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4 years ago


Welcome To All Members!
4 years ago

Hi Sue, thank you for joining and thank you for the support you give by becoming a Member. Not only to you Sue, but to all my friends who have recently joined I thank you all for your time and interest in such a important Cause.


There will be regular updates and all I ask is that you invite people to join our Group and more importantly keep sharing the two Petitions and the moving Video, (links on the page) as this is what is needed right now for us to seek Justice for all the elderly Victims who were severely Abused. Thank you.

4 years ago

Hi Sharon;

After recieving your invite I am happy & yet sad in joining. Happy to be joining such an worthwhile group yet sad due to the fact that Child Abuse still exist along with domestic abuse. As a former abused child myself, I have also seen abuse happening to othere's when I was a police officer, followed by my training for the Ministry & my internship in abuse shelter's to achieve my counseling degree as a Grief & Crisis Counselor. I have made it a goal in my life to help as many people as Our Lord will allow. For many year's the topic's of child abuse & domestic abuse has been classified as taboo & swept under the carpet at the expense of all of the survivor's. I Praise God that finally the cloud's have lifted & the truth exposed. Sharon I am so very proud of you for all that you have done & continue to do. You are truly a lighthouse where instead of ship's you instead are helping people. I am at your disposal. Anything you need of me just ask & I'll do my best to help
On a personal note. I'm 58 year's old & a widower. I lost my wife & son 33year's ago in a terrorist attack. I was a Pulpit Minister until 2001 when I answered the call to work @ Ground Zero for 4 1/2 month's which has caused a profound effect upon me. Now I am in Pastorial Care where I am out of hospital's, clinic's etc I am on a task force fighting Child & Domestic Abuse. I haven't remarried yet because I've been looking for someone to share my dedication to other's & I've learned from 9-11 that one should never rely on tomorrow because there may not be a tomorrow. Instead do your best to touch live's, help other's & make a change with everyday we have.

4 years ago

Hi I'm Scarlett, I will do what ever I can in support of this very important group! I hate abuse of any kind, I am a victim. Abuse is life long suffering and struggle. Thank you Sharon for starting this group. I am a friend of Franks and hooked up from his page.

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Hi David & Scarlett
4 years ago

I would like to offer a warm welcome to David and Scarlett, two of our most recent Members here. I personally thank you both so much for joining (as I do  all members) our very small, but humble Group which, although in it's infancy, will provide benneficial information, support and friendship for those who wish to discuss and share anything they wish, which no doubt will benefit Survivors/Victims in a positive way.


Dear David

I must say firstly, how taken back I was when I read, then carefully absorbed your message. I feel, personally, very honored to have you as a Member and feel your presence here would not only be a asset to our Group, it would also encourage others to communicate and find the courage to do so, as what you have shared with us is so giving and brave, and I sincerely thankyou for that. What you have survived through yourself is extraordinary, I commend you deeply, and the fact you are willing to help others, and reach out your hand like that, is very moving, Very selfless indeed. These acts of Human nature, are what is lacking these day's, they are very rare although it's people like you, and Scarlett, who restore my faith in Man.


I am truly sorry for all you've experienced on your journey through Life David. When you mention you have witnessed abuse in your work enviroment also, this does not surprise me at all. Abuse comes in many forms, and takes on many roles. Abuse happens in the work enviroment, where staff treating eachother badly are not always aware of the missery and pain they may cause their peers, so this I recognize and it should be recognized in societey as a whole, along with Domestic Abuse, Elderly Abuse and Child Abuse.


Dear Scarlett

thank you so much for your message. Wow, I am truly overwhelmed with the messages I have received from you and David, two wonderfull and very brave individuals.


I am so sorry to learn you to are a Victim of Abuse. I prefer to say 'Survivor' as that is exactly what you, and many others are! YOU Survive every day, but it is not without pain, trauma, struggles Physically/Mentally e.c.t.- whether you are aware of this, or subconsciously block these issues out, this is exactly what you do to survive. You find your own coping mechanisms, sometimes you cope, often you don't. You take the good with the bad, and for some who manage, they can acheive some sort of happiness and contentment. It is possible. Also, it is essential to have a good support network in place, or at least good friends, family and a Group such as this one where you know that should you wish, you have that freedom and choice to share and express yourself freely.

We must alway's remember those who never Survived Abuse. Those who have passed, those who ended their lives, gave up, or just felt there was no way out. Many do not have Family, Friends or support of any kind. So if you do, count your blessings, pray for those who don't and remember you are a 'Survivor' you did not come this far without struggle and pain. I wish you peace and love throughout your day's.



4 years ago

Sharon I thank you for those kind word's. In many way's it is thru our own life experiences that make's us effective in helping other's who are going thru similar circumstance's. We know the pain where someone else has no clue of what's it like. I would like to see stronger law's in place on the same line as those in place for terrorism ( I have taken courses dealing with this subject because it has hit close to home & now I'm asked to give talk's & teach courses in International terrorism). In a way any form of abuse is a form of terrorism by forcing the abuser's intention's on the abused. It is the brave & special people like Sharon & ourselves who step up to the plate who will accomplish change's. One of my dream's & prayer's is that we could live in a world where abuse & hatred would be no more.

4 years ago

Thank you David, and I agree it is only through Lifes experience that we can relate/understand more from others who have also been abused, sadly it is a way of Life that those who have been through similar experiences will fully understand more of what that individual has been through.

Although, we must alway's note that anybody who has (and can demonstrate) empathy, compassion, understanding and a friendly ear to listen to, is all that is needed in most cases. It's a good start!

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