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5 years ago


old thread link still open to sign

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5 years ago


Young Calico Needs Stopped-PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE

Animals  (tags: Young Calico, rapper, dog fighter, court, celebrity, interesting, media, law, news, sadness, society, crime, ethics, violence, safety, abuse, animalwelfare, animalcruelty, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, dogs, death, killed, killing, investigati )
Dianne Ly - 1 minute ago -

The attorney for Detroit battle rapper Young Calicoe got his request Friday to dismiss a felony dog fighting case involving his client denied by Wayne County Judge Katherine L. Hansen in Detroit's 36th District Court.

5 years ago

Signed Current Dianne 6/1 :0 ...

5 years ago


Dogfighting in China Is a Bloody Tradition That the Government Refuses to End (Photos) - National Pet News | Examiner.Com
Animals  (tags: dogfighting, Asia, China, society, humans, culture, crime, violence, animalcruelty, AnimalWelfare, dogs, cruelty, sadness, suffering, killing, abuse, crime )
Dianne Ly - 8 hours ago -

It is a lamentable reality known to many dog lovers in our own part of the world that some cultures in Asia kill dogs and use their meat as food. Another fact that is less well publicized but equally disturbing is the long-standing appreciation of the

5 years ago


Michigan's Tougher Animal Fighting Penalties
Animals  (tags: suffering, cruelty, dogs, animalcruelty )
Jill - 13 minutes ago -

dogfighting and cockfighting in Michigan can be prosecuted as a criminal enterprise, much like large drug and prostitution operations, with penalties of up to 20 years in prison and fines of $100,000.

5 years ago

Noted ALL :-0 Tnx Dianne .... Soooo Heartbreaking ((((((((((( ... 15/1

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5 years ago

FB only


Facebook, remove Dog fighting page

5 years ago

9 hrs ago

This is incredible!!

If you SUSPECT dog fighting anywhere in the USA then there is a wonderful group of tough guys in Atlanta who will help investigate dog fighting for you. They provide evidence to convict for the police for FREE. They also offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest! Last year they went to speak to rescue groups and law enforcement. Very tough, former MARINE heads it. call 1-877.215.2250 or web:

This is a reply to me after we wanted to raise some money for them:
Thank you for your email. We certainly appreciate you spreading the word about our tip line! We don't accept money but we do ask everyone to promote what we do. We will go anywhere in US.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T 

Did you read that guys - they go ANYWHERE in the USA and do NOT take a cent! Save these poor misunderstood dogs who are taught to fight against their will. Post to your own walls and pit pages for those who might be know people who suspect this atrocity going on maybe some, are too scared to go to the police and can report here anonymously.

5 years ago

Noted and signed current Dianne :-0 20/1

Pit Bull Who Lost Lips to Dogfighting Dies, but Leaves Powerful Legacy
5 years ago

She was one of hundreds of dogs rescued by authorities this past summer in an eight-state raid of dogfighters, the largest of its kind in U.S. history. But there was something striking about Fay the pit bull, who was found chained to a wooden box in Missouri: The 5-year-old dog was left with no lips and required serious medical attention.

Still, "she just loved people and that's just amazing to me after everything that's been done to her," Gale Frey, the woman who took the pit bull under her care, told as she fought back tears following the dog's death Dec. 28. "I call her my toothy girl. She just loved everyone that would pet her, come near her. We had her at a local fund-raiser here and she just had the time of her life. Her tail never stopped wagging."

Fay came to Frey through the St. Louis area rescue group Mutts-n-Stuff, which she had founded with her husband Dave Melot, after the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society of Missourisaved the dog. Fay then underwent the surgeries she needed to repair her facial damage – and because of her amazing journey and easy temperament, the disfigured pit bull became the face of a recent HSUS 2010 Animal Survivor's campaign.

Even on the day in July when she was rescued, dirty and chained to a box, Fay was as sweet-natured as ever. "Her teeth were showing and it dawned on them that her lips were gone, they cut her lips off," she says. But "her tail was wagging and eyes were smiling. She was like, 'Oh my gosh, you came to save me. Thank you. It's about time you got here.' "

And save her they did. When Frey first laid eyes on the dog at a secret holding location in July, where the rescued animals were being held as court evidence, she knew that Fay was special.

"She would just melt into your body when you would hold her," Frey recalls. "I knew I wanted to take her home to make a difference because she was a victim of dogfighting. And what the dog men did to her was just so cruel. I felt like we had to speak out. And I felt that she was the 'spokesdog' to do that."

The HSUS thought so, too, and funded $5,000 of Fay's surgeries. The dog's third and last surgery was successful, but afterward, as she was waking up, she suddenly went into cardiac arrest. A necropsy revealed it was caused by internal adhesions. "In her previous life, she probably took some blows to the gut, " Frey says. "The scar tissue started twisting her intestines."

Thankfully, Fay suffered no pain. "I was there, I wasn't more than two feet from her [when she died]," she says. "She was waking up and her new face ... and then she was gone. I guess it was her time."

The Humane Society of Missouri also shared condolences. "We are proud to have been able to rescue her and are grateful for every wet toothy kiss she shared with us since her rescue," they said in a statement on their Web site. "We love her and we will miss her greatly!"

The HSUS took the moment to remember all dogs trapped in fighting lives. "Her circumstance is a reminder to all of us about how cruel and barbaric dog-fighting truly is," President and CEO Wayne Pacelle told in a statement. "I'll think of Fay whenever I speak with a lawmaker about enacting stronger animal fighting laws or talk with at-risk young people about the horrors of dog-fighting, and I hope others are moved by her story, too."

Though her life was filled with much physical pain, which Frey says the dog never showed ("Her love for wanting to be held and kissed overpowered any pain she had"), Fay's quiet suffering will not be in vain. Frey is moving forward with a project she was planning to launch with Fay, called Phoenix House. It will serve as a halfway home for dogfighting survivors, where the rescued animals can be introduced to the normal comforts and activities of daily life in a house.

"When Fay came here, Fay never saw a television before. And the first time the washing machine went off, it scared the living daylights out of her. She ran and hid inside her crate and wouldn't come of her crate for two days," she recalls. "So the Phoenix House is a way for us to acclimate the dogs to indoor living and to kind of give them a head start on their new life."

For Fay, her second chance only lasted five months, but now cremated, she'll remain in a safe place: Her ashes will be placed in special box made by Frey's vet. "She'll be coming back home again," Frey says.

To donate to the Phoenix House project, click here.

5 years ago

Noted and Current Dianne :-0 Tnx 27/1

5 years ago


Make Cockfighting a Felony in Missisippi!
5 years ago

Noted and signed current Dianne :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved in This Thread:-0 3/3

5 years ago


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