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new intention suggestion (november 13, 2010)
4 years ago
| Information & Awareness

  to Robert and all,

   I would like to present a new intention suggestion for everyone who is interested.

 Awhile ago I was blogging at the whitehouse facebook page, and learned much about afghanistan, where so much of our wars are,

   The subject is always though, stupid amercians, terrorist taliban, and when I researched afghanistan, it seems that the people there ,are sick of war, they mind their own business ,and want to be left alone. Their beautiful country which they all hold dear in their hearts, is shattered by war, buildings blown up, books confiscated, school impossible for children, landmines buried still blowing up innocent people.. and their is no reason for it.

   In my buddhist beliefs of focusing on the positive, I created a website, of the beauty of Afghanistan, music, poetry, photos of the people and the land,

  a world famous phtographer Luke Powell, has breathtaking photos of the land and its people, claimng them to be a civilization of sustainable culture, set in time with nomads and farmers still using pack animals.

   please visit the site, and learn about Afghanistan, not photos of the army and security forces and camoflauge, war planes, and guns, but the innocent civilians who live there, the Afghan people and their land, as they were before the wars, and trying to survive amid the wars,

4 years ago

I took a look at your website, Jill.  It is full of information.  There are some wonderful views and much to admire about the culture.


The end of the "war" will have to be left in the Hands of God Himself.  It is not a battle so much of men as of ideas.  The Spiritual aspects of the controversies and struggles in the middle east go way back... In the end, there will be Peace.  It will be a Peace instituted by God, not by man, although there will be a global Revelation that will bring it into Grace.  As individuals, we can do no more than the people of Afghanistan... live our lives, do what we can to protect our own country, support others in what they must do and ensure that everyone who will partake is fed Spiritual food.  With increased Spirituality on a positive level, brings Peace. 

Perpetual and Immediate!
4 years ago

This group intention experiment #4 should be immediately initiated and become perpetual until all wars cease.

If we don't do this, then who will !?!?


Thank you Jill and Sarah for taking action toward our group response!!!

4 years ago

I had a room mate from Afghanistan when I lived in New York city many years ago. Unfortunately we lost touch but I think of her often. I have been working on ending this insanity for some time...and will continue to do so.

Petitions To Sign & Forward
4 years ago

> "Petitions To Stop The War In Afghanistan" : > > > >

Petitions to Sign & Forward
4 years ago

Unfortunately the 3 petitions have been closed. ????

background Afghanistan
4 years ago

     I did close the petitions and mail them, but I can easily start new ones. The website is up and running for the information and positive focus of Afghanstian.

   If the focus of our thuogths are on rebuilding, as if the war is already over, which it partially is, it will bring about change quicker, than if we focus on war, and fighting.

  Howard Reed, I forgot his name exactly, was peace activist, and he once said that we use 50 war planes for every one plane we use to deliver food to Afghanistan.

   Just think about a brief summary of Afghanstian, that the taliban have invaded and  taken over Afhganstian as it is an outlaw country, without much security.

    But altough they are distorted in their thinkng, in some way, they are taking care of the peopel.

   If we were to take care of the peo;el isntead, even using only half of our war money, to help build Afhganistan, they would be be more welcoming to our presence, seeing us deliver food and help rebuild the countryside, taking away the bombs that maime their people.

   In actuality, the cold hard fact is that we never were interested in Afghanistan until they discovered oil there.

   Then we took over and, became the military force of the areas of the middleeast, the police. They are sick of us occupying their country, for our own interests, not theirs.

  To focus on Afghanstian becoming independant form us, would be positive change for them and us. We are not likely to experience terrorist attacks from people whom we show respect to.

   To help Afghanistan achieve democracy with their own security, under laws that the united nations declaration of human rights. Or to abandon the region as our responsiblity at all- we've been there so long, who is to say if we instigated the terrorist attacks ourselves or not, by trying to claim the region as are own, or if they would be there anyway, the taliban..

 but without the Afghanistan govt. being secure by itself, to defend its own borders, and interior lands, we will most likely not mind our business, as we fear taliban will become strong again, and we will face terrorist attacks.

  It is like the oil situaton here, we are 97% dependant on oil for our energy- we have two choices fight blood tooth and nail for what is left until the resources run dry- or turn to alternatives, use our efforts and money NOW to convert to alterantives, and never reach a state of desperation where we would murder for energy. Would we even be over there, if we used renewable energy? Much of the world is converting and the race is on-

   Another question is that all there is that is of value to us, is oil, or  are the lives of the Ahfghanistan people and our own troops also important?

  We're not helping them enough, if the children cannot go to school, only 28% of Afghanistans are literate!!!

   This article is a sample of the conditions in Afghanistan today-

 training both contractors and military, training Afghanies in their own army. Where they are expected to have third grade education only. 

  They war keeps pushing them back, and forcing them into hiding, away from public common ground where they would otherwise have markets of food and crafts, and schools, poetry, and maybe even computers.


petition update
4 years ago

  I have updated the petitions at the site, thankyou,

   namaste, jill

Afghan poem
4 years ago

I wrote this poem to inspire us to ramanitize afghanstian

Prayer to afghanstian


Home of sand castles

Ocean sand white

Its brick grey clay soil spread over acres undisturbed

Medieveil stone castles break the smooth flatness of the hills

Suddenly an oasis of sky blue lake water emerges into sight

Nourishing grasses and shrubbery

A pack animal is decorated with quilted burgundy red like wine

Carrying innocent sleepy eyed children

Along with its goods guided by people dressed in rich tapestry clothing, midnight blue, crimson red, sulpher yellow, and jade green

Never resting they are nomads


Suddenly over one rolling pasture green hill

A vision of civilization can be seen

A mosaic building , tiny tiles of thousands of colors and designs collected as one building of walls, a Turkish curved steeple,

Respectable men with beards, linen clothes , flashes of sad eyes, watered chocolate brown,

Once in awhile the similarly all brown eyes fluctuate to emerald green


Thrown in the midst of the town , a market ,

Flooded with new environment ,

Lined streets, still brick grey, and clay

Are rows of tarped market shops

Corn yellow green, and tomato red baskets full of vegetables

Carved wooden boxes of Indian quality

In designs with elephants, and trees

Blue jasper stone jewelery

Artistic paintings

Carpets that tell a thousand legends with their weave

All over the country they are ancient unchanging afghanistan timeless

On pack animals

Yet the towns are different

Like mcdonalds in Japan

They are automated with cars for transportation, newspapers to read

Restaurants with kitchens like american diners,

Connections to the world


This is afghanistan


   namaste, jill nerkowski


RE: America Is Starving In Its Own Streets - PLZ Take Action Now!!!
4 years ago


*Please Read, Take Action, then Share this Care2 Share with everyone on Earth:

With the deepest of my eternal gratitude, in order to end this suffering . . .

Thank You!!!