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Letter to the Vatican and the Irish Prime Minister
4 years ago

All my Life I watched on as my Mum suffered severely from the affects of the Child Abuse she endured. Many years in St Josephs Cliffden. I am 36 now, and I am still to this day taking care of my Mum and my Brother who has Brain Damage. My Mother lost her Home after my father passed away after spending 7 mths in Intensive care. we have to live in a 3rd floor flat and now have to hide our cats as we are not allowed to have them. She has recently spent Christmas in Hospital on a filthy ward where she then picked up a Virus.
I used to say I wasn't angry, more hurt. Hurt at the inaction of those in power and  For the last two years I have watched many of the older survivors, some of the ones who have some strength to fight on for what should have never been such a one sided battle. Even though they fight on, they shouldn't have to do this and I am aware of many with cancer, who have had heart attacks and as you know, survivors have the deepest wounds that will never go away, haunting flashbacks and a deep sadness that can't be hidden. Their Mental Health will never be right. I won't say no more. To you I am no one. " who is this woman you may ask?"...just another person, but I am the daughter of the most precious Mother anyone could have. With all my mother went through, she never abused herself with Alcohol, drugs, smoke (for those who did, how dare anyone judge them?! no one should if you have never walked in their shoes) She is a beautiful soul and like so many, never deserved what she has been left with. My life is finnished, for this is my role, I will have no children, no partner because this is my life, and for that reason I will pursue, fight, remind, expose, push with every last breath all that Victims have endured and what has happened along the way.
I made this short Video with music, it's just a little reminder (I would have been sacked by now in the editing department, but at least I tried) sadly, I feel most people have become de-sensitized to the plight of survivors. For all the wrong reasons. However, I do beleive one day, a true warrior will stand up and make History, they will also give Ireland her dignity back.
I have created two petitions, please take a look. One of them is for The European Courts of Human Rights, because I beleive, as we all do, the 'Redress Board' was illegal and so morally wrong, that it must be put right. It has to be.
This petition has only been running for a couple of week's now and has 500 signatures nearly.  I am communicating with Americans/Australians/Canadians the list goes on. I am, and I will gain support. I pray and have faith that God (yes, I do love God, and beleive in the almighty! no one would take that from me or my family) will make those who can't see the way of the truth see what is the right thing to do. He will some day teach them, soflty, harshly, who knows? I actually read a story of the Holy Father the other day and was surprised to learn of his passion for cats. Apparently, he has such a love for them and also bandaged the damaged paw of a cat in Rome once. This touched me especially because I am a Animal lover and do lots of charity work when I can for them. I especially adore cats for their complex natures and depth. It saddened me to learn this, yet feel such confliction and confusion as to why/how he cannot put right what is wrong? I struggle to understand this Man as I do the Irish Prime Minister who continues to deny survivors and prolong their missery.
I have so far noted one person to speak out for survivors in regards to the proposed 'Trust Fund' and that is Ruarri Quinn. I pray one day someone will be brave enough, or find it in them to do God's work and be true.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message, just me.
Sharon O'flaherty. Daughter of a survivor.

4 years ago

Sharon I am sory for what you Mom and Brother has been through. I pray God will help your family in Jesus name amen. We been fostering children for over 14 years and have seen some unpleasant cases.

Singed! To Revisit Redress Act In Breach Of Irish Abuse Victims Human Rights
Your signature has been delivered to: The Registrar European Court of Human Rights Council of Europe 67075 Strasbourg-CedexFrance

4 years ago

Hi Michael, it's ok. I am so sorry this is late. I've been of here for a while, for a much needed rest.


Thank you so much for taking the time to sign and show support for the survivors of Abuse and for prayers offered for my family. I know God walks with me (us) I have never lost my faith..


Thank you once again for taking the time to reply, your words are sincerely welcomed and felt deeply.

Take care Michael, speak soon.

4 years ago

Sharon; I've been out of it due back surgery. Phase one is done & waiting to get phase two. I just checked to see if I signed everything was signed for you & it was. Take care & know that my thought's & prayer's are with you & your family. God Bless You.

4 years ago

I ahve already signed this Sharon. God Bless you and your family.

4 years ago

i have had pc problems and been gone for a bit and they still are not totally resolved. my heart weeps with your's Sharon and may God the Father be with you in all you do, for all of us survivors! i have got catching up to do in my mail and i am here for now, to help you in what ever i can. God bless you and your family Sharon!

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