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Hello to all...and my Mom's strange case.
4 years ago

Hello to all, and thank you Sharon. I'm sorry to be so long in making a post here, illness and computer problems put me off-line for more than a few months. Abuse here in the States takes on a different quality, in so much as "school" abuse issue. Corporal punishment, emotional abuse, humiliation in front of peers, etc. By and large done away with, the laying of hands on students even with a mere hand or ruler...I'm glad to say we've ban. My Mother's case was the "adoption scam". Now to put this into perspective for people, from the 1930's to current day the institution of "Catholic Charities" over saw many adoptions in our state. Babies left with them for placement in families. This sounds very nice and happy, and looks very nice and happy....but, ain't. This is a long story to condense here, so lets start from the end of it. After 15,000.00 to a Boston Legal firm over a 5 year resolution with the Church or Catholic Charities. Many court appearances before many judges who under stood all, realized the problem and unfairness, but alas were powerless to fix Mom's problems. My Mother cannot prove completely that she's a legal U.S. Citizen, nor can she leave the country! Even a vacation is out of the question. Why you ask?...our small joke is she was born in a duck egg! No one can prove differently and many have tried...ha, ha. Now we know her birth Mother...she's since passed away. The judge that over saw my Mother's adoption, also deceased. Father was never on record, so...we've no clue as to "his" being alive, dead or even on the planet. (There's your joke) The adoption family, all passed on now. My Mother is 72 yrs old...(we think) Her date of birth, even though there is a birth certificate and baptismal certificate of record. Neither have correct information or date, and a paper work mess up has my Mother born and dead the same day, and identity before adoption alive, but her adoptive dead. Yes, you've read that right, dead. Seems this was the normal practice, once the adoption went into court here, the natural identity was easier to kill off rather than omit. So my mother is dead legally...nice huh. Moving on, the dates of the adoption, good. Catholic Charities, aged paper work, aging the adoption child so that courts would allow families to adopt legally faster. This could mean they added 2 to 5 years of age to my Mother. Her birth date, also a question, before her birth mother passed away and before we knew anything of this was in question, her birthday was never talked about. So we've January 25 as the day...but the year is marked differently in more than one place. By the time we got aware of this no one was left alive to actually say...she was born here, on this day, in this year...etc. Although clearly understood by judges and court's and its plain as the nose on your face that were dealing with a paperwork error, no one can fix it! Once entered in the official record you need a live person to fix it...we've no live person to do that. Now you're thinking people have been wrongly reported dead before and they fix it...but, most if not all are not adopted. Those people's birth are not sealed by the adoption, and not held in secret by the Catholic church to boot. You would think this a "one off" one unlucky person issue...alas no. More than one judge in chambers has made the remark of "not again"...another one of these cases! Then carefully and nicely explained to my bewildered Mother that he and she on one occasion could do nothing to fix this. Only one possible place could fix this mistake...yep, you guessed it, Catholic Charities. Which...they will not, they won't sign or send one paper, go on record about her adoption in any form. Why you ask...oh, because adoption was done in secret! Too bad and of course the little fact of lying on the paperwork to age the child to meet the state's required time the child had to be with the adoptive family before the legal adoption could go through. So here we are...born from a duck egg with an alien father and older than the wind...and you can't prove me wrong. She can't go on that dream vacation to see Europe or even Canada, and collecting her Social Security was a good part of her legal fight. Someone made lots of money off this baby shuffle back in a day. Since 9/11 you must prove your a citizen and have correct birth documents to obtain a legal passport...sorry...those are the rules. Leave the country and you may not be allowed back in! Tell that to a 72 year old woman whose never gotten so much as a speeding ticket in her chance breaking the law. Before you might feel bad for the people in the Catholic Charities office, they did come up with a file on my Mother, held in the hands of a very young and nasty priest, to wit, he said "no" I won't write you anything! "To bad, and get out of the office or I will call the police"! An officer from the Boston Police Department stepped forward and said, "I am the police"! He had accompanied us and our lawyers to the office. The priest opened the was blank! Empty and he smiled at us and said...Good day you can have the folder, God Bless. My Mom's story...still no fix for her and no real information. The fact that she's not alone in this is not solace and I worry that since "Catholic Charities" is still overseeing adoptions today, that this is still going on. Sharon L.

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