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Healing Power of Dreams
5 years ago
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The Study of Dreams and Dream Analysis is one of the cornerstones of modern day Jungian Analysis, having a profound impact on our understanding of human
motivations, interactions and existence. It is a potent tool that helps
people resolve past issues and move on with their lives.

Being a channeler and ‘student' of consciousness for nearly 23 years now, I've come to appreciate the adventures we undertake when we release our bodies to
sleep. With a bit of practice anyone can easily recognize what it is
he/she does as sleep takes us away…  where our consciousness goes, what it does, what  journeys we explore.

In the vast dimensions we call dreams, we do more than hallucinate or invent insanities. Truly a grand adventure awaits us every night. The sometimes strange world of
dreams becomes more domesticated when we start to understand the rich
tapestry of symbolism dreams weave and use as a ‘language' base to
communicate with the conscious portions of our self, namely the ego.

By this I do not mean that you rush out to the nearest bookstore and buy books like ‘One Thousand Dreams Interpreted for You'. In fact, overall, such books may
prove counter productive in the long run, because such books describe
symbols in a very generic manner, if at all. Not everyone understands
the same thing from a common image, nor can a book actually understand
the depth of your own life and the often complex personal issues that
enable the (your) unconscious to manufacture the images and symbols it sends to you personally in your dealings with specific life challenges.

Personally, dreams have been a tremendous factor in helping resolve and heal past family situations, some of which were quite traumatic and painful. There is a
particular set of dreams that span several years in which old wounds and
previously unresolved issues were carefully worked out with my
stepfather after he passed away.

The focus of the ‘step father series' was to heal and bring us to understand our lives (and the underlying reasons why we shared this family) so that we can move
forward, as well as return to a place of love that was not possible
while he was still living. This also served to open up to energies that
helped my channeling unfold.

Our hope therefore is to help guide you to understand dream symbols in a manner that suits your needs and experiences
  that you can work with and thus enrich your relationship
with your Higher/Inner Self.


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