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The Inner Language of Dreams
5 years ago
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The unconscious communicates by creating  or weaving a rich tapestry of images and symbols, some of which come from the fabric of our personal views and daily realities, in its efforts to
communicate with the ego portion of your personality. These symbols can
also rooted in the rich field of the emotional contents found in our own

The rich field of images and symbols can be mined from any of the many aspects of our life, even our daydreams, or fantasies, all of which is fair game
for the unconscious to use if it can convey information that reaches
some level of our conscious awareness. Just as with any language, there
can be many words to describe one or several things at the same time, so
symbols can transmit several meanings all at once, often giving us a
multi-level teaching.

If you wish to understand a culture other than your own, from any country in the world, one of the best ways to do that is to learn the language of
that culture.  By learning its language, you begin
to grasp the subtleties and nuances, the ideals and philosophies and
the very fabric of that culture. This gives you insights into how the
people got the where they are today. Learning the local language also
enables you to communicate with the people in that culture, thereby
enriching your own experiences in ways that can also move and change
you. It adds to who you are, as it adds to whomever you meet from that
culture in any way shape or form.

Imagine yourself in China, Tibet, or any of many foreign places, and having to learn some of the language in order to ask directions (and actually get
them), or ask for food, etc or... Now, instead of learning the language
because you don't understand it, you declare that since it makes no
sense to you, it's a whole lot of nonsense, and you further declare that
it therefore has no value to you or anyone because of these things. Not
very logical is it? Well, there are many people who consider the same
towards dreams and the language of dreams.

Learning the language of your dreams in particular will enrich you in ways that can have profound effects on many levels. And the best way to learn this
language is to write it down. Now since not many classrooms allow you
to sleep in order to learn anything, it can prove to be one of the
easiest of lessons to undertake. Try that in regular classrooms!!

One of the greatest keys in learning these lessons is perseverance, exactly the same as in learning any foreign language. You don't expect to learn
Russian or French, or any other language simply by wishing it. You
already expect to be able to ‘get it' after being in the classroom for a
while, and the same patience in learning dream language should apply.
And since you have been dreaming even before you were born, whether you
recall your dreams or not, then such lessons will move along more
quickly than you think.

Since the major aspects of this dream language consists primarily of a combination or mixture of emotion filled imagery, it's relatively easy to get
acquainted with the symbols, as well as making some sense of them.  The
more effort on our part, the easier it gets as well. The apparent
mystery gets clearer and makes more sense. We can learn this language,
and its more than simply learning a language of images and emotions.. as
if we are little more than translators. This is a powerful ‘living',
interactive language of the psyche.

You don't merely have to wake up and write, as if there is no other interaction involved from your part. This rich blend of living symbols interacts
with you. You are not merely some sort of secretary for your psyche. The
following is perhaps a crude example, but it may make enough sense to
get the idea across. For instance you may be mulling over some
challenge, a family or work place situation, a dilemma presently in your
life, and you can ask your dream self to help you resolve this while
you sleep.

While you are pleasantly sleeping on your bed, you are also simultaneously engaged with various aspects of the dream reality. You build symbols from the
rich bed of inner reality in ways that may tap into resources,
experimenting with solutions to your dilemma from the depths of the
unconscious, working out variables and probabilities perhaps too complex
for the conscious mind to fully grasp.

As you process the