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5 years ago



Caught on video: Diver rescues dolphin off Kona
5 years ago

Video of a diver rescuing a bottlenose dolphin that was tangled in fishing line is all over the Internet.
The incident happened on Friday in Kona, Hawaii, when the wild bottlenose dolphin came right up to the diver – as if asking for help.
The dolphin rolled over to allow the diver to cut the line away.

Diver Keller Laros told KITV that the fishing hook was stuck in the dolphin's pectoral fin and there was line coming out of its mouth.
It stayed around for more than five minutes, at one point surfacing for air, then coming back down to let the diver finish cutting the line.
The dolphin then swam away.

Laros said he's sure the dolphin came to him for help.

5 years ago

Dear my friends,

my news and my friend Job and Rob news

Please note this and share it with other Care2 friends.

Love is all you sensitive people. Flowers for love in my heart that I am sending to you.


This dolphin park was closed due to poor conditions.

Need for immediate closure of Turkey Antalya Kas dolphin park. I need your signature for the freedom of the dolphins.

On 12 November, the customer has accepted the unlicensed business quietly learned for the second time. Now you have applied for a permit

5 years ago

all signed/noted

5 years ago

Noted and signed current Dianne :-0 Thank-You Everyone involved with This Thread :-0 2/1

Dolphin Slaughter
5 years ago

signed, FB and tweeted

5 years ago

Noted and signed current Dianne:-0 Thank-You everyone I Volved in This Thread ;-0 3/2

5 years ago

Noted and signed current Monika :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved :-0 3/2

5 years ago


5 years ago

Protect Dolphins From Nosy Blasts. Take Action!

Animals  (tags: dolphins, AnimalWelfare, conservation, environment, protection, suffering, wildanimals, wildlife )
Nicole - 3 days ago -

The Department of the Interior is proposing seismic testing along the Middle and South Atlantic, which would affect thousands of dolphins and whales. Tell President Obama that we need to protect dolphins in the Atlantic, not drive them away. Please sign.

5 years ago


U.S.- Stop Exporting Turtles to China ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, wildlife )
Cher - 20 minutes ago -

The Chinese fondness for turtle soup and turtle stew has caused turtle population across Asia to decline. In recent years the Chinese have begun importing hundreds of thousands of turtles--mostly softshells and snappers--from the southern United States and

5 years ago


Tell the FDA: Don't Approve GMO Salmon!...PLEASE SIGN
Environment  (tags: animals, FISHERIES, GMO, healthconditions )
Frans - 13 hours ago -

Late last year the FDA quietly took a major step toward approving the "frankenfish," AquaBounty's genetically modified salmon. Its approval would be a radical move by the FDA - the first genetically modified animal ever to enter our food supply.

5 years ago


Stop the US Navy From Harming Whales and Dolphins ACTION
Animals  (tags: whales, dolphins, Navy, US, animalwelfare, sonar, explosions, protection )
Nancy - 15 hours ago -

The US Navy is seeking permission to kill, permanently injure, or otherwise seriously harm whales and dolphins more than 31 million times over the next five years throughout Southern California, Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Atlantic Coast...

5 years ago

all noted/signed

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