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MY CHILD, IT STARTS WITH YOU / A dream of Peace /
4 years ago
| beautiful


I want to tell you my Child
so a long way off to each other,
so many countries divide us.
But the clouds are the same,
the same flowers smell,
our thoughts're the same,
we dream about the same trees ...

We go seperate through the life,
so a long way off,
but however so close ...

I give you a flowering peach today
my little Child -
Peace blossoms from the mind ...
The fragrance of flowers
spreads Peace in the World.

Be at Peace my little Child -
May your dreams be full of laughter,
May you wake to a new future,
When All'll live in Peace.

My Child, it starts with you ...

Listen my little Child :
Peace like a soaring rainbow
falls in your hands ...

Look in the darkness
giving birth to the sun ...
Never let the sun set angry,
Stay at Peace.

Peace is something the World should share.
Peace is the saying I love you worldwide.
Peace is a World where fear is no more.
Peace is a dream
of which the human race longs.

Peace is when All stop hurting,
the World stops burning ...
Peace is when we All live as One.

Remeber my Child, it starts with you.

/ Krystyna  Postawa /