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Dreams are Soul Talk
5 years ago
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In your dream world, you connect with your soul, travel to other dimensions, resolve issues, set directions, and so much more...

Our dreams are work and play combined.... when we enter the dream world, we create an opening for our spirit - and others - to connect with us.
Every element of a dream has meaning, so dreams are worth divining,
deserving understanding!

Dreams are the stuff that life is made of....

Dreams are a part of our heritage, the way our souls have spoken to us from the beginning of time. And from the beginning, every culture, every community has harbored a wide range of
beliefs and superstitions around dreams.

          Dreams are one of the great mysteries of life....

As a species, we have yet to unlock the key to our dream worlds. Despite the fact that so many of us see the value in dreaming and wish to be conscious of our activities in the
dream dimensions, most of us still feel that we enter some sort of
fantasy land when we sleep. While some believe our dream life is as real
as waking life and actively seek ways of controlling what occurs while
they sleep, few actually make the connection between what happens in
waking life and what occurs in sleep.

In the 90’s both psychologists and parapsychologists gave accepted that our dreams contain the content of our daily lives.... dreams are one of the first ways that psychic
ability will manifest.

Learning to remember and to “mine” our dreams is a very useful process. Throughout history, native communities have deliberately traveled to their dream worlds as a group, to resolve
issues, or set directions based on what the group has dreamt the future
holds....many important scientific discoveries can be rooted in events
that occurred in the dream world.


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