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6 years ago



jail time
6 years ago

signed, Fb and tweeted

6 years ago

Noted and signed Dianne :0

6 years ago

signed and FB

6 years ago


A Young Bobcat's Rescue & Return to the Wild (Video)
Animals  (tags: bobcat, rescue, wildlife, wildanimals, habitat, Wildcare )
Roseann - 14 hours ago -

Autumn is the time WildCare sees young animals like this one who have left the safety of their mother's care and ventured into the big world to find food, territory and a mate. But this transition is not always an easy one, especially when you consider th
6 years ago

Tigers are in trouble
Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS
Tigers are in Trouble

Fortunately, we know how to help. By cracking down on illegal poaching, creating and protecting parks, and supporting recovering tiger populations, we can ensure that tigers survive for generations to come.

But Congress may abandon the wildlife stamp that provides crucial funding for projects like these that protect tigers. In just one year, the Save Vanishing Species stamp has raised $1.58 million for wildlife conservation – all at zero cost to tax payers. And now Congress could let it expire.

With the stamp up for renewal, we can convince Congress to do the right thing and protect tigers. But only if we speak up.

Help us send 100,000 letters to Congress to make sure they stand up for tigers and renew the Save Vanishing Species stamp.

Take Action

6 years ago

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are upping the ante in the global struggle against poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.

As I write this, they are in Southeast Asia meeting with heads of state. And for possibly the first time in history, wildlife is high on their agenda. They'll be discussing ways these nations can thwart poachers and reduce the insatiable demand for ivory and other wildlife body parts such as tiger bones and pelts.

These talks are laying critical groundwork for trade negotiations happening in early December that are poised to add ground-breaking environmental and conservation policies directly into our agreements with these countries.

Will you do YOUR part to make sure President Obama and Secretary Clinton know folks at home think they're doing the right thing? Send your letter today.

There's a tough road ahead. With high prices on animals' heads, it's clear that criminal networks have everything to gain from killing wildlife. But countries across Southeast Asia, as well as Africa, have everything to lose from the instability, murder, disease, and economic disruption created by poaching.

These agreements support Southeast Asian countries in tackling the illegal trade occurring in their backyards and help take a bite out of the black market for wildlife body parts. They do this by raising local awareness, increasing law enforcement, and improving local governance.

This week, two of the world's most powerful diplomats have the ear of governments that can do something about saving tigers and elephants from poaching. This is an unprecedented opportunity. Are you on board?

Send your letter of support today.

Two of the world's most powerful diplomats are putting their weight behind saving tigers, elephants, and other wildlife being driven to extinction by poaching.

Help save tigers

Tell President Obama and Secretary Clinton to continue to stand tough against illegal wildlife trafficking.

6 years ago

Prevent Disaster: Save Bengal's Wetlands

(to protect tiger homes)

6 years ago


6 years ago

Don't Let the Budget Crisis Devastate Wildlife ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, conservation, habitat, protection, wildlife, wildanimals )
Cher - 7 minutes ago -

Speak up for endangered ocelots TODAY by editing and sending the message below, telling your members of Congress that cutting crucial wildlife conservation programs is unacceptable

6 years ago

Noted and signed current Dianne and Cher :0 Thnx

6 years ago


Help Protect African Lions From Hunters !
6 years ago

Noted and tried to sign but would not except my E-Mail Dianne :0

6 years ago

From my friend Yvette, news that Tony the Tiger is still stuck in that damn cage! An earlier petition, now closed, secured over 53 000 names, but to no avail -- yet!! If you go to the link Yvette provides below, you'll see a NEW petition beside Tony's picture. PLEASE sign it!! Many thanks, Philip

Original Message:

Philip, after all of this ime, Tony is STILL in a cage at the truck stop!   They are trying to finish this.  here is the petition link. Please share it!


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