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Star Gate: Remote Viewing Programs (Declassified) - The Truth Is Out There!
4 years ago
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To view a visual Remote Viewing History map - click here

The actual projects involved in this 23+ year mammoth operational and scientific endeavor were:

Gondola Wish
- ARMY INSCOM - 1977-79

Grill Flame
- ARMY INSCOM & AMSAA - 1979-1983

Center Lane
- ARMY INSCOM - 1983-85

Dragoon Absorb
- ARMY INSCOM & DIA - 1985-86

Sun Streak
- DIA - 1986-1990


Star Gate - DIA - 1990-95




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Star Gate: Remote Viewing Programs (Declassified) - The Truth Is Out There!

Star Gate: Remote Viewing Programs (Declassified) - The Truth Is Out There!

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4 years ago

Project Star Gate is the collective military code-name for advanced psychic warfare programs, including remote viewing experiments that were undertaken for over the past twenty years to create a consistently accurate psychic intelligence source.


4 years ago

This still amazes me!!!

4 years ago

if anyone wants to know more about what's going on globally with the "elite" leaders of this world, read David Icke. Even if you don't go with everything he writes (and I am a little skeptical of some things he says), you can still get a pattern of what is happening globally and the things he wrote in the past coming true now.

thanks for sharing
4 years ago

thankyou for sharing. this information is very interesting. in all of honestly i didn't know if I believed you or not, at first, but its quite obvious now, that it is the truth. it reminds me of how the police use psychic to identify criminals and find the location of lost victims.
I read some today, and Ill read more later. thanks.

NewYork Times article
4 years ago

wow, I read the NewYork Times article (from the 80's) and thats really impressive.

4 years ago

  Robert, are you listed anywhere in the remote viewing files? I would like to read about your personal profile, such as what you were talking about, your specific experiment, to go back in time and transmit coded messages.

  in the files and documents you have attached many of the persons involved in the experiment are listed , but not all of them.

  I tried to look your name up , by Robert Marsh/remote viewing, but found only, your blog discussions, with politics and physics.


 I copied, document COUNTERMEASURES, 16 pages with information about countering psychic intrusions. This is of interest to me, when i first had experiences with psychic phenomenon, I tried to block intrusions, trying different forms of walls, mattresses for sound, glass for lasers, steel grids and steel wool for radio waves. nothing worked, of course my wall forts were small not full coverage, but I looked to other methods after that, and am still looking.  

4 years ago

I have read about crystals that can be used to counter psychic intrusion...I will have to do a little research. I have worked with Moldavite (a form of Tektite, and said to have extraterrestrial origin) and know that it can enable you to go forward into the future and back into the past when placed on the Third Eye.

Crystals & Stargate > Jill & Olivia
4 years ago

Jill, Third Eye Open (Robert) is very busy right now, but will answer your inquiry ASAP!


Olivia, I have heard crystals are being used for health enhancement and for psychic communications too (like radio).

crystals and reality
4 years ago

   thankyou, pink mindy and robert, 


   I am still researching scientifically..but   


 crystals are a tool, like a wizards staff , or a sangha, that help us to focus our beliefs and faith in what we do, that it will work, as we think it will.

  If our whole of reality is created from our imaginations, then anything that is our there, in our world and reality, is also in here, in our heads.

  if we believe we can walk through walls, then walls will not block others from entering our reality, are space.

   then I fall to my buddhist beliefs ,and practices ,and respect all sentient beings.

  When I read my buddhism dharma, on the computer ,then I am peaceful and tranquil, and those who enter my space of thought are also peaceful and tranquil, in this way to learn the dharma is to share the dharma is to teach the dharma,

  It is to our benefit to enlighten others, as those who are enlightened will respect us, will create an aura of peace and wisdom when they are near us, as we do to those when we are enlightened.

   Like a tree, we receive the oxygen and shade from a seed planted 100 years ago, and so also will the tree plant seeds for 100 years tomorrow. we receive our food, not only form our plates in front of us, but from the fruit that was not seen when the seed as planted.

    I think the answer will lie in our imagination. we will have to learn how to quatify it like blood sugar levels, how to clock it, like a indy 500 race car, how to measure it like a highway. waht is its compostion? what does it mix with? how does it work? is it like a tv, a thought to a picture,

  this is a new type of science, that has not been mastered, still today ,we will only find our imaginations in movies and books, in paintings, in inventions, like an invisible shapeshifter, we only see the result of our imagination in other objects, 

   isn't it an exciting thought to think that this is a new science something not seen yesterday?   

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Crystals and Reality
4 years ago

Interesting information.  I do believe that there are instances in which you cannot stop another person with abilities from accessing information.  By the same token, I believe that there are people who are Protected and no one can access their information.  Crystals or not...

Attention Jill : >>>>
4 years ago

Hi Jill,


I have not forgot about your curiousity remote viewing, but have been rather tied up as primary caregiver to my 84 year old mother.


There are absolutely NO civilian/public records or documents that I am currently aware of, because whatever I was 'exactly' involved with must have been very threatening to the government project managers.


You see Jill, they attempted to suppress (erase?) my memory and at the very least wished to control my personal ability of total recall.


The only thing that I am absolutely sure of after several years of professional hypnosis, was that it involved not only psychic remote viewing, but was being coupled with high-energy technology in tandem (together).


PinkMindy and I can see the actual physical effects going on even right now!


I am not 100% sure just yet, but it appears that I am (in the past) trying to send farther future information to myself in the current time frame (present); whether the government is aware of what I am doing or not.


This sounds crazy, but unfortunately this is what is happening and I'm not going to try to candy-coat it for anybody.


Anyone reading this must either believe my testimony for what it is or just not believe it to true at all . . .


But nonetheless I stand behind my statements!

Star Gate and RV
4 years ago

Dale E. Graff, Physicist, was the Director of Star Gate unit in Fort Meade, MD. Dale Graff uncovered, in 1975, the Soviet, ESP research program that then caused our military to create their own ESP program. Remote Viewing is simply the ablility of clairvoyance; an ability that anyone can cultivate but some are more hard wired for it than others.
If you want to learn more about StarGate, Dale Graff or remote viewing you might check out these websites:,,
Dale has workshops on the art of PSI: Explorations into ESP,RV and pre-cognitive dreaming. He is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and so am I.
Their website is we just finished up a huge, and successful psiber conference where we had a Psi dreaming/remote viewing contest that was extremely challenging and a lot of fun. You can read more about it there.