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Global Consciousness Project: Care2 Change The World??? - PrincetonEdu @ Care2
3 years ago
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We've got the whole world in our hands and only a clear-open-mind can sincerely seek the truth, so let's bond together bringing about real change around the globe!



The Global Consciousness Project: Care2 Change The World??? @ PrincetonEdu / Youtube / C2NN / Facebook

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PinkMindy - 2 hours ago -


Scientists are now studying the mathematical correlations between incoming sensor-data and emotionally charged world current events, which is based upon electronic input from quantum random number generators (RNG's) and human psycho-physical response.

3 years ago

This could be the proof we've all been waiting for.

*Related Link FYI ....
3 years ago


Exactly right Heidi !!!!




> "Global Consciouness Project" (GCP) - Interactive Global Map @ PrincetonEdu:


> "Is There A Noosphere?" @ Bibliotecapleyades:


> "Global Consciousness Project" @ Youtube:


Care2 Article Update:
3 years ago


This Care2 submitted article (Post #1 Above) has now received 48 Notes, 22 Comments and 15 Facebook Recommendations, so please everyone help to share this effort ... THNX!!!


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Self Declaration of Personal Faith
3 years ago


I am a Christian by faith, but I also recognize that not everyone believes in Jesus!

Science is understanding the basic principles of our world and Universe and how it works.

Religion is the belief in something larger than ourselves, which ultimately has created our entire existence.

Science is the study of reality and Religion is based in faith.

Science and Religion are one and the same, because to say they are not absolutely defies the basic principles in both!

This is exactly the reason that I helped to create "Global Consciousness Project" at Care2 Groups, in order to bring EVERYONE together under one roof ...

And express extreme tolerance for ALL social and religious difference ...

To come toward an understanding as ONE!!!

If everyone was automatically just born a Christian, then our group effort would definitely not be needed and received by the many ... 240+ members and still growing.

Science has shown us that Random Number Generators operating on the nuclear decay of atoms is supposed to be constant and stable at all times with no variations and should create completely non-related to anything ... just random non-patterned numbers ...

But most recently, science has now revealed that these random number generators are in fact being altered by subconscious global consciousness of everyone on Earth.

From my viewpoint then, if believers in God or Gods wish to realize that their God or Gods have created the world this way and this is how it works, then fine ... Or ... if an atheist or those of another faith wish to conform it to their understanding, then this is also fine with me, because ...

Reality Is Reality, regardless of what you or anyone would like to believe or would rather it actually be.

I am also a realist and have come to terms with reality the way it really is, so truth is truth and many people see it many different ways, but the core of real truth refuses to conform to some religious ideals ...

And when religion flies in the face or recognized reality, then it must be assumed to be an ultimate falsehood.

The Vatican in Rome came to understand this approximately 500 years ago, when the Pope issued an order to mandate a real science division to study their creators real world and how it works ... And they knew if they did not keep up with the times, then they would become defunct and forgotten on the roadside!

From the very moment that this order was given from Rome, then that's the exact date that real science began and that is where science today has come from ...

Although originally the Vatican mandate was kept secret for some uncertain number of decades, while their forums decided whether the truth they had found and were continuing to find to this very day was threatening to their basic church doctrine and structure ...

And they have continued to debate and change and evolve to this very moment (although admittedly sometimes too slow for their own good!) ... Realizing if they failed to do this, then they would be eventually doomed to global societal termination.

I am all for Science, Religion & Truth!!!!

With Peace & Love,