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3 years ago


I know that you are busy trying to help that poor chained up dog, but I just found out about this sick page on Facebook: Animal cruelty is funny cause animals suffer

Now that I've copied & pasted what I could from Goggle, now my message is coming up weird. Anyhow, Facebook is blocked at my job & I'm not sure when I'll be able to get on there. I wanted someone to do a story about this Facebook page & check it out to see what all is on it.
3 years ago

this page has been taken down

3 years ago


6 days ago


They are asking this question,



Is it morally acceptable to experiment on non-human animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings?

No is not acceptable!!!!!!!!!!!

from fb poll on animal experiments
3 years ago


  • 15%
  • 85%
3 years ago

flagged the change one above

3 years ago


Legalize Beastiality/Zoofilia
Animals  (tags: FB, BEASTIALITY, SICKOS, usa, media, humans, dogs, animals, animaladvocates, AnimalWelfare, animalwelfare, abuse, abused, animalcruelty, animalrights, crime, cruelty, ethics, humans, law, pets, sadness, suffering, investigation )
Dianne Ly - 2 hours ago -
Please report/flag this facebook page,it needs taken down....sick sick people. when 100 ppl like this ill put up a vid of my dog lickin mi pussi HE HAS 47 LIKES SO FAR!!!
3 years ago

site is gone

3 years ago


3 years ago

I didn't find a topic where to post it, its a petition


United States Congress: Ban pit bulls in the United States



3 years ago

if you scroll all the way down the petition page,at the very bottom you will see a clockable "flag" button,just click it and give reason looks likes this


i flagged that one

3 years ago

buffy the 4 links that you posted look ok to me

getting help from peta
3 years ago

This is the actual link PETA wants us to use


This link gets the discusting videos faster to the right person

3 years ago

Handling Web Sites that Promote Animal Cruelty July 14, 2007 12:26 PM

In response to the rising number of websites that promote, glamorize
or trivialize cruelty to animals, this information is to help you to do something to stop it. Much of what you see on the Internet is created for the purpose of drawing attention to the author's website. They are so disassociated with society that it doesn't matter to them if what they are displaying has any moral value. All they are concerned with is the attention -- whether good or bad -- motivates them to continue their effort to increase their hit count or reputation. To those types of sites, please ignore them. Hopefully, without the attention that they crave for, and the lack of interest in their site from others, they will go away.

In the past, we provided petitions and worked to have the sites removed. Even though this process was successful, it has also helped to draw attention to those sites. This has indirectly given support to those sites to make it eventually come back or encouraged others who thought alike to start one of their own cruelty websites. Now, we have several more, and efforts to remove them gets harder and harder everytime. That's why it is in the best interest of all concerned that we handle these things in another manner.

Should you find a site that is promoting animal cruelty, here is what you can do:

  • Do not contact the website. The author isn't interested in how you feel about him/her and what he/she is doing.
  • Do not provide website links and/or send emails to all of your friends and associates telling them about the site. Doing so would be promoting the site and, thusly, giving them what they want -- attention. It is what they crave and you would only be fueling their fire. Don't give them any satisfaction. If you have concerns about a web site, contact your elected officials but please do not contact friends and neighbors. Many well-intentioned individuals believe that the best course of action is to tell all of their friends and relatives about such web sites. Sometimes online petitions against a site will be generated. Ultimately, such petitions or mass emails will only increase the number of visitors to a website, encouraging the site's creator.
  • Contact the ISP who hosts the website to let them know about the abusive content. The administrative and technical contacts are who you should be sending your complaints to. The registrant is most likely the website author. To find out who is the ISP and other relevant information, you can use any one of the WHOIS tools available on the internet such as this one here:

    However, sometimes the origin of the site, the name and address under the site is registered could be inaccurate, incomplete or false. So far, it has been an uphill battle, as the only law that even remotely covers issues like this is a law that covers e-mailed obscenities; therefore, if the site is not in violation of the host's user agreement, no law is being violated, and the site can remain up. Some other sites similar to this one has been closed down several times before but continues to reappear with different Web addresses. Thus, in addition, you can also file a complaint at the reporting center website set up by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for Internet fraud and other forms of Internet crime here: http://www.ic3.govKnow the Laws in your Area

  • If you know of a real animal abuse in your community, contact your local authorities. Provide as much evidence to support your complaint as possible.

Animal cruelty hurts everyone, and it most certainly it is not funny.

3 years ago

f you are wondering on how you can generate more complaints to the FBI without promoting the sites, well, you could still do so by describing the websites and tell people what are the contents without providing the links, and also tell them why you can't provide it. I'm sure people will understand and cooperate.  [report anonymous abuse]


Provide the relevant website links only to the FBI and relevant authorities. Not to the public. Thanks.  [report anonymous abuse]


Additional Information August 05, 2007 1:05 AM

A show only happens when there is an audience so it's better to not ask people to go and see it. It will encourage abusers to create more shows.

Moreover, websites like these also contain tracking devices, hidden spywares, virus programs etc., that secretly enters people's computers which can seriously damage their computers and/or steal information without anyone knowing. In addition, websites like these can also have sponsors who place their advertisement and other obvious or non-obvious things, so everytime people click to go to their website, the sponsor will pay the owner more money. Other than being mentally disturbeb, this is another reason why some people do it, while others fake it because they know they will attract the general public including animal caring people to go to their website. That's the whole idea. So, please don't fall into their trap!

Please understand how important this is to help animals. You will only make it worst for the animals by helping the abusers to promote their website for them, thus encouraging them to do more shows since you are bringing audience and support for them.

3 years ago

Animal Cruelty & Reporting Abuse -


3rd link here is to a note on discussion board of my group on facebook, it's a guide compiled by several people and contains useful links to info needed for reporting animal cruelty on the net and the websites that host it.

Handy to keep for future reference !

3 years ago
Reporting Internet Animal Abuse

The Internet can be a powerful medium for connecting us to information to combat animal cruelty, but it also can be a haven for animal abusers who celebrate and actively advertise their shocking crimes. The best way to stop this type of abuse is to immediately report it to the proper authorities and to refrain from contacting, visiting or forwarding links to the offending sites.

Why is it important to report suspected Internet animal cruelty?

Reporting any type of suspected animal cruelty may save animals’ lives as well as people’s lives. When animals are abused, people are also at risk. The Link® between animal abuse and other forms of societal violence is well-documented. That is why it is critical to immediately report conduct on the Internet that you suspect may be -- or that you know is -- animal abuse.

If I see animal cruelty on the Internet, what should I do?
  • Immediately contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center, at The website will direct you to the page where you can file your complaint. At first glance, it may appear that the website will only consider complaints of Internet monetary fraud. However, IC3 is the proper venue for all Internet crimes, including animal abuse.
  • IC3 can best process your complaint if the information you provide is as detailed and complete as possible. This includes providing the complete URL (website address) for the website that displayed the suspected animal cruelty.
  • Even if you are located outside the United States, IC3 will review your report as long as the suspected abuser is located in the United States.
What happens after I file a report with the IC3?
  • IC3 will email your report ID and password to you, along with a link to an area on the IC3 website where you can view your report and enter any additional information.
  • Upon receipt of your report, IC3 will carefully evaluate it and refer it to the appropriate federal, state, local or international law enforcement or regulatory agencies. Every report that is referred is sent to one or more law enforcement or regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the matter. At that point, the report may be assigned to an investigator. IC3 cannot guarantee that your complaint will be investigated.
What else can I do?
  • Because abusive content often violates the user agreement that the creator of the website has signed with the Internet Service Provider (ISP), notifying the ISP about the abusive content may result in the website being removed from the Internet.
  • To make a report to the ISP, you need to determine who hosts the website. To do that, go to, enter the website URL in the “Whois Lookup” search box and click on the search button. Scroll down the results page until you find the numerical Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to the website. Then go to (American Registry for Internet Numbers) and enter that IP address in the “Search WHOIS” box and click on the search button. The search results page will provide information about the ISP that hosts the website. The page also might display information about how to report abuse. If it does not, go to and find the complete contact information for the ISP on the list. All of this information should also be included in your FBI complaint form, where possible.
  • If you believe an animal is in immediate harm, and if the location is known, contact local police and your local FBI branch office as soon as possible. To locate your local FBI branch, visit
How does the law currently handle Internet animal cruelty?

Because communications through the Internet have the ability to cross state lines, the Internet is largely governed by federal law. Improving the federal laws as they pertain to Internet animal abuse is critical. Currently, only a few federal laws address the issue directly:

  • The Crush Act (P.L.106-152) penalizes the display of acts of cruelty and sexual abuse of animals that is intended for interstate commerce. If convicted, offenders may receive up to five years in prison or a large fine. Two criteria must be met before this statute applies: 1) actual abuse must occur and 2) the website in question must intend to sell the images across state lines. In other words, a website may legally display images of animal cruelty and sexual abuse under this law as long as it is not charging visitors for access or otherwise selling the images. In 2005, the first conviction under this statute occurred in a federal district court in Virginia.
  • The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act (P.L. 110-27) strengthens the ability of law enforcement to combat animal fighting by providing felony penalties for interstate commerce, import and export related to animal fighting activities, inc
3 years ago

If I See Animal Cruelty on the Internet, What Should I Do?


Animals  (tags: American Humane Societyanimal abuselaw ) 
 Eco - 26 days ago - 


AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION: Fact Sheets website: IC3 is the proper venue for all Internet crimes, including animal abuse. At first glance, it may appear that the website. Please join Care2 Animal Information Group & Bookmark. Thank you.

Here is the link to Eco's news, with the report forms.





Contact Pet-Abuse.Com
PO Box 5, Southfields, NY 10975


3 years ago

All noted and shared. Thank you Dianne and Monika.

2 years ago

Found this one on




United States Congress: Ban pit bulls in the United States



2 years ago
Stop Photos or Videos of Animal Abuse on Facebook Petition

Animals  (tags: fb, petition, videos, pics, media, news, animalcruelty, animalrights, animalwelfare, animaladvocates, dogs, cats, pets, society )
Dianne Ly - 2 minutes ago -

We call on facebook to eliminate photos and videos of abused animals and to start taking action by investigating or reporting these photos or videos.
2 years ago






2 years ago
DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!
2 hrs ago

I nearly vomit while looking at this picture posted on Daphnes FB site.


Humans are barbarians !!!


PS: They are NOT Americans They are some other armed force.

Warning GRAPHIC !


2 years ago

Dianne, why to report the site ??

SAVE AURORA!!!  is an animal activist site... Quote:
Protect Animals From Being Raped and Make Beastiality a Felony everywhere!!!



2 years ago

fb page reported and petitions signed and shared thanks Dianne

2 years ago

Monika I have to ask Buffy about those sites,I could not find anything wrong with them,will lety you know,I has re-posted that from Buffy.

2 years ago

others reported

2 years ago

here is the scoop on buffy's posts from above that monika was q]uestioining,this responce

Hi there Dianne,


These are good groups on facebook.


Worth liking and giving support.




Big Hug





from buffy today 9/1...



2 years ago

HATE PAGE against our friend Daphne on FB!! Pls report!!!


This is the FB page:



Dear all,


Daphne gave us so many smiles on topic  just for a laugh! (Closed) and she is a dedicated animal activist since a long time. Now she sent me an email that she is totally down because someone started a hate page on FB against her. FB members please report this page, Daphne and the animals she is fighting for need our support !

You can report it as hate speech.


Thank you



PS: Not even police can find them!!



2 years ago

If you want to get impression of Daphnes work : this is HER FB page:




Facebook's response to my objection to the cat recipe exchange site
2 years ago

They emailed me and said it was not inappropriate!

2 years ago

I know Carol ! Daphne told me that it might be better not to report it cause it puts to much attention to this site! But thanks for taking my post serious and reporting it !





This one has to be reported !!






2 years ago

reported,and deleted buffy's post that was in question and will post it in another thread to give credit to good fb pages/groups----ty

2 years ago

facebook: take down "i hate pit bulls"....


2 years ago




start date: Sep. 22
I hate cats facebook page
2 years ago

signed and FB

you people can hate every animal on earth, but who gives you the right to torture and kill them.

you are sick and sadistic. geez, I hope you don't reproduce.

Cruelty toward cats on facebook
2 years ago

There's really good info here on this page. I signed the above petition but the target of the petition was listed as "cats are demonic hell spawn and i hate them" which made me think that the petition may just be aimed at the creator of the site who of course won't care. So I shared on fb and wrote for everyone interested to email with the link. Which I then did. However I will also now send to ( ) and click on IC3 and report. Cheers Diane and Monika and everyone. You are all awesome. Alex

2 years ago

Hi Dianne After reading about this subject ALL THAT I CAN DO IS PRAY!!! I will observe a lot and note what is being done. I am afraid I might Mess Up Big Time so the best thing for me is to just step back :-0 Hope you won't think Ill of Me, all I need do is what I Can Do Barb E. Hugggs xx...

2 years ago

Noted and Thnx Dianne and Monika :0:0

2 years ago



Forwarded message


'What to do, can anyone take this site out of the air? Thank you.


2 years ago
2 years ago

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