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International - Ban Trapping in the USA | The Wolf Army USA : Please Sign!
Animals  (tags: Wolves, Ban Trapping Petition, wildlife, wildanimals, killing, environment, cruelty, animals, animalcruelty, abused, slaughter, suffering, protection, ethics, animalwelfare )
Roxy - 12 hours ago -

Due to overwhelming international support The Wolf Army has opened up our petition to ban trapping in all public and Federally owned lands in the USA to the international community.

5 years ago


From Wolf to Dog, Yes, But When? - New York Times
Animals  (tags: dogs, wolves, wildanimals, pets, humans, animals )
Kevin - 10 minutes ago -

Few relationships are so laden with mutual benefit as that between man and dog. Much of the credit for this unusual state of affairs, it now turns out, may lie on the canine side of the equation. Credit Mit Wes for article post. My pic for reference

Wolf Army Petition
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Noted and signed current Nyack, Cher, Roxy and Kevin :-0 Tnx 21/1

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Protect America’s Wolves! – Call for Compassion in Montana
January 22, 2013
by Stacey
Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons


Montana is a big and beautiful state in the Northern Rocky Mountains of the United States. But… during the past two years this big and beautiful state has allowed a small number of its citizens, and others from outside the state, to persecute and kill over 300 innocent and ecologically vital wolves that lived within the state. In 2011, Montana’s own Division of Fish, Wildlife and Parks estimated the total wolf population there to be about 550 wolves.

When will the persecution and killing of these vital, innocent and beautiful wolves end? When will the humane American majority, including the many voices of humane, respectful and wildlife-loving Montanans, be heard above the brutal and heartless voices of cattlemen, animal abusers and sport killers?

There is a glimmer of hope, of positive change for wolves in Montana, and for all of us who respect and admire wolves and want them protected. Montana has a new Governor, Steve Bullock, who campaigned with reason and decency. He did not pander to the wolf haters and kept an open door to the many wolf defenders who met him.

Now, Governor Bullock quickly has the opportunity to demonstrate that he is indeed a man and a leader who respects ecology, healthy ecosystems and the importance of natural predators, including wolves.

The Montana House of Representatives just passed House Bill 73, that is intended to accelerate the torture and massacre of the remaining wolves in Montana. This wicked legislation would allow each sport killer to kill more wolves, reduce the cost of out of state licenses to kill wolves, allow sport killers to use electronic calls of wolf pups in distress, allow killing of wolves on the perimeter of Yellowstone National Park with no buffer zone and on and on.

The facts speak for themselves:

There are approximately 2,500,000 cattle in Montana. In 2011, just 74 cattle were confirmed to be taken by wolves. 74 out of 2,500,000. That tiny tiny number is statistically zero. But, pathetic cattlemen continue to spread hysterical lies about wolves killing their non-native cattle in numbers too numerous to count. These same cattlemen rely on the ignorance and apathy of the general public, so they can continue their demonization and slaughter of America’s native wolves and grizzlies and mountain lions and bison and wild horses and prairie dogs and anything else that moves.

As for elk, the principle prey of wolves in the Rockies, Montana had 90,000 elk before wolves returned to their native homeland in Montana. Today with wolves back on the land, the state of Montana estimates the current elk population at 140,000. More wolves equals more elk and the elk are much healthier now that wolves are keeping them on their toes, just as nature intended.

Wolves are vital, innocent, highly social, intelligent and family-oriented beings. It is humans that are the mass killers of wolves and every other animal they can shoot, trap, poison and destroy. It is ignorant and violent humans who must be managed and restrained, and who must finally learn to live on this Earth respectfully and with compassion for non-human beings who have as much right as humans to live and prosper across the planet we share.

This week’s WOLF DEFENDER ACTION is to contact Montana’s new Governor, Steve Bullock. Please be respectful and polite. Gov. Bullock is brand new to his position and has taken no action to hurt wolves.

Ask Governor Bullock to put an end to the persecution and massacre of wolves in Montana. Ask him to veto Montana House Bill 73. Ask the governor to be the first governor in the Rocky Mountains to show compassion, decency and respect for living wolves, in Montana and throughout the Rockies. Ask Gov. Bullock to acknowledge the indispensable and positive role, wolves and every other natural predator performs in every healthy ecosystem. Ask him to protect America’s wolves.


Here are three ways to contact Governor Steve Bullock (please be polite and respectful and consider doing all three – I was told he reads letters that are mailed to him directly):

1. By Phone: 1-406-444-3111

2. By EMail:

3. By US Mail:
Governor Steve Bullock
Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena, Montana 59620


Dear Governor Bullock,

I am writing today with grave concerns regarding the rapidly declining wolf population in Montana, and the approval of hunting them; it is my understanding that as the result of the delisting of wolves as endangered species, the government has issued a directive permitting the slaughter of wolves. As such, I am requesting that an immediate moratorium be enacted to prohibit wolf hunting and for you to also veto Montana House Bill 73.

It is important to recognize the potential environmental ramifications of such a species decline: the ecology is a delicate entity whereby all elements work with and amongst each other in symbiotic manners; any one imbalance will cause negative influence throughout all species, plant an

5 years ago

It is important to recognize the potential environmental ramifications of such a species decline: the ecology is a delicate entity whereby all elements work with and amongst each other in symbiotic manners; any one imbalance will cause negative influence throughout all species, plant and animal. It is therefore ecologically necessary that we acknowledge the vital role that wolves contribute.

Although some may not consider the wolves as having essential worth, they value their own lives, and the blatant disregard of them not only has broad consequences outside borders but within as well, environmentally and socially. The hunting and killing of this vulnerable group of beings is unacceptable; the foundation upon which these savage hunts is built is unquestionably one of self-serving indulgence, including greed and power.

Please act with compassion and integrity and demonstrate that you are indeed a leader who respects ecology, healthy ecosystems, and the importance of natural predators, including wolves.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent appeal.


5 years ago

Take Action: Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Campaign | Volunteer to Gather Signatures

Animals  (tags: Michigan wolves, wolf protection, wolf survival, ban wolf hunt, save iconic wolf, majestic wolf )
Sshanti - 3 hours ago -

With just 687 wolves in Michigan and more than 50 years spent to recover them, we need to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected. Thanks for your interest in gathering signatures, the campaign needs to collect more than 225,000 signatures. thank you for your help

5 years ago

sign now
Petition Against Wolf Hunting...
We can’t see any scientific reason, any rational reason, or any tribal or cultural reason to hunt...
start date: Jan. 23

5 years ago

Noted and signed current :-0 Tnx 25/1

5 years ago


ACTION ALERT; Stop Hunting of Wolves in Sweden! 
Animals  (tags: wildlifewolvessadnessslaughtersufferinganimalcruelty,animalrightsanimalwelfareenvironmentendangered ) 
 Jill - 9 minutes ago - 

Please add your name to this petition asking for the hunting of wolves in Sweden to stop!

5 years ago

Noted signed and current Dianne :-0 29/1

5 years ago

all done

5 years ago

Save Swedish wolves

Keep Wolves protected in Germany!

Der Wolf muss in Deutschland...

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