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Over-Population is a Myth?
2 years ago

'well first off, the idea of over population is not accurate. Because, really, the entire population of the world, if they stood shoulder to shoulder, could fit into the entire city limits of Jacksonville.'.


Hmmmm, so the moment we'll admit to overpopulation by this logic, is when the entire world is forced to stand shoulder to shoulder? It seems to go right over her head that each human being takes up several acres of land. Not to mention from having watched this show on occassions (can't stand to watch it anymore), all her kids seem to love this idea of a large family, and want to all have very large families of their own! Can you imagine what their family tree could look like several generations from now if they continue with this trend?!?!? She among others are also the reason why I am against home schooling with their indoctrination.


Hate to say it but humans take up a lot more than the allotted .75m we get to stand in Jacksonville (and yes I actually did just calculate the size of jacksonville by the world population set at 7 billion).

2 years ago

Personally, I think she is one of the most selfish people I have ever heard of. This may seem harsh but seriously, she chooses to focus only on her and her "amazing and beautiful" family and doesn't look to see how so many others including people and animals are suffering due to overpopulation. And if she loves kids so much she and her husband could have adopted 19 kids!!! Yes, I am very aware that it is a difficult process but if she cared about and loved kids as much as she says she does she would have been able to do it. And if you adopt from foster care there are many benefits such as getting your money back for the home study and for adopting the children plus if adopting children with disabilities the state will often pay for any extra costs for the child such as therapy. This may sound really cheesy, especially from someone who is only 17, but my dream in life is to adopt children. I have wanted this since I was 13 when I realized just how much children in foster care go through (and children in other countries in orphanages). I want to adopt older children and children with disabilities because they have a much harder time getting adopted, so that I can give them a life that they could have never had if not adopted. I don’t understand how she thinks bringing more children into the world is good when there are so many children in the world who don’t have a place to permanently call home.

2 years ago

I have to agree on the selfishness part. She goes beyond being completely ignorant of the rest of the world, and teaches her kids to do the same. Not to mention her statement that 'we need more kids' because kids are like flowers??.......okayyyyyy. I am for the idea of zero population growth, and people keeping within 2 biological children. I also like her also mentioning that they 'always buy used cars'. You mean a used BUS?!? Not sure how much you've seen the show...but yes...they own a yellow school bus cause it's the only this they'll all fit in! Doesn't matter if it's used when you're driving a bus!


Overpopulation aside though, I feel sorry for the kids just for the fact that she can't give her kids the individual attention that she needs, because she has so many! Kind of makes me think of this scene from 'Horton Hears a Who' (skip to 1:40)


I'm 18 and I must say, I'm already set on wanting a bunch of foster kids, and preferably teens! I don't know, I personally love the age group where they are independent, and I don't have to compromise my work life to take care of them. I'm planning to start that process hopefully by the time I'm 23. Could be a bit akward dating and all and having a guy come over, and trying to explain the fact that I have a bunch of teenagers, but he'll just have to live with that fact!


2 years ago

I COMPLETELY agree with everything you said. And that video demonstrates perfectly that when you have so many kids it is impossible to devote the time to each child that they need and deserve. That is awesome that you want to foster! Foster parents are needed very badly and like you said fostering teens would make some things a lot easier since you would not have to stay home with them or pay for a babysitter. I would also love to foster, however I know I would get attached and would not be able to give any of the kids up, so I will have to stick with adopting.

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