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I dreamt ...
5 years ago
| beautiful

I dreamt about a wood full of animals, flowers, singing birds, clear rivers, colourful leaves on the trees and on the ground ... I dreamt that autumn's colourful leaves felt down to the ground, and I walked onto them like on a beautiful carpet.
Here, in Poland,we have our Polish "Indians summer", too. I love it!
I dreamt : we all, people living on the Earth, sit around a fire place.
The evening is coming : the sky shows lot's of stars, which winkle to us friendly... I hear the wind whispearing - listen, the wind tells about the beauty of the nature around,about trees, about flowers, about meadows, rivers,about birds flying to the heaven,about all animals waiting for our love,... about us. We can hear it with our hearts, with the eyes of our souls ...
We are sitting around the fire place, so near each other... We are happy, so happy, that we are the part of the beautiful nature... We are talking, singing, dancing in the rhytm of our souls - like these colourful leaves dancing in the air... Our hearts are happy. We have all what a man needs on the Earth. We have the beautiful nature, we understand her and she understands us... We have friends, who feel the same like we.
What more needs a man on the Earth?!
Yes,I had a nice dream ...

/ Krystyna Postawa /