situation, because whenever officials leave their posts when the heat is on, it is a clear indication and signal that corruption exists somewhere in that system! ... PinkMindy.



- 22 hours ago -

The Obama Administration's chief official CEO Jonathan Silver at the center of the Solyndra controversy is leaving the DOE. He became the focus for an ongoing investigation into the failed $535M bankruptcy. Solyndra is a major Campaign 2008/2012 fundraiser.

Obama's Solyndra Scandal Reeks Of The Chicago Way @ Chicago Tribune
3 years ago


This article has been published by Obama's hometown newspaper ... The Chicago Tribune, which should be covering his back, so that tells you something is definitely wrong involving the 'Solyndra Scandal'!! ... PinkMindy.



US Politics & Gov't

PinkMindy - 22 hours ago -


The Solyndra scandal has cost American tax-payers at least $535 million dollars in a failed bankruptcy loan agreement and it doesn't smell fresh and green either!

A continuing investigation into recently released White House e-mails is currently underway.



New Alternative Obama News Digest - 10.04.11
3 years ago
| "News to Note" & Forward


It looks as though President Obama needs 3 items in order to be reelected in 2012:

#1. A new speech writer.

#2. A new Campaign 2012 manager.

#3. A time-machine in order to go backward into 2009 and fix all of his earlier mistakes!!

Then he might get reelected. ... PinkMindy.



- 39 minutes ago -

Americans broadly expect President Obama to be a one-term president in the wake of the Solyndra scandal and extremely low job approval that he's been receiving over the past seven months or more, in regard to a continued failing economy & unemployment.