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A Song of the Horse Nation
5 years ago



OMG ..Sarah, how pretty
5 years ago

Thanks dear for that Article. And yes, that is how we paint up our Horses. What a Beautiful horse. Indeed my people, the Comanches from the Plains depended on our horses. But when the Cavalry couldn't catch us to put us on Reservations, they shot over 1600  horses. Murderers!!  Then they had us and rounded us up and off to the Rez we went. My Grandfather was one of them.  I'm sure even GOD cried that day when he saw that.  Dear please take it easy. Don't work so hard. Post a few pictures and relax. I just stopped by for a minute. Still unable to cope. Thx. for all your hard work   Hoofy Hugs,  from me and Dottie says woofs to your fur-babys. Great Picture June. Thx. Hun,   xoxoxoxo

5 years ago

I can never reconcile myself to an injustice, no matter how long ago it occurred. It is difficult to accept the deaths of those we love under any circumstances; more so for the untimely death of one who should have had many more years of life, but most of all an unnecessary death brought about through spite or stupidity, or whatever reason-- how indeed does one cope? We never really get over the deaths of those we love, we merely learn to accept that grief as a part of ourselves. The Stoics had a saying, Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt. fate leads the willing, drags the unwilling.

Beautiful picture
5 years ago

I have a lot of ceremonial horse wear,saddle blankets, beaded harness and turquise leads and and double leads for two horses walking together.
Vinnie dear I hope you will feel better soon.
These things are unforgettable but with time we learn to manage the heartache,still miss my mom everyday after 8 years.
Let it flow,don't bottle it up ,it will only make you sick.
Here if you need me................thoughts and spirit guide requests are sent.
Love.....and hoofy hugs

Hey Sis,
5 years ago

 Ain't tho,  how us Indians love to paint our horseys up. Other cultures put head dresses on elephants and well dogs and cats wear Halloween costumes too.  Aren't us humans a silly bunch.       Love and Hoofy Hugs to all. xoxoxo

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