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News and articles on population
4 years ago

This is a thread for news and other articles that refer to population matters. Please post links to news here!  My thanks in advance to you for posting.

Overpopulation: the real inconvenient truth
4 years ago

Here is an article posted by Cher C:

"Overpopulation: The Real Inconvenient Truth"

Center for Biological Diversity campaign
3 years ago

Here is an article posted by Brian M:

"100,000 Endangered Species Condoms Shipped to 50 States Publicizing Link Between Overpopulation, Species Extinction"

The Center for Biological Diversity has been running this as part of its campaign on human population - it recognizes that large human population sizes are a common contributing factor to negative impacts on other species.
3 years ago

Here is an article from World Population Day, highlighting the importance of family planning:

3 years ago

Sir Bob Geldof calls for women to have fewer children:


" Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has rejected a call by Bob Geldof for people to have fewer children to help ensure there is enough food for future generations.

OMG - this Sheik ...!
3 years ago

OMG - this Sheik of the UAR is adulated as "Highness"(!) by his followers, but has no idea, that his knowledge is miles below today's standards. Bob Geldof is totally right - particularly in order to alleviate the immense pressure of mankind, under which the biodiversity of our earth is suffering more and more.

3 years ago

Thanks Dietrich, I agree that Bob Geldof is making a good point. The world needs smaller families, to help save the planet!


Thank you for posting!


Over populated planet.
2 years ago

Wow, people I can talk to on this subject, without receiving wierd looks, lol. Not only will it benefit the the enviroment and other species, but I think it'll make people more compassionate, &
build a closer family unit!

2 years ago

Thanks Lisa, I think that is a very good comment! Yes I think it is all about helping to create a better, more caring and compassionate world for all species.

2 years ago

Here is a link to a recent Care2 Causes article on population, called "Human overpopulation threatens our survivial":


2 years ago

Here is a link to a recent Care2 Causes article on population, called "9 ways to keep the global population under 9 billion":

2 years ago

Thanks so much for the articles. In order for people, animals, and all the forests to live in peace, we must start DECREASING the world's population NOW!

1 year ago

Here is an article by Alexandra Paul on the "Daly News", in which she highlights the issue of human population size and advocates for smaller families:


In the article, she writes that
"I believe that we must stabilize and then lower the world population if humans are to survive on this planet. If advocating a culture that encourages smaller families is offensive, then I must offend. Too much is at stake to be polite."

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