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The Good News Thread#1
3 years ago
Starbuck's Angel A Rescue Story- The Great Animal Rescue Chase

Animals  (tags: wildlife, wildanimals, animals, animalrights, animalwelfare, animalcruelty, animaladvocates, cruelty, abuse, sadness, suffering, protection, humans, GoodNews )
Florence - 44 minutes ago -

My friend Danny, called The Birdman of Long Beach has a rescue story in the Great animal showcase, about a pigeon he rescued at Starbucks with string tangled around its feet so bad its toes fell off!Great story about a great selfless man!He's on care2 too
3 years ago

That's a great story. Pigeons are so misunderstood and are here only because some stupid person decided years ago to take some form their cliffs. As always they have paid the price for that ignorance. This is a lovely story and I wish there were many Danny's looking out for pigeons.

3 years ago

Thank you Florence.

3 years ago

Oops, thank you Dianne. I saw Florence's name and got confusd.

3 years ago

no the thank you does go to Florence

3 years ago

I saw this video previously. What a wonderful transformation, and so great that they were able to restore her vision!

3 years ago

This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

3 years ago

it took me a while to stop crying

3 years ago

Animals Are Parents Too

This is a story by a man named Chris. An small event that changed his life.


I want to let you know about an event that changed my life many years ago. It is a memory that periodically comes and goes, but it is one of the most precious memories that me and my wife share. I am thankful that we can remember it together. It's a reminder that things are not what they seem and that angels come in many packages.

We live in College Station, Texas and we were on our way home from Houston, Texas around the Weston Lakes area one Saturday or Sunday morning. And when I say morning, I'm talking 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning. We were on our way home and decided to stop at a local gas station to get coffee and something to snack on since it was a good hour and a half before we got home.

When we were done, we got back into our car and before I started it, we noticed a man standing outside in front of the building. You could tell that he was a homeless man. His clothes were tattered and worn and it looked like he had gone in and gotten him some coffee or something warm to drink since it was cold this time of the year. He must have not had enough money to get something to eat. That is not something I remember too well, because that is not what "moved" me.

The next thing I remember is a dog that walked up to the front of the building. Being a dog lover, I noticed that she was part wolf and probably part German shepherd. I could tell she was a she, because you could tell that she had been feeding puppies. She was terribly in need of something to eat and I felt so bad for her. I knew if she didn't eat soon, she and her puppies would not make it.

Me and my wife sat there and looked at her. We noticed that people walked by and didn't even pet her, like most people do when they walk by an animal in front of a store. She might not have been as pretty and clean as most, but she still deserved better. But we still did not do anything. But someone did. The homeless man, who I thought did not buy himself anything to eat, went back into the store. And what he did brought tears to me and my wife. He had gone into the store and with what money he may have had, bought a can of dog food and fed that dog.

I know that this story isn't as inspirational as most stories, but it plays a great part in our lives. You see, that was Mother's Day weekend. And a lot of people forget that some animals are parents too. And animals as well as us are God's creations too.

It would be a better story if I could remember all the details, but even without the details, I believe it still gets the message across. It took a homeless man, to show me what I should have done. He made me a better man that day.

3 years ago
BeyonceâEUR(TM) âEUR" a Guinness Record Holder - National Wheaten Terrier | Examiner.Com

Offbeat  (tags: cute, small, puppy, guinness record, GoodNews, dogs, unusual, off-beat, interesting )
Dianne Ly - 14 minutes ago -

a contender for the smallest puppy in the world; weighing only four ounces at two-weeks of age named Beyonce' after the very strong singer; hoping she could aspire to be as strong since when she was born her entire body could fit on the head of a spoon.
3 years ago

Amazing stories. Thank you Dianne.

3 years ago

160 dogs have been rescued from a puppy mill in Brunswick County, NC. After an anonymous tip, the Sheriff’s department teamed up with the SPCA and the Humane Society, to conduct the raid and rescue the animals.

3 years ago

Great great news!! ty Buffy

3 years ago
Elephant Birth - YouTube

Animals  (tags: Kenya, elephants, birth, world, media, goodnews, animals, wildlife, wildanimals )
Dianne Ly - 1 hour ago -

An elephant gives birth during our trip to Amboseli National Park in Kenya and in the half hour we are allowed to observe tries to coax the newborn to his feet.
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing Dianne!!! Elephants are soooo amazing!!!!

3 years ago

Good news. Thank you Buffy.

Amazing. Thank you Dianne.

3 years ago

I have always loved owls, and wanted to share the above article about an owl rescue.

3 years ago

ty sarah,love owls too

pics from cher
3 years ago

I just wanted to share some pics with you of my furbabies and tell you a little bit about them. I did send this out once before so sorry if it's a duplicate! Thnx again for all that you do! TTFN Cher~


'Brina' (brown tabby) was the cat I rescued from the wild and gave to my Mom but after Mom passed I had to bring her home. I do believe she is my oldest. Not too sure tho.


'Marble' (tortoiseshell) is another rescue, this time from a flea infested house where cats just seem to multiply there. She is the youngest cat I have and the one who likes to keep us all on our toes! lol What do ya expect from a tortoiseshell?   ~


'Mooshu' (ragamuffin) is 12 this year and she is the only one who was not rescued. She was a Valentine's Day gift from my ex. She is a Ragamuffin and until I got her, I had never heard of that breed.


'Shimmeree' (black cat)  is yet another rescue of mine, this time from the side of the road beside her dead mother when she was very little. My cuddle bug! lol


I have always had multiple cats in my life. My last crew all lived to be 10, 15, 17, 18, 18, and 20! I couldn't imagine not having lots of cats in my life always!


Thnx again!





3 years ago

All are so cute! Marble looks very much like my Tosca, who was also a rescue.

from florence
3 years ago
Cow Cries All Night Over Loss of Her Calf - Then They Reunite

Animals  (tags: animals, animaladvocates, AnimalWelfare, animalrights, humans, suffering, sadness, protection, GoodNews )
Florence - 5 hours ago -

This video made me CRY like a baby!Im posting this for all my friends who love animals and KNOW they have feelings,AND for those of you who foolishly believe that animals dont have feelings,this is PROOF that animals DO indeed have feelings!
3 years ago

Very sweet video! So glad the mama and baby were reunited.

3 years ago


Pitbull Named London Who Lost Front Legs Learns To Walk On Hind Limbs (PICTURE
Animals  (tags: dog with 2 legs, walking again, animalwelfare, dogs, GoodNews, pets )
Dianne Ly - 18 hours ago -
A dog has learnt to walk on two legs after his front limbs had to be amputated following a fall from a three storey building.
3 years ago

A Month of Rescued Animals

Our Animal Rescue Team's recent cases


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In just the last month, our resourceful and caring Animal Rescue Team worked with law enforcement to help rescue 378 animals from cruelty, fighting, and puppy mills.

We act to help animal victims of various kinds of abuse and natural disasters, all around the country.

Details, video, and slideshows of recent rescues

More Animal Rescue Team highlights

  • Responding to 184 calls on our animal fighting tip line. We turned 166 complaints over to law enforcement, and opened files on 18 as potential targets.
  • Working with the public and law enforcement on 194 puppy mill reports and 182 cruelty complaints
  • Noting the conviction of puppy mill operators in North Carolina as a result of an earlier HSUS investigation and raid (see video)
  • Helping El Dorado County Animal Control identify cockfighting evidence seized during an earlier cockfighting raid (see video) near Placerville, Calif., and helping to arrange for some of the surrendered birds to be taken to sanctuaries
  • Assisting Holmes County Sheriff's Office with the rescue of 4 horses, 1 mini horse, and a mule from poor conditions in Florida, and arranging assistance with evidence collection, rescue, and transport of the animals. The owner was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.
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